Banned for Voicing Complaints

A user was recently banned for pointing out errors and demanding that they are addressed. This is another PRIME EXAMPLE of how bad the HCM is. They refuse to address or acknowledge when people get ripped off, or lose items they pay for. They COMPLETELY IGNORE the tech support forum where this user posted all their complaints. However, they paid enough attention to ban the user for voicing their desire to be compensated for the money they spent. The threads were not in any way violations of the rules set in place.

Via email:

Hey Home Watch!!

Well, I guess Sony doesn't like my threads, or they see that they are threatening. Today while I was on the PS3 Home General threads, I was doing some posting to a few threads, that I though were interesting. Nothing was rude or uncalled for, was just friendly threads. I did though report 2 posts as flaming. I then thought I'd check the support side to see what was going on, since I haven't done it that much today. I just want to make sure no Manager had responded to any of my threads about the False Advertising.

I noticed that someone had responded to my bear thread, and went to post a response to that, when I got this message...

We're sorry, but you have been banned from using this site.

  • You have been banned for the following reason:

    Violating the rules and policies of the community, with actions such as spamming. Your ban will last for 4 days effective 1-25-2010. Please do not attempt to evade your ban in any manner, as doing so will only serve to increase the length of your ban.

    When your ban has expired, please refer to the Official Rules of Conduct and the New User Guide to review the rules and policies of the community. Additionally, please adhere to these rules and policies in the future, as future infractions will result in an extended or indefinite ban period.

  • You have 5759 minutes remaining on the ban.

As you can read, nothing says anything to the fact of why I was banned for 4 days, or who it was that banned me....

So I immediately called Sony, to raise hell, which I did, but the one I needed to talk to was not in. I will be calling them tomorrow, and talking to the person I need to talk to in hopes they will resolve this issue, because this is now the straw that broke the camels back. As it stands right now, I will be contacting a lawyer to file False Advertisement and also product misrepresentation, the only problem to that is, I need more people willing to step up to the plate. This can be an easy class action lawsuit if people just step up and say.. I've had enough. I will give them until tomorrow to fix the issue above and to tell me how they are going to take care of the countless problems I have had with Home Virtual items.

This is just a heads up, letting you know that I won't be submitting any new posts for a while. lol. Also, hopefully a few friends that I have there do come here to view Home Watch, so they will at least know what happened.

But like I said.. enough is enough. If they have a problem with people responding to threads and supplying support issues, then they need to take the forums DOWN!

So.. until then.. Peace..

PS.. know any good lawyers, cuz I'm dead serious!
I encourage anyone who has been ripped off to contact us here at Home-Watch, and we will do the best we can to help make this a nightmare for the Home staff.


  1. Home staff didnt ban him it was a mod from the forums..

  2. You have no proof or evidence of that.

  3. hahahaha was it Steve019** ?

  4. i would sue them up the ass if i wasn't broke as fuck.

  5. If that was just a ban from the forums... not much to sue about. Sony/Lithium are just trying to protect Sony's name.

    The frustration that users feel from this censorship just fuels this growing wave of discontent among Sony customers. This will not end well for Sony if they keep it up and continue this trend of poor customer service.

  6. It's also an unjustified ban! That now limits it to NO SUPPORT or communications, and yes there is recourses that can be taken.

  7. I'm in for a class action.


  8. Are u saying the mods are working under orders of the managers to clean up the forums for them? When faced wit a riot call in the riot police to squash it? yeah i can see that, in fact i think its very plausible. i think we r gonna get a Forum MOD at the first Home Open Debate (or we r working at it), so maybe we can waterboard him/her for answers.

    Something else to think about that i found interesting. The suggestion that the managers were behind this site. If i were them i would do that. The smartest decision possible would be to control both sides of the debate like playing chess wit urself, you can conrol who wins and every move. you are the director of the battle and decide how the story ends. It would be genious.

    But thats another conspiracy story for another time.

    However, everyone is banned injustly, I should know, except for this last one. There is always another side.

    forum bans never tell you who banned you, cause the mods speak for all of lithium, meaning lithium banned you. If you email them at and include your user name, they will respond to you in about 3 days about why you were banned. You can even have long conversations wit them about it. But they wnt change their minds, or at least its not worth the humiliating feet washing you might have to do.

    However 4 days in NOTHING. My first bann was 28 i think. And they doubled when i tried to evade them. When ur perma banned, or get a significant ban, then its a big deal. 4 days is mercful.

    Now bans like x-cult and lilblue are bans to talk about.

  9. i got 14 days for "flaming" and "trolling" haha.
    they can lick my bawls.

  10. The problem here is...

    We call Sony about our Home problems, they tell us to take it to the Home managers which they can only be contacted via forums.

    User does just that, makes a post seeking support from the Home managers, and recieves a ban.

    So how are we supposed to recieve customer support on the forums where SONY is telling us to go too if we get banned for it.

    Looking pretty illegal & shady there Sony

  11. I can do a four day ban in a blink of an eye...

    and Kapow its called shuffling the complainer along - and if he complains too loud they shut him up the good old fashioned way.