Suddenly Susan

Jeesh. Just when this blog closes Sony decides to send the flying monkeys. In a post a while back we posted insider information from a source that claimed that Senior Director of PSN Marketing, Susan Panico allegedly slept with her boss Peter Dille (VP of PSN) and that's how she got her current position. Although this was sourced from insider information, and never at any point claimed to be correct, nor did we make any accusations, Susan Panico cried to the SCEA flying monkeys. The letter seen here was sent to FORMER blog poster Kapow. Probably because he was the only one they could track down. (Bet you wished you weren't so flamboyant about your PSN id now, eh Kapow?) Kapow has requested the post THAT I POSTED be removed, and any mention that Susan Panico allegedly slept with her boss Peter Dille be taken down. So I complied with his wishes, simply because I consider him a friend. I'm in no way intimidated by James G. Gilliland Jr. who can be seen here in his Halloween Costume dressed as Steve Forbes:

So regal. Anywho, hopefully this'll end any thoughts or references to Susan Panico allegedly sleeping with her boss Peter Dille. I hope SCEA's stomping on the 1st amendment ends here, but I'm well aware that Susan Panico allegedly sleeping with her boss Peter Dille isn't the biggest one of their concerns. And even though this blog NEVER AT ANY POINT MADE THIS CLAIM NOR SAID THERE WAS ANY TRUTH BEHIND IT, we will comply with SCEA's wishes to remove the reference to Susan Panico allegedly sleeping with her boss Peter Dille.

Ha, this made me chuckle

I'm sure everyone got one of these e-mails, Just wanted to mine 'cause it looks funny. Guess it's good they're finally doing Something to the forums. But, you know, "updating" it isn't gunna take care of the shit heads, brown nosers, cock suckers, and bad management away.

Good luck people.

It's been a really incredible run, and I've had loads of fun with this blog over the last year, but it's time to move on to bigger and better things. I've enjoyed ripping Sony a new one over the failed Home project, but I don't have the energy or focus to keep dumping on a program I haven't used in nearly a year. I'd like to send a shoutout to all of those who contributed, the Sony insiders who leaked info, the painfully under-qualified Home staff & the flying spaghetti monster. I plan to leave this blog online as a research tool for future bloggers and Sony critics. If there is someone out there who would like to continue this blog, please contact the email on the right. Thank you one and all for making this a fun adventure for me.

[ Complaint ] To @home Admins, What? Where?

More folks getting screwed out of items they've earned. From the tech support graveyard:
This is the 2nd time I have a complaint. First, The Dolphy room, I won 3 races and I did not get a silver crown.

Okay so lets back a second,

1st. Sony deletes my Dolphy's, and does shit about it, and didn't even respond to me as to what happened.
2nd. I had to completely start over even tho I have the trophies in my personal space too prove it.
3rd. You allow private Hudson servers, well holy hell, this explains why we have super fast Jet dolphy's. Hence you allow this. Are you fucking kidding me? Explains why when I score a 88 in the ring game, and god forbid if I ever get a chance to win. Do I smell hacks?
4th. My main dolphy has a bronze crown, so I win 3 races, well, where is my silver crown?

I understand that it is beta, but this is the kind of shit you want to give us? You don't help the people that need help, I see posts in here about the same stuff, and yet what, you do what? NOTHING? Why do we have support, why do you even bother, beta? Beta is just a blanket to cover up the real issues and make up excuses. I like to think that things will be better, but yet have seen epic fail on Sony.

Start caring, give a shit Sony, don't let this shit to keep going on.

The problem I have with people wanting to run a private hudson server is that sure they can get their crowns, but even makes it easier for people to hack and crack code that they can put on their memory stick and possible hack the file too as well, thus making it not fair for others such as myself.

Do something Sony besides sitting and rotating on the thumb making yourselves feel good.

Cauldron of the Sunless Kingdom Bugs

From the tech support graveyard:

When more than one user is playing off the same cauldron and somebody wins, it renders the cauldron unplayable afterward. The space needs to be reloaded or the cauldron removed and replaced in the space.

This is what I experienced last night when I invited 2 people over to my apartment. Each time a person would win an item the game would glitch causing all users to be teleported to the cauldron at which point the cauldron would be unplayable by everyone who had joined it. The people kept their rewards so that was not an issue. However, the game was still "active" even though it was unplayable; You still had to hit to exit the game, but the HUD on the left side of the screen was gone, and the ingredient items would not appear on the ground, thus causing the game to be unplayable. Reloading the space, we found, fixed the issue along with removing the old cauldron and placing a new one. Also, when two cauldrons were placed and each player had their own (my 2 guests), then there was no glitch when someone won at one of those cauldrons, and the games functioned properly.


Allegedly the reward items are only available to certain persons:

Those marked [Confirmed] have been either confirmed officially or by way of in-world testing. I had people over yesterday to my apartment who were seemingly unable to get the horns or the mushroom chair, therefore it is assumed they may be owner only reward items, but it is not certain. As for the mystery present, I do not remember if the people I had over were able to get it or not, but it is highly possible that they did.

[Confirmed] Skull Crown  - Anyone who has purchased the crown from the Lockwood store.
[Confirmed] Skull Tiara    - Anyone who has purchased the tiara from the Lockwood store.

[Unknown] Horns Male - Anyone who purchased the cauldron from the Lockwood store (cauldron owner)
[Unknown] Horns Female - Anyone who purchased the cauldron from the Lockwood store (cauldron owner)
[Unknown] Enchanted Toadstool - Anyone who purchased the cauldron from the Lockwood store (cauldron owner)

[Confirmed] Glowing Eyes Male - Anyone
[Confirmed] Glowing Eyes Female - Anyone
[Confirmed*] Mystery Present - Anyone

*Confirmed by other forumers.

More Freezes

From the tech support graveyard:

A few users had messaged me saying when trying to view the colored "Ruffle Skirts with Belts" female clothing item from Lockwood Publishing (under the 'One Stop Shop' tab in the Kiosk) they would freeze and be forced to reboot their PlayStation 3 system.

I came across the same issue, I don't think it's a specific color version of the items but I tried viewing the Red and also the 'Yellow Ruffle Skirt with Belts' but the (WWW) icon paused before showing on my avatar - freezing my PS3. If anyone else (or your friends) had this issue please post here, thanks!

Missing funds

I am looking to put together a list of people who have:

  1. Paid for an item and not received it
  2. Paid for an item and received the wrong item
  3. Paid for an item and received a non-functioning item
  4. Paid for a service (such as the midway) and lost money on it
Please email me at with your details. I need The item or service you failed to receive, your PSN name, how much the item was, and when you purchased it.

Does Home Support Exist even?

From the tech support graveyard:

I have been one of those very patent but I have lost that. It's been several days sense I bought the Dolphy Room and raised 2 Dolphy's. One day they were gone. After the rewards and stuff I have earned I could not believe it.

I have sent the MOD's messages, I have send the webmaster email like support told me to over the phone. I have got no response from anyone at all.

Do you really care. Personally I think they messed up and deleted my stuff. I know @home is beta, but hell, at least respond to your customers/community. The program is only as good as the support is.

