All Sales Are Final, Even If You Didn't Receive Anything

This was sent to to Sony Tech Support via email by one of our readers:

I purchased waterfall terrace furniture bundle #1 the day it released and still haven't received two of the items in the bundle. I have contacted customer service and customer service told me to contact mods in the forums. Neither of these have worked in resolving my problem. I want the complete bundle or I want to be refunded for the incomplete bundle.

Please see the following purchase confirmation.

WTRFALTERBUNDLE1-UQ01 Waterfall Terrace Set 1 (PlayStation(R)Home Virtual Item) $4.49

So, he paid money for something, and didn't receive it. Seems pretty straight forward. That should be a simple fix. Sony's reply:

Hello [name removed],

We sympathize with your situation you are having with your Playstation Home purchases. We apologize for any inconvenience. Unfortunately, we are unable to grant your request for a refund at this time. As stated in the user agreement for the PlayStation Network, all sales and purchases are final. The following Knowledge Center articles may help resolve your problem:

Article Title: Help with PlayStation Home
Article Link:

Article Title: Requesting a refund
Article Link:

Catrina G.
THE GREAT SONY HOME TECH SUPPORT BRUSH OFF! This isn't just sad. It's illegal. I'm going to add a link to the side of our blog and give it here as well. It's a pretty well known site called "Rip Off Report." ( I think it's time Home started getting the recognition it deserves for the job it is doing so poorly.


  1. I agree. this is downright criminal. Rip off Report is a good start. we need to exhaust all options open to us.

    God it just makes u so mad. where is the work ethic? eventualy, sony will drive away their customers, but fanboys like me will probably never leave

    i just dnt get this mentality, if a bundle doesnt work, you refund it. Its as simple as that.

  2. I also just got off the phone with a higher tier of tech support that says "contact the mods , by PM if you have to" , of course we know its impossible to get in contact with them , much less get them to actually accomplish a task. I was also ripped. Thanks PS Home. I wont purchase shit from you again. I also filed with the site listed in the OP. I encourage others to do the same if they have been sold thin air like i was.

  3. do me a favor, link me to the report you made?

  4. Just saw this:

  5. Nice link Pygmy,,,
    maybe if enough people with purchasing problems use outside resources - they might make headway..

  6. HW, this might be another good place for complaints:

  7. You guys should record one of your phone conversations with Sony "customer service"

    It only costs like $3 to be able to phone out using skype, and you can download a program called "skype recorder" to record the conversation.

    I do it all the time when calling Gamestop for bogus preorders and systems (namely Dreamcast 2 and Battletoads Wii). Might make for an interesting article. Also: audible proof of sony's failings is more convincing than just an anecdotal horror story.

  8. I've seriously considered it, however, in the state of California you must inform people when you're recording them on the phone.

  9. I wonder if it's the same way where I live too. I should probably check into that. XD

    If I ever actually need to call Sony about something Home-related, I'll be sure to record it. (I'm somehow lucky that I hardly ever end up buying broken items - save Waterfall Terrace space)