I demand a explanation as to why they are gone? Why can't you answer me? Why do you Ignore us for? Is this the kind of support you want to give too your community which is nothing? We pay for something and your screw us in our bum?

I will not spend another single penny on @home until I get a answer as too why this happened.

It is you that failed / lose, not I.

You wan't my support, then support me.

Just so you know.

I'm on a year long vacation from the forums courtesy of Lithium. I posted a picture of a girl named Nikki Catsouras who was in a car crash in the ladies fashion thread, and apparently, they have weak stomachs. I'm not going to post it here, but if you want to see it, it can be found here

The good news? I'll be back in approximately 520,000 minutes, ;)

Does Home support really care? No, they don't, but we already knew that.

Via the forums:

I have been one of those very patent but I have lost that. It's been several days sense I bought the Dolphy Room and raised 2 Dolphy's. One day they were gone. After the rewards and stuff I have earned I could not believe it.

I have sent the MOD's messages, I have send the webmaster email like support told me to over the phone. I have got no response from anyone at all.

Do you really care. Personally I think they messed up and deleted my stuff. I know @home is beta, but hell, at least respond to your customers/community. The program is only as good as the support is.

I demand a explanation as to why they are gone? Why can't you answer me? Why do you Ignore us for? Is this the kind of support you want to give too your community which is nothing? We pay for something and your screw us in our bum?

I will not spend another single penny on @home until I get a answer as too why this happened.

It is you that failed / lose, not I.

You wan't my support, then support me.

I have to admit, while the man does make a point.. please, would you make an effort to spell properly next time? Thank you. So that's one more unsatisfied customer.. how many until Sony actually gives a damn? To be completely honest, I don't think they ever will. I think that as long as the same group of people continue support them, they will thrive. Two or three unsatisfied customers matter little when you have hundreds (yeah, not thousands, nice try though guys), of sheep who will purchase anything.

You know it's a slow day when..

So  I don't know if you guys have heard, but Michael Jackson, yes, the singer who is also known as the king of pop is getting his own MMO.. no, I'm not fucking with you, he really is. You're probably checking your calendar right now and thinking to yourself, "what the fuck? It isn't April!", and I'm as startled as you are.

Either way though, I actually looked into it a bit, and it sounds decent. I'm not a huge fan of Michael Jackson, and I would have never thought he would have his own MMO, but hey, weirder things have happened. It's developed by a company called SEE Virtual Worlds, and is scheduled for release as a part of MindArk's Entropia Universe in 2011. 

I don't know about you guys, but I plan on checking it out,because I love virtual worlds.. but I tried out a couple of the other planets in the Entropia Universe, and I really enjoyed them. They are fairly graphics intensive though, so you may want to check out the required specs before you check it out, but if you meet them, and this is your sort of thing.. perhaps you may enjoy it.

You can register for their site and check out the two worlds they have in the universe here. Obviously Entropia Universe isn't really competition for Home given the fact it's on the PC as oppposed to the PS3, but there's always room to try new things. If you check it out, why not let us know what you thought in the comments? Oh, and be honest, I don't really care whether you thought it was an abomination or the greatest thing in the world. 

Also, I'm just waiting for the sex offenders to get caught in Planet Michael, oh boy. 

How much money has Sony fucked you out of?

So any of you that are on my friends list (or were, again, cry me a fuckin' river), probably noticed that I haven't been using Home lately. I'm sure you all know my reasons for it, the staff sucks, the people suck, everything about it is just god awful. What innovation was promised has yet to be seen, we haven't got televisions or stereos yet, but we've got cat costumes.. that's almost as good, right? No? Yeah, I didn't think so.

So anyways, I'm going to tally up the cash I've funneled into this heap (spanning multiple accounts), and give you the number. Why? Because I don't give a fuck anymore. To be completely honest, it's money that I never had in the first place, purely purchased on credit, that's right, I'm a real fuckin' American.

Nowadays I haven't got so much, and I'm wishing I hadn't put money into the corporate machine that is Sony, because it's money that I'm never going to get back, and to be completely honest.. I am sure they will try to come after me now with every opportunity they get. I'm not going to stop writing for this blog again, I'm not going to sit back and let Sony take my money and do whatever the fuck it is they do with it.

I'm sure GlassWalls is over there laughing at us all building a tower of gold bars right now, shit, I would be too, if I didn't have the self-consciousness to know I was being an asshole.

So yeah, I'll let you know how much I've spent, and if you want to let us know, please do.. because I am seriously interested.

On second thought, fuck that, I'm a lazy bastard, but you're more than welcome to.

Fuck the topic at hand - let's talk about television repair men!

You know them, you love them, they're probably after your wife.. television repair men. Alright, let's get down to business, eh?

We all know what a shit system Lithium has, and the bias employees they have working there with their favoritism and attempted censorship, but this has got to be a new low. I'm sure none of you give a fuck, and if you don't, hey - guess what, I don't give a fuck what you think.. and no, I'm not attempting to censor you. If you want to run your mouth about how I'm a psychotic douche, feel free to in the comments, but please, do it with a sense of intelligence or you'll only make yourself look like a fucking moron.

A while ago Home Watch abandoned its goal to make Home a better place, and do you know why? It's futile, it really fucking is, and I should know. I've been a Home enthusiast for a long time. I've put up with their bullshit, I've bought their product, and I've been a sheep.. but I won't anymore.

Home will never be a better place, it will never be a family friendly community and it will never be what it strives to, or at least claims to strive to be. After all, we are but cows on the farm, all we're doing is providing Sony with revenue that we aren't seeing returned.. and why would we want that? This year we've seen a ton of content.. but at what cost? We've seen prices increase, we've seen bugs, we've seen people being blatantly fucked over with false advertisement.. the list goes on.

Anyways, I'm rambling.. back to the topic at hand.. err.. television repair men..? Yeah, I'm about as confused as you are right now. So as you all know, there is a thread for fashion, ladies fashion.. it's a thread where Joanna Dork takes pictures of herself and clogs up the kudos leaderboard (which actually shows when you search top kudoed users for the entire forums, not just Home General), and flexes her massive ego.

So anyways - I go into the thread, I often read it, and I was at one point in time a patron, and I'm looking for outfits and I see this bullshit... they're talking about their fantasies with television repair men.. really? I'll admit, a few of the people who are regulars at that thread are friends of mine and I don't mind them.. but I go in, and I make a post saying that I'm going to report their bullshit spam, and of course I do..

Five minutes later, my post is deleted, and I'm not surprised, any time you go against the usual group of "elitists", you get shot down.. but it works both ways. As of posting this, moderation has made an effort to remove their bullshit spam, as they should, but before they got to that.. they had to make sure they deleted my post.

So that's it for this rant, but a word of advice.. if anyone comes across a post that should be viewed as spam, make an effort to click the button at the bottom of the post labeled "report inappropriate content". Just make sure you don't abuse it, because Lithium will not tolerate your bullshit (unless you're Joanna).

GlassWalls is not a man.

So as I'm sure many of you remember, quite some time ago I had an altercation with the staff at Home, particularly moderation, GlassWalls of which was the top dog at the time. Needless to say, I wasn't happy with the way I was treated.. and I know, it's obvious, and we're going back in the past a bit here.. but it's very important that we do.

I admit, he and I had our differences, we fought and exchanged insults on numerous occasions, which got me banned a couple of times.. but you have to understand the situation I was in, and I know that most of you do.. he on the other hand, did not. I told him about the problem, that was the first thing that I did, I know how things work, at least on the outside.. he told me internal changes were made, but what internal changes?

For all we know, and probably in all likelihood, moderators are multiple people behind the same desk.. I've heard rumors that the original (and fucking cool, might I add) eefinem was replaced by some douche.. and you know where I heard those rumors? I didn't hear them from this blog - I heard them from our favorite patron, Mr. Lochwood (on a Skype call, in fact).

Now.. I don't know about you, but two things come to mind when I heard this from them, first of all.. how the hell would they know? There's been speculation for quite some time that they've been dealing with Sony, but this just makes it obvious (as if the moderators at every fucking party didn't). He told me that the original eefinem transferred out of Home, and you know what.. I don't fucking blame him, the place is a shithole.

So anyways.. in line with the positive thing I had going, I saw GlassWalls at a game launching party at the Gamer's Lounge. He had blocked me on the forums (how is that for listening to the community?), and refused to speak to me in Home.. but I guess he felt a little bit different that day, and I admit, I had been somewhat nice to the guy, it's not like he doesn't deserve it (aside from the fact he's a dick), but I apologized to him. I told him that I was sorry for what I had done, and believe me, I wasn't too nice to the guy, to put it simply..

He offered his forgiveness, and I was grateful. The Home gods had given me a second chance, or so I thought.. despite the fact that he accepted my apology and unblocked me on the forums (allegedly), he was still the same bias asshole that he'd always been.. and if he's not, well, he sure doesn't give the right impression.

Let me give you the most example:

On twitter, he had some God of War: Ghost of Sparta codes to give away, to the first people to retweet his post. You know what? I was one of the first few people to do so, and I'm fairly certain the time-line was evidence of that... but despite that, I wasn't given a code, and keep in mind, I'm not blocked on his twitter..

So GlassWalls, I'm speaking to you.. you are not a man. Men do not accept an apology only to bear a grudge. You know how valuable I was to the god damn community, ask any person who I have ever helped, any person I have ever come in contact with.. I may be a dick, I won't deny that, but I am also extremely helpful, and extremely knowledgeable.. hell, you know that, I had to correct you several times when you fed the community misinformation regarding Sodium.

So I ask you GlassWalls - will you be a man and settle this dispute?


I feel like writing something today, and so I shall... but don't expect it to be constructive, this is Home Watch, isn't it? Your feelings aside (cry me a fucking river), I've got a story for ya.

A few months ago I signed up for a site called PS Talent.. seems fair enough, cool site, cool people, right? If you said yes, you'd be dead fucking wrong. I admit, I've got some friends from there, though.. nowadays things aren't as friendly as they used to be, but this isn't about them.. it's about the site, and in this case, the man who runs it, DIRECTOR_ON_DUTY.

For those of you who aren't familiar with his work, he is an extremely arrogant prick who makes machinimas for Sony using Home, yes, you heard me right, for Sony. We'll get to that in a bit, but first the story. For a while, I thought.. maybe Home wasn't so bad after all, I mean.. sure, they constantly abused me, fucked you over, and continue to do so, but it's a nice place, right? I won't even answer that, because let's face it - you and I both know.

So anyways.. I decided I'd bite, play nice, hang around for a little while and see if things really change.. as such, I decided why not be positive, because nobody likes negativity the reality. I started up a site, it didn't last very long.. it's still up as of right now, but ultimately I decided long ago that it is a waste of time and money... and we defended Home, we thought positive.. I tried to the best of my ability to make Home a better place (and believe me, I tried really fuckin' hard), but was unable to due to bias and other bullshit.

I decided I would join and interact with other communities, you know, really be positive, and that was how I got to PS Talent.. through PS Talent, I met and befriended DIRECTOR_ON_DUTY, who is a swell guy.. until you get to know him. He helped me out and I helped him out, and then came PlayStation Radio and Phone Home.

DIRECTOR_ON_DUTY told me about this project he had planned but never got around to doing, he said that I would be perfect for it, so I agreed, thinking it would be a fun experience, and nothing could go wrong.. but boy was I fuckin' wrong. We spent a couple months going over it, planning it, talking about how it would be done, until we finally decided we would start a new venture (if you can even call it that) called PlayStation Radio.

I was appointed manager and we got to work, and for a while.. it went pretty swell.. but as I'm sure many of you remember, we had a deadline that we had to meet. Now, deadlines are something you have to deal with in any industry, and any job.. but I have to admit.. I'm a bit of a procrastinator, I say I'm going to do something and then never do, or don't for a very long time.. and so, we were cutting it very close to the deadline.

The deadline was set for September 9th, it was September 8th.. we hadn't got a damn thing recorded, and yes, I may be partially to blame for that, but at the same time, I was constantly under pressure from DIRECTOR_ON_DUTY. I explained to him I've got school, which, by the way I do.. and that I didn't think I would be able to do it by the deadline. He got angry and asked what school has to do with anything and said let's call the whole thing off. I said alright, of course he was angry, but then a week later he came back.

He said they got someone else to replace me, you see, I was Phone Home's Home Guru, but he just didn't have what I had.. and I'm not trying to be arrogant here, that's legitimately what he said. He thought that I was the only one who could play the part, and perhaps he was right.. but I accepted again. So it was during the weekend, and I wasn't expecting it at all.. he says to me:

"Adam, do you think we can have this done by Monday? I've already arranged to present this to Sony", and actually, prior to that he had mentioned to me that he was under a non-disclosure agreement, as are the rest of the "media partners". Of course, that's probably not a surprise to most of you - NDAs are a standard business practice.. but here we have Sony, and its various users claiming that they show no favoritism. This, to me, showed for a fact that they do.

So anyways.. you know, I love Home (at least I did), and agreed to do it again, knowing that there was a very good chance of it ending up in the community theater.. now, probably not so much, but there was. We started recording, I was exhausted, I had not had any sleep and DIRECTOR_ON_DUTY was angry with me. I told him I couldn't do it and to be honest, I didn't want to anyways, the guy is extremely rude, condescending, and hard to work with. I have even had others tell me the same.

So what does he do? Instead of being a man and accepting the fact that my life does not revolve around his mediocre project, he says:

[9/12/2010 1:51:51 PM] DOD (DIRECTOR_ON_DUTY): well.. I'm sorry Adam.. you either commint to this.. or i'm done with you. You're fucking me and everyone around you... tell me know.. i'm tired of fucking with you
[9/12/2010 1:52:32 PM] Adam: I can't.
[9/12/2010 1:52:48 PM] DOD (DIRECTOR_ON_DUTY): later dude. thanks for the fuck. I'm done with you.

So he deleted me, but he didn't stop there.. he deleted my account from both of his websites and my banner. He is not a friend, he was not my friend and chances are he isn't your friend either.. so no matter what, even if you think he's a nice guy, just wait until you work with him.

PS: If you fucks want, I'll post all of the Skype logs with him.

Angry User

Another really detailed and predictably ignored rant has been posted, with yet another user exclaiming their dissatisfaction with Home's terrible customer service:

I have had it up to here with SCEA's lousy service. I purchased a number of items on Playstation Home and SEVERAL of them were NOT as show in the description. I've contacted SCEA via their support line three times and each time I was put on hold for well over twenty minutes before being transferred to person after person who all said the same basic thing. Contact SCEA about SCEA purchases doesn't work. There is nothing they can do, even though I KNOW this to be incorrect as the Terms of Service Clearly state " All content is provided by SCEA, including content created or published by third parties." as well as each purchasing being "Solely between you and SCEA" with lovely words like "Although SCEA will try to ENSURE that all product descriptions and it's associates terms and conditions are accurate, errors may occur." as well as "You will have the option of either reconfirming your order at the correct price or canceling it." SO if they get the PRICE wrong they can cancel it but if they get the DESCRIPTION or the preview image is different than the PURCHASED ITEM they can't cancel it? Unacceptable.

I've spoken to three different people, Katrina, James and Mike the Senior Supervisor at the SCEA support line and ALL of them have given me incorrect information. I was told I would need to contact "HOME moderators" for purchase problems and issues and that "There was no phone number to reach them." I was also told there was a complaint form under contact information. So I go to check contact information and low and behold there is a number to contact them and NO COMPLAINT FORM. So where do I turn to now? How do I get my money's worth? How do I make sure I am not unfairly treated? I've half a mind to simply turn this over to the better business Bureau, maybe THEN SCEA would stop abusing my financial situation and sending me in circles I am extremely dissatisfied with the services I've gotten and trying to find resolution for this problem has only cost me MORE money.

WHERE is the complaint form? WHO do I contact? I'm at my wit's end and SONY is about to loose one of it's most loyal customers and all of his friends and families business. I'm about to tear my hair out here over a FEW virtual items simply because I can't get ANYONE to actually listen to me without telling me FALSE information. Please help me!
 Well said. However, per usual no answer has been given, and no refunds in sight. The user posts later on:

Well finally a response with information. Thank you. And I did indeed send an email to the Consumer Services department, they sent an automated email a day later saying they would response within 24 to 48 hours. So, this is the third day, and I'm still waiting. I'll post the exact e-mail I sent them. Though how else I'm suppose to contact anybody else or when or where or why is becoming rather tiresome since it always seems to be somebody else problem which no one I'm ACTUALLY talking to can do anything about, whereas those who supposedly CAN do something about it- Haven't talked back to me yet-. I still have yet to see anything regarding a complaint form as was told to me by the official SCEA tech support people. ...

I purchased a number of items on Playstation Home and several of them were not as show in the description. I've contacted SCEA via their support line three times and I was put on hold for well over twenty minutes before being transferred to person after person who all said the same basic thing. Contacting SCEA about SCEA purchases doesn't work, there is nothing they can do; even though I know this to be incorrect as the Terms of Service Clearly state “All content is provided by SCEA, including content created or published by third parties.” as well as each purchasing being “Solely between you and SCEA”. I've spoken to three different people, Katrina, James and Mike the Senior Supervisor at the SCEA support line and all of them have given me incorrect information. I was told I would need to contact “HOME moderators” for purchase problems and issues and that “There was no phone number to reach them.”

Yet the ToS also says “Although SCEA will try to ENSURE that all product descriptions and its associates terms and conditions are accurate, errors may occur.” And not two lines later states, “You will have the option of either reconfirming your order at the correct price or canceling it.” So if the price is incorrect it is possible to cancel it but if the description or the preview image is incorrect it can not be canceled? Unacceptable.

I was also directed to the forums and contact information for a complaint form; arriving there online I not only did not find the complaint form, but a second number to contact for support. This has lead me to believe I was directly misled simply to get off the line and or/given false information to frustrate me into no longer following the issue. But I will not. As stated below are the purchased items and a short reason for my extreme dissatisfaction with these purchases. I would like these orders to be canceled, the virtual items removed from my account, and the purchase amount of Five Dollars and Forty Five cents ($5.45) at the very least re-accredited to my Playstation Network Wallet.
If this is not possible, though I have been told “it is not impossible”, I would like to cancel all previous purchases, have them removed and the cash amount of twenty dollars ($20.00) returned to me via mail for this unacceptable and inexcusable breach of service etiquette.

 I'd also like the hundreds I spent on Home back. Hell, that's the entire reason this blog exists!

More People Losing Money

Another report of people buying items in home and not receiving them:

to whole it may concern i just purchase punk chick bundle from you guys and i only receive hair top and spike on my wrist i never receive the skirt or boots if i pay 1.49 for it i suppose to get every thing right please sony fix it i dont want to lose any money on this thank you come in peace oh also something wrong with my neptune suite apartment it wont let me switch funiture at all why can your fix that thank you again sony have a nice day please asap
(Original poster, please learn to use periods and commas too.)

Bugs, Bugs, and More Bugs...

I just read one of the most compelling tech support pleas ever:

I loved Home, I really did, but now I only like it a little bit. The reason I say this, is because...

1. We shouldn't have to have a bigger cache size, just so Home will work better, otherwise there is no point in being able to choose the size of the cache. As I recall, that was the intended purpose of being able to change cache size. Some people swear it makes a big improvement, as far as loading, while others disagree about that. I happen to be one of them, who disagrees, because I have tried every cache size, and I still get the same annoying problems in Home. It doesn't become faster, when logging in, loading spaces, loading avatars, and more. It always stays at the same speed for me.

2. Wardrobe is like a total nightmare. Anymore, I am lucky if I can do so much as change one piece of clothing, without a major freeze up. It's ridiculous how every little item ALWAYS has to load. Isn't there a better method for this? Anyway, it's not just about the loading, when it comes to wardrobe. The few times I am able to change, without freezing up, I can't seem to keep the clothing that I picked out for my avatar, on my avatar. If I change her shirt or pants, the shirt or pants she was wearing previously, will come back. This has happened with jewelry, hand items, head items, shirts, pants, shoes, and accessories. Other times, it will wait to change my avatar's clothes, after I've signed back into Home or after I have entered a different space. The avatars that I have saved, will ALWAYS end up having something on them that I didn't put on them. They will not keep the same clothing or other items on, that I saved them with. If it is not freeze ups happening, or clothes changing on their own, F13 is plaguing my wardrobe. This has been going on for more than 3 months and it is VERY annoying.

3. Delete and reinstall should not constantly be the answer to solve every problem that occurs with Home. I have done delete and reinstall, too many times, every single month, sometimes I have to do it a few times a week. Still, that never solves the problems. Monday, I deleted Home, after another fun wardrobe freeze, and I ended up with corrupt data under the Home icon, yet again. The only way to fix this, that I know of, is to restore the file system. After that was over and fixed, I didn't reinstall Home right away, like I normally would. I am so fed up with the constant bugs, I am hardy in the mood to keep reinstalling Home, let alone sign into Home, only to find the same problems are still there waiting for me.

4. Decorating one of my apartments, has also become a nightmare, as well. Placing an object I have chosen, should only need to be done once. Instead, I've found myself waiting 15 minutes, to see if the object I placed, the first time, will show up. If it doesn't, I have to go back into the add furniture menu and get that same object out again. Sometimes it will work on the second try, other times it takes a third try. It's insanity, I tell you.

5. I don't know what it is about Central Plaza that has it out for my console, but the space still freezes up. However, I will give the space credit, because instead of freezing on me right away, it gives me some time to get into a good conversation that I don't want to miss. If I am lucky enough to stumble upon an empty Central Plaza, I have 0 problems. Whatever it is about that space, it's being passed to the Sodium space. That space is hell, while just waiting for everything to load and nothing more.

When it comes to trying to make things load faster, I have tried everything. I have upgraded my internet, a couple of times this year and that didn't seem to improve speed for Home, it remains at the same pace as always. My modem has been reset a few times, to see if things will work faster and that doesn't seem to improve anything, either. I even had a filter changed, as it is required within a certain span of time. The only thing I have not done, is tear up my PS3 and scatter all of the pieces all over the place. The only time my connection gives me a problem, is if I'm playing one of my games online and my connection doesn't play well with another player's connection. Also, a few people on my friends list, get a lot of the same problems I do. So I really think that it is just Home being the problem.

Whatever the deal is, Home really needs some major improvements, functionality wise and bug wise, and I hope that this is being worked on, because a lot of people are going to end up saying "To hell with Home, there's better things to do.", if the program remains this way for another year. Some people on my list, have already left Home for good, because they're tired of the things that do not function properly and the bugs. I'm getting closer to wanting to say to hell with the program myself, even though I've invested a lot of money into it.

I liked Home, I really did, I still like it a little, and it has loads of potential. Still, it is in dire need of more attention and improvements being made to it at a faster pace than now. Programs like this crash and burn, without more dedication and work going into them as they grow. I'm not saying I want it to crash and burn, I'm just saying it needs more focus on it.

Awards in crappiness.

So it seems more and more topics keep appearing in the tech support graveyard involving the apparent & constantly missing items. In this most recent post:

For the last year, I've NEVER had a problem with Home.  Except for a occassional disconnect, HOME has never screwed me over the way it did this morning.  Woke up, logged on, and found out:

Every reward from every promotion since E3 - GONE
Every reward from most of the spaces, such as Motorstorm, Siren, the HOME theatre, IREM Square, ETC... - GONE
Only stuff I have left is ones I bought from the PSN store for FREE
I had atleast 100 rewards from different spaces and promotions now completely erased from HOME for no reason.
Moderators, do something about this bug.  PLEASE.
 When using Home we usually warn people not to invest money into it, because it is the easiest thing on the Playstation Network to lose money on. However we often forget to make mention that investing time into getting reward items is just as futile because they are constantly lost. Easiest solution: don't use Home.

Locust_Star fired? No!

Last post a user made some observations that made it look suspiciously like Locust_Star got fired. Locust_Star has since made a post which confirms he's still alive & employed.

Locust_Star fired?

Posted in a comment field in a previous post:

...This is REALLY old news, sad to say. Like, beginning of august old. Try looking at other things.... like the fact that Locust has not been on the forum at all in September, and Glass did the most recent PS Blog entry....

First off, it's true. Second, you're a dick poster, I posted about it back then too. Ass.

Bioshock's "Active Furniture" problem

From the tech support graveyard:

I have the Bioshock apartment it's really nice. I then bought all the bioshock furniture. There are ten pieces total. Six (6) of them I repeat Six (6) are "active furniture". Then when you purchase the Bioshock space you get one more "active furniture" the incinerate poster. For a total of seven (7) "active furniture" pieces. To add insult to injury you can only use two (2) "active furniture" in any space including Bioshock.

How are two sofa's, two chair's and three poster's all that do nothing. "Active Furniture".   Now what do I do I was trying to have a Bioshock only space now I can't.I can see why there is "active furniture" namely the active 8 UFO kinda fun. Even the star wars statue it's head moves at least. What does this furniture do that makes these active.

When I called support asking them why? They knew nothing I ask them why is there no warning that this item is "active furniture". I got a no comment and they said no refunds.  Playstation I think your system is great.  But you have to fix this....
 Translation for those unaware, a Home space is an area you can purchase and decorate. An "active item" is an item that has some type of active element. However it is limited to two items, which you're only told after you purchase them and try to decorate with them. Home has no official FAQ or "How to" documentation. So this poor person bought the biosock apartment then 7 more pieces. Now the user is stuck with the bill for things they cannot use.

Bowling alley bandwidth

According to this topic:

My PS3 transfers 2-4mbps all the while I'm in the bowling alley, which is pretty much maxing out my internet connection. So far I've only seen it happen in the bowling alley, in other spaces bandwidth use is normal.

Excessive bandwidth = poor coding

More Child Harassment

Another kid attacked on home:
Someone was just dancing so my bro thought hed say hello and then we had a conversation with them, in the mid of the talk. Another user started insulting my bro. ex( ur stupid) (ur a baby) more but to explicit so i cant say and so on so i reported them and we went on our way but my bro got really hurt so im just trying to help my bro out please mercuryvalintine read my pm and maybe help me n this matter

Still Waiting!

Remember this post? Still waiting nearly a month later. We first reported this bug back on August 12th.

More Stolen Money

According to this post:

i bought some animated t shirts and after i bought i went to try them on but there not there HELP!!!!!
And this person lost some money as well.
I bought the Guybrush pirate bundle and didn't get the blond ponytail that is supposed to go with it, I checked under the avatar hair catagory, under the hats catagory, headphones, outfits... it doesn't appear anywhere.

And this horrid grammar disaster says:
i was tryin to buy the pool table bundle from the coffee table store and it nvr downloaded, but the loss in funds was there. wat the heck home, if yer gonna start robbing me im gonna stop buying! if anyone has an answer to this issue plz help me. as for the trolls with their snarky comments this post is not for you


Poker Table Not Appearing In Inventory

According to this topic:

I purchased the Poker Table earlier today. During the purchase process, I was required to refill my e-wallet. I entered my password and did so. It then processed my transaction and asked me if I wish to publish my purchase on Facebook. I selected for it to publish, and received an error message saying it could not do so.

With no option left, I exited the menus and went to a the London Pub to put my table in. I could not find it in my inventory. To troubleshoot, I revisited the store in the mall to purchase it again, and the red symbol by the item did not appear. I selected the Poker Table again as if to purchase it and received a message that said the item is not available at this time?

Has this happened to anyone?

Chainsaw shirt warning:

Many users are reporting the following about Male Shirt with Chainsaw:

Friend and I just purchased this shirt, got charged but nothing in inventory and no red cart icon so it's not crediting correctly.

 Same thing happened to me as well! :\ I hope it's fixed soon i was excited about that shirt... It was gonna be one of my fav shirts...

I can confirm that this happened to me as well.  The shirt is not in my inventory, but I got an email receipt confirming my purchase.

Yeah, I couldn't find it either...oh well.....I'm sure there will be a fix soon!

Naked Avatar?

According to this post:


More False Advertising & Sexual Harassment

Via the tech support graveyard:

On August 23rd, the Sodium Starter Pack for Home became available in the PSN store for $6.99.  From the advertising posters seen in Home and in the PSN Store itself, I was pleased to see that it included the black version of the bartending outfits and specifically the Black and Grey Waitress Uniform (bundle)

Unfortunately, when purchasing the S1 Starter Pack this is NOT what you get -- instead I found these two incorrect clothing items added to my wardrobe collection, the "Sodium Scorpio's Pink Waitress Uniform Pack - female" (shirt with black arm tattoo, and skirt with pink leg warmers):
Since the ads clearly promised that we would get the "Sodium Scorpio's Black and Grey Waitress Uniform Pack," I would NEVER have bought this Starter bundle had I known that it actually contained the Pink version of the clothing.  It would have been cheaper to simply buy the game together with the black uniform separately!

Well this Starter Pack is intended for new users to the Sodium games, which til now I hadn't really explored .  So I tried on the pink outfit anyway, and let me say, while wearing it I wouldn't wish the instant bombardment of "How old are you" and "Where are you from" that I received, on ANY new user.  The episode confirms my experience that Home users typically expend unwanted attention to the clothing worn by female users.  Wearing a hot pink pre-teen outfit makes it twenty times worse.

Obviously the purpose of the bartending clothing is to enable playing the mini-game -- the point is not to invite additional harassment upon the player! -- so I'm sure that this isn't what Marketing intended when they put together this starter package for Sodium.

Please fix the Starter Pack download to give us the black-and-grey version that we paid for.  Thanks.

Delete & Reinstall

I think most people with issues with Home (I.E. Everyone) are sick of hearing the classic bug fix "delete and reinstall." For those unaware, in the tech support graveyard whenever someone has a problem the userbase will tell them the best way to fix it is to delete Home off the PS3 and reinstall it. So I decided to show how often it happens.

  1. example
  2. example
  3. example
  4. example
  5. example
  6. example
  7. example
  8. example
  9. example
  10. example
  11. example
  12. example
  13. example
  14. example
  15. example
  16. example
  17. example
  18. example
  19. example
  20. example
  21. example
  22. example
  23. example
  24. example
  25. example
  26. example
  27. example
  28. example
  29. example
  30. example
That's just 30 examples. If I wasn't so lazy I could have easily gotten 100 or more.

Problems buffering trailers in " 2010 event" area

From the tech support graveyard:

So I've gotten all but 2 of the rewards from the " 2010 reel of fortune" game (the dead nation and socom ones), but I'm having trouble getting them. If I enter the game and the trailer is of a game other than the 2 forementioned, it owrks fine. But if the trailer is for one of those 2 games, the screen flashes the "buffering" sequence for a split second before remaining black. It does nothing but just remain black and not load the trailer. I've waited for a very long time (10 minutes or more) numerous times in hopes that it will change and I can earn my rewards, but nothing changes. When the screen remains black, the other players are stuck looking at the "waiting for other player" screen and usually get too frustrated and just leave. I have no idea what's causing this. Please help me out!

More People Losing Money

More money lost to the "black hole beta" that is home. From the Tech Support Graveyard:

Ok, once, haha, Home's network sucks, screw you. Funny never. Twice? This is obsurd. AND I paid for it this time!

Last night I bought a 50ticket after getting the majority of my items back from the first time I got screwed out of a week's worth of items. BEAT MIDWAY, and still have my golden jacket, but what's this? The SAME items I won back are gone, including ALL Gamecon and Subway prizes, the shirts for each of which are no longer available. Also this time the AlphabeTees that were free are gone. I still have the prizes I won using the tickets, minus the clown wig, and I still haven't gone to see if Darla is still at my Den(assuming these prizes going AWOL again means I lost Midway points again)

So let's sum this up... TWICE now I've lost ALL Gamecon & Subway items & a handful of Midway prizes, and now the AlphabeTees and some MORE Midway prizes are included in the disappearing act this time. I bought tickets to win them back too, and those Gamecon/Subway prizes can't be retrieved a third time because the shirts are no longer available. A MOD better intervene on this, because this is complete nonsense.
TO BE SPECIFIC: ALL prizes between 7/31 and today are gone.

I do not hack, I don't region-hop items, I don't cheat. I win and pay for my prizes and items fair and square, I want them back, and I want some confirmation this will stop happening. An honest paying customer shouldn't have such insane problems.

I used to have that same complaint when I was a Home user. I've yet to see the $600+ I spent on it.

Falling Through Floor

Seems the Chamber Apartment is still having issues, all these years later:

Whenever I try to place anything in the flooring section in my Chamber, it just falls through the ground, and I can move it through the whole place like the old Harbour Studio glitch.
Same thing happens with small and flat objects, such as the PSP Go or the food objects from IREM.

Hell Freezes Over

It seems Conrad_Max, the 40+ year old with underage girls on his friends list, has actually taken a moment away from sucking on Home staff's teet to make.... A suggestion? Complaint? I'm not totally sure. From the tech support graveyard:

With the introduction of the Aphabetees I feel that a second look at how we store our clothing is in order. I feel that  separate folders should be given to these shirts, along with sets of clothing, just as we have the Outfit folder, which I believe is not being fully properly used at this time. The Alphabetees should have their own folder and so should clothing sets. And this includes a way to manage our clothes alphabetcally or by type.

Up until now I felt that this subject was more fit for the monthly suggestion thread. But with the introduction of the Alphabetees, I think we have a tech issue that needs to be addressed. As such, I have posted this topic here in order to increase it's chances of being seen. Being able to manage our clothes has now become a necessity that should be fixed.

I want to give thanks to cuterena whose topic "My issue with Alphabet shirts" brought this issue to my attention.
 You heard it straight from the horse's ass. Er, mouth. When Conrad makes a complaint you know it's bad. So please Home, if you have any money left that Katherine de Leon and Jack Buser haven't wasted on stupid shit, please help Conrad. Your buggy virtual dollhouse is the only social outlet he has to speak to young, innocent girls.

Annamay Alexander Pleads Guilty

Arrested months back for sexually molesting and raping a young boy she met on Playstation Home, Annamay Alexander plead guilty earlier this month. From the Daytona Beach News-Journal:

A Deltona woman has pleaded guilty to federal charges she traveled to Oklahoma to have sex with a 14-year-old boy.
Annamay Alexander, 44, also known as Annamay Cherry, entered her guilty plea Wednesday in federal court in Oklahoma City, according to Bob Troester, a spokesman for U.S. Attorney Sanford Coats.
Troester said Alexander admitted during her plea hearing that she drove to the Oklahoma City area Jan. 9 to have sex with the boy, whom she met through an online Sony PlayStation 3 virtual-reality game. The game allows users to create electronic versions of themselves and interact with others.
Alexander, a mother of three, was arrested in Texas in April, several weeks after authorities issued a warrant for her arrest.
Police found suggestive text and photo messages from Alexander on the boy's phone, according to an affidavit, in addition to a photo stored in the boy's PlayStation console of her in her underwear. In her messages, police said she referred to herself as the boy's wife and used his last name.
Troester said Thursday she faces up to 30 years in prison but a sentencing date has not been set.

This is another perfect example of how Playstation Home is not safe for children & young teens.

The Blue Room

Another ugly bug has made it hard for users to use the already limited games Home has to offer. From the tech support graveyard:

I recently downloaded the bowling alley and now I have a problem. The whole room is blue. Everything, that is, that doesn't move. I deleted Home in the XMB and re-downloaded it again hoping this would then prompt a redownload of the bowling alley with no luck. My buddy has this same problem in another room as well. This made for some fun photos but any suggestions that can get me bowling again out there?

Anime Picture Frames

Here's a good example of why you shouldn't purchase anything in Home. In a topic posted originally on April 1st, 2010, the author states:

I just bought both picture frames from the anime section in the furniture store and I can't put pics in either one.

The little frame has a matrix time deal going on it and I am using the wall picture frame as a wall mounted flat screen right now.
 I remember seeing this topic back then. Almost made a post about it. However, it appears 5 months later it's STILL NOT FIXED. I repeat, 5 months. No fix.

Posted the 23rd of August:

EFFFF!!! i just bought these without researching.... and im extremely pissed at sony for not fixing this... it clearly says


and yet you cant do put a single picture on them.... GIVE ME MY MONEY BACK SONY.... THIS IS FALSE ADVERTISING AND IS ILLEGAL!!!!!!!!!!

im gonna call them today and harass them untill i get my money back... or at least they can give me a working frame.
 We have told users this many times, paying for anything on Home is a gamble with your money. And with the eternal BETA tag, it gives them a free pass to steal your money.

Cole McGrath Costume Pieces Vanishing

From the Tech Support Graveyard:

I went into home, and saw my avatar's hands were bare, I normally wear Cole's gloves, I went into gloves and saw Cole's gloves with gone, I looked into the other sections and saw the top, pants and shoes were missing as well.

Per usual, no answers.

Tech Support?

Ever wonder why tech support is so bad for Home? Well, another insider has given us some information. This person worked in the tech support area for Sony, and has since stopped. From the sounds of it, they didn't part on good terms. With that in mind, here's some great info via email:

Well, for starters, are you aware that very little of SCEA's tech support / customer service is actually done in Foster City? There are 3 levels of Tech Support, they are referred to as Tier 1 (front line agents), Tier 2 (supervisor level agents), and Tier 3 (special teams). Foster City is where you find the Tier 3 and the "in-house" Tier 2 agents who have the most authority. But most of the actual Tech Support is contracted to a 3rd-party company called Sitel, [Home-Watch note: I looked up this company, and they do exactly what this person says they do. Check their website here] and the call center is located in Las Vegas, Nevada. One of the reasons the Tech Support and Customer Service for PlayStation Home is as bad as it is, is due to the clowns who run this call center, and the misfits they hire to staff it. The so-called "elites" that you refer to on the PS forums generally speaking have more knowledge of PS Home and the PS3 than the Tier 1 (and Tier 2) agents who staff this call center. I'm sure that doesn't surprise you. For the most part they are poorly trained, are not given adequate support to do their jobs (in terms of material resources or knowledge), and the turnover rate is high, so there are few agents with much experience. Another factor has to do with actual Sony policies, which are not very consumer friendly. Example: Consumer buys Midway tickets for PS Home, but never receives tickets. The vast majority of Tier 1 agents don't even understand this issue and will probably try to brush off the consumer. Those few who do understand the issue aren't given adequate information as to what might be causing it, or how to resolve it. All they can do is kick it up to the Tier 3 level, but if a solution is found, it likely won't be communicated back down to the Tier 1 level. Same applies to consumers who buy Home items like clothing or furniture but don't receive them. Or those who have missing items from their inventory, both free and purchased items, which one day just aren't there.

DrGadget: The other Home-Watch

Seems things are getting a little bit tense over at the Playstation Home forums. It was proven long ago that you can't naysay anything Sony related on the Playstation Forums. However, the moderator DrGadget has taken it a step further. The original poster states:

If you were to rate PSH and the devs what would be the rating. From 1-10. 1 Being unsatisfied and 10 being, I LOVE HOME AND EVERYTHING OMI GWAD!!! FREAK OUT!!!! and why.

Im curious, because from what im hearing from my home buddies and what not...home just went PFFFT and so did its devs.
Trust me im not ranting or anything, or bashing.

So yea i would give it like a 5.0 out of 10. Why? Well.....Home has does what its been created to do, play and socialize with other PSN Members.
Play - A mini game comes out (like Gamescom or FIFA ARENA) people rush to it (im fine with that) and get it with the matter of several days or minutes...or a minute. The games that are at PSH are entetaining for a while, so far the only games worth playing is Pool, Chess and Bowling. Sorry but the Carnival din't cut it for me - pay to play (well i got all prizes anyway), the games are fairly easy to figure out (as in it speeds up or there is a pattern). I dont know, the games in home just are eh...i stick to bowling and pool.
Socialize - Im not gonna get into that because no one can stop males being females, along with the harresment torwards other users.

The devs just dissapointed me, delays, promises that were not full filled of "soon". You guys do a great job try to do a great job, and i bet you do...but as of now it seems like everything is being slapped together just to keep us happy and we keep spending our money. I do like the items, you guys do great with that. The spaces...well i rather have a space announced with pictures or major details 2 weeks before release so people maybe can help out or something. Spaces should take a little more time with the help of the community. With the delays im fine because when you guys say "delay" im thinking major bugs or issues with companies. The promises...well....if you promise something dont say "soon" say in "near future", or keep us updated on the promises.

So what you guys think?

Other than the bloody disaster of grammar & spelling, the poster makes a great point, and was very good in conveying it. However DrGadget goosestepped on it with a Sony-heil and conveyed the biggest over-reaction ever:

This thread looks like a cross between a poll, a popularity contest, and a petition. None of those are allowed here.

What you're doing is looking for other people to address the devs you personally dislike and give them low ratings. This in turn would justify your anger with them. And then presumably you would go back to confront them and say "Everyone at the PSN forums gave you a 2." [Good job jumping to conclusions and pointing fingers DrGayget.]

These forums are primarily designed for discussion, in terms of relaying information about Playstation-based gaming and other features.

Creating a poll to give you more ammunition to launch a hate attack against one or more of the Home devs is not a discussion.

Please refrain from making similar threads in the future. Thanks.

Wow, talk about having your panties in a wad. Much like the idiot zealots that populate Home, any criticism is immediately disregarded as "hate." Perhaps if assclowns like DrGadget and other PSN flunkies would listen to criticism once in a while, the whole PSN wouldn't be the massive joke it has become.

Mortal Kombat 5, er II

Dear PSN: I'm unsure if it's due to none of you ever working in the game industry prior to being hired, or the fact that a five second wikia search is too much time out of your day, but any chance if you're going to advertise Mortal Kombat II you could use art from I dunno, MORTAL KOMBAT II? The art you're selling it with is the art from Mortal Kombat Deadly Alliance. That's the 5th game in the series. Perhaps you're recovering from the butthurt when Xbox 360 got Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3? Perhaps I should start PSN Watch?

More bad development

From footballdrool:

If you put out the Gamescon picture frame rewards in the Chamber Apartment, you see a reflection of the Harbour Studio from 2007.
More proof that absolutely little to no QA goes into testing Home before putting out items.

Playstation 3 security possibly defeated

Posted on Hackaday, is a video of someone claiming to have defeated the PS3 security. If this is true or not it opens the door to modify the system, or open the door to piracy. I'm not the hugest fan of piracy myself, but I am in love with the concept of modifying my console. Especially with custom firmware. Please, let them release so that we can finally customize the XMB, without the fucking Home icon.

Jack Buser and the Bullshit Factory

Recently I decided to go over some articles looking for funny Jack Moments. Let's see what ol' Electrobrain has said about Home, and decipher what the reality is.

From an IGN article:

We've got two announcements, the first of which is our relationship with Codename. It's a new company founded by some of the same folks who started IndieCade, which is the Sundance of the games industry, if you will.
Translated: "We started a partnership with a cheap developer who is trying to get out there, and we're using them as a last ditch effort to save Home since my poor business decisions have destroyed what Home could have been."
One of the core tenets of Home is that we're looking for good teams
Hey Jack, you might want to start by replacing yourself.
We have 14 million users worldwide.
No, you don't.
They can also make games for the Midway. Have you been to the Midway yet?
For those who aren't aware, the midway is plagued with bugs. These include bugs that literally steal your money.
Calendar first quarter revenues are up 3 times from the same period last year, so revenue growth is fantastic.
Oh Jack, you adorable liar.
IGN: How much money does that actually account for?
Jack Buser: We don't say estimates.
Translation: "We make exactly dick off of this program"
The PlayStation Home user is the most engaged, most hardcore PlayStation 3 user.
Yes, because when you ask hardcore gamers about home they giggle while furiously clapping their hands and jumping up and down.
Sometimes we'll see an article that has an inaccuracy in it and then you see the comments section. You'll see the users really rush to defend it, they're really passionate about it.
And as we all know, Home zealots are the epitome of intelligence. Just to be fair, there are still people defending the Sonic the Hedgehog cartoon which was canceled 16 years ago!

We really have two pillar strategies with Home this year, the first is this idea that Home is a social games platform.
This is one of the dodgiest answers ever given. That's like someone asking "What is going to be new with peanut butter this year?" and someone answering "Well, this year our plan is to concentrate our strategy on peanuts." Lemme see, as I'm aware you can only play a handful of the most basic games (Such as chess) "socially" with other players. Does this mean they're going to actually invest in Home? Jack, did you trade in that trust fund to support Home, since you pissed away it's budget on stupid revamps you didn't use?

IGN: Is there an official stance about maybe one day taking some of the simpler games to Facebook?

Jack Buser: Can you imagine?

IGN: Yeah, I just did.
That just made me cry laughing. Owned by IGN, the McDonalds of gaming news.

Our philosophy is to get the best and brightest developers who are passionate about these platforms.
I'm sorry Jack, I'm sure they misquoted you when you said that. Let me correct that: "Our philosophy is to get the obscurest and cheapest developers who are passionate about these platforms."
I don't think we'll ever be a hundred
understatement of the century.

Something as fundamental to Home as a shared social space is unknown on other platforms. That is allowing us as a company to really get steps, if not miles, ahead of the competition.
Which is why the PS3 is the lowest selling current generation console:

Oh Jack, Jack, Jack. There's no life I know, to compare with pure imagination.

No Playstation Move Area, and Villian's Lair Sucks (Still)

Locust_Star posted the following today:

Hey everyone,

I've just received word that the PlayStation Move event space, as previously announced in today's blog post, will not be releasing in SCEA tomorrow morning (Thursday, August 12th). I will update you with more details as I receive them.

Please accept our sincerest apologies for any inconvenience this may cause you. We are sure that you'll enjoy the rest of the content that we are releasing tomorrow (the "Sneak Attack" items are personal faves of mine - check 'em out!)

Which translated from Home PR speak vaguely means: Shit, our bad. This area is fucking broken like everything else we produce. But this time we were kind enough to notice it and address it. Give us some credit?

Ok, I'll give you this one Home. You managed to resist releasing a broken area for once. But that doesn't help the following person who bought a broken area:

Following GlassWalls "BEST PRACTICES for reporting issues", I will relay my problem and course of action to date:

Purchased Villain's Lair early June, 2010. Neither mini-game works properly.
Village Griefer: Any high scores, approximately 800 and above, at the end of the game 1) I get kicked out, left standing next to the chair, unable to get back in the game, and no leaderboard scores are visible, or 2) the game totally locks up and the only way to exit is to manually turn off my PS3 (huge pain).
World Domination: In the second round of the hard levels, after I have set up my board, I get kicked out of the game, left standing next to the board, able to see it how I just set it up, but unable to get back in.

That is what normally happens, but under different circumstances, other things have happened too, which I will relay later.

Course of action taken:

1. Checked the Knowledge Center: Nothing related to this problem.
2. Searched the forums for a similar problem: Found one, it had zero replies.
3. Deleted Home, reinstalled: No difference.
4. Called Sony: Was told by "John" they are tech. support only, and I should contact a Mod.
5. Sent Locust_Star a PM 6/23/10 thoroughly describing my problems: No reply.
6. Deleted Villain's Lair Saved Data Utility (PS3): Removed my decorations, same problems persisted.

On 7/01/10 my 80G PS3 experienced the Red Light of Death. On 7/02/10 I set up a new 120G slim under the same account.
On 7/02/10 I went into Villain's Lair and played Village Griefer, which performed flawlessly, for hours, recording scores ranging from 819 to 1071. Checking World Domination the same day, I discovered it was gone. Completely. No table, no globe, nothing.
On 7/03/10 I returned to play Village Griefer, to discover IT was gone. No chair, no leaderboard (not no scores, but no board itself) and the viewing window was pitch black. Checking World Domination shortly after, I found it was fully intact, and was able to complete my original game with no problems.
On 7/04/10 I found the space to be the same as it was on the 3rd. I invited a friend over the same day, who owns Villain's Lair. She saw HER leaderboard scores in my space, was able to sit in the Village Griefer chair only she could see, and actually play and complete a game. I saw a black window, no chair & no leaderboard.

Later that day I deleted Home and reinstalled. The original problems returned. I had my friend over again, who was now unable to see any scores on the leaderboard, and unable to play the game. I saw scores and was able to play, but if my score was higher than my lowest high score, same problem, kicked out or locked up. I then visited her Villain's Lair where I was unable to see any scores on the leaderboard and was unable to play. She had no difficulties.

On 7/05/10 I had a friend in who did not own Villain's Lair, who was able to see the scores on the leaderboard and played the game several times. I was able to see the scores and view her games till about the 4th game, when I froze up and had to manually shut down my PS3.

There is no consistent pattern to my problems except that any score over 819 results in a kick or freeze up. This is extremely frustrating. I want to play my games.

1. Completely delete Villain's Lair, which I am unable to do myself, and reinstall.
2. Have 2 Mods over, one who has the game, and one who does not, to experience this for themselves and take the proper course of action to correct it.


1. I will receive no helpful replies.
2. Nothing will be done in the hopes it will just go away. Believe me, it will not.

I hope this has been thorough enough to get something done about it. Thank-you.