Daaaaaaamn buuuurn

Why, why, why don't people alert me when such gems are posted?? Well, someone refered me to it yesyerday and asked if they could use Home-Watch as a way to respond to it without moderation censoring it. I thought it was going to be a simple thing, but the email completely MAULED Mr_Lochwood. (I've colour coded the comments in red to make it easier to read.)

thanks for giving me a chance to post this, I added my comments to it, the original topic again is here: http://boardsus.playstation.com/playstation/board/message?board.id=ps3home&thread.id=876134

thanx n' keep it up!

Hello all,

I just wanted to take a moment to share some stuff with you about myself, life and my time on Home. I am a 43 year old disabled man. I have Agoraphobia, PTSD, ADD, and a host of anxiety disorders. [No, you are a governmental leech who uses your lack of social skills as an excused to suck the teet of social security which the rest of us pay for] I am married to Mrs Lochwood(not our real last name) and have been for 13 years. We have 9 wonderful children - some are from different marriages. [Great, not only are you and the missus stupider then sin, but you've spit out a litter of offspring to pass your emotional and psychological issues onto. Terrific.] I am an ordained minister [Sorry, that means about jack shit these days. Anyone with an internet connection and a few minutes can become LEGALLY ORDAINED IN A MATTER OF MINUTES.Further info available at: http://www.themonastery.org/] and have played guitar for over 32 years. [So has Eric Clapton, and he's not a self-righteous douchebag.]

Now as an agoraphobic(Agoraphobia Defined) along with the other disorders I have, I have not been able to leave my house for more than 2 hours at a time in at least 10 years. [Oh boo hoo, cry us all a river! "I'm scared to go outside, I have a disorder!"] And the 2 hour stints have only happened maybe once or twice a year in that time. Now I am not looking for your sympathy here. [yes you are] I am simply trying to help people to understand why I use Home so much and why I am so dedicated to it. [You're dedicated to it because it's one spot where you have some type of control or power, because in real life you're an emotionally destroyed welfare sponge.] It is the only world I have ever found were I am not afraid of people or conversing with them and that means a lot to me. I was very very horribly abused as a child - I will not get into the details here, but cerfice it to say my childhood was more full of horrific abuse than any good times. [Oh no, child abuse. You're one of a very rare breed there, no one in this world could ever recover from that. Except maybe everyone who isn't a whiny crybaby shutin. Being abused is no excuse for anything. Ask Oprah and the years of molestation she endured. And she's richer then anyone you'll ever encounter] Now, I now nobody has a perfect childhood and that we have all suffered and whatnot, that is not what I am talking about. The nicest memory of abuse I can give you(if calling it nice is even at all appropriate) is spending my lunch hours at school either having my head dunked in a toilet or being stuffed in a garbage can - and mind you that is the nicest non sexually abusing thing I could think of to give you as an example. [It's often stated that those who are bullied become bullies later in life. I guess you could be added to that case study]

However now me and the Mrs are finding Home and the forums to be not nearly as welcoming as they used to be. I have been accused of being and elitist and of following leadership blindly as if seeking some kind of personal glory or special treatment or whatever, and it is entirely untrue. [Actually it's 100% true. You have a place in a social heirarchy, you're losing it, and people don't respect you anymore. So you cling to the nearest HCM nutsack for dear life] I nor my wife do the things we do on home for personal gain. Frankly I am a bit confused as to how our hosting events freely for the whole public(we have never had an event that was private or in a club - always in public so all could attend) out of our own free time and giving away $10 psn cards and other prizes at the events is looking for self gain, but I guess giving of oneself seems to appear as selfish to many. We do what we do because Home has provided for us a place where we can go out together and dance, meet new people have a social life that we could not have otherwise. [You don't do any of it out of selflessness. You do it because it makes people pay attention to you, and makes people think of you in a positive light. Basically you bribe people to be your friend]

I know many of you will say well get outside, get over it - It is the past - and that is fine. I expect it. Not everyone understands disabilities and for that I am thankful. I would rather not have the understanding of it that I do, so I do not expect others to understand or even at times to try. [I understand you, you're very, very basic] But I would like to say, it is beyond my control. I am disabled - meaning unable - It is not that I do not wish to go outside it is that I can not. [I, myself deal with 4 different personality & psychological disorders. I won't name them because I'm not a sympathy begging failbaby. My life is difficult to control, but I do. Because I work at it. I work six days a week, go out twice a week with friends, play home, manage this blog, and I still have enough left in me to take a shit on a bitchass whiner like you.] The last time I did for any length of time it landed me in the hospital. [And there goes some more of my tax money.] That is neither good for me or my family who by the way understands my disability and supports me 100%. I am also allergic to almost every medication known to man, so taking medication has not been very successful in helping treat the situation either. [well at least we get a tax break there.] I have however spent many years in counseling and currently my councilor feels that Home is a wonderful place for me and encourages my use of it. [After years and years of Psychologists and psychiatrists saying MMO materials when used for long periods of times by addictive personalities is dangerous if not deadly, you found a clinical professional that disagrees. Kudos, shoot us their number, we need more quacks that'll fight to stop politically ambitious congressmen.]

I say all of this because I am at wits end. My wife has been crying for days now due to the constant harassment of many who claim to be doing what is best for Home. [Really? Crying. Over a virtual world. Are you sure you're not the only mental case in your household?] The normal harassers, we have learned to deal with they come and go and are just a part of Home - what would we do without the occasional noob dancing on us - but it is not that that we have a problem with it is the people who insist we are one person - my wife and I are not one person [You know, I never thought of it like that. Two mentally defunct people in the same house at the same time? I mean, I have seen one person operate multiple PS3s on home at once before, but now I have the idea you might be one of them.] - it is the people who insist we are doing all of this to harm Home, even stating that it is due to people like the Mrs and I that Home has so many problems. Well, all we can say is we are not here to harm Home and we do not wish to be elitists or above anyone; [Really. You and your "wife" and your small little band of folks were some of the very first people on home. I didn't have a keyboard, I was dressed in blues, I asked all the same dumb questions. You treated me with mockery, insult, and malice. You engaged me in an insult battle, which I slayed you at. Your retort was to batch report me with your wife & cronies. That was my first Home account, and it was suspended. My first day on Home. Now normally I would have brushed it off, and for a while I did. Until I started hearing from everyone that the Lochwoods have the moderation teams balls on their chins, and they harass, insult, mock, and otherwise irritate other members of the Home community. You sir, aren't special. You're the same type of dumbass elitist trolls you see anywhere else on the internet. It's just no one had the ability to confront you, because of your super-sensitive feelings and your connections. Now people have that outlet.]

however, we will not be chased out either. We are here to stay and if people wish to continue to harass us with such foolishness well let them. I have had enough. I have been harassed my whole life so frankly I guess it is just par for the course, and all it shows is the ignorance and pettiness of those who attack us. [Actually, if you want to get down to technicalities, that's exactly what I'm doing. I'm not taking your shit, and other folks aren't either anymore. "Boo hoo, I've been a victim my whole life." You're a victim because you view everything as an attack. Now, in the case of this retort, what I'm writing is very much an attack. Well earned too. But don't pretend you're some big martyr, and everyone is after you. That comes off childish, and very transparent.] Our only wish is to give back to a program that has given us a new outlook on life, and to the community that at one time accepted us when no one else would.

Happy Home Days to you all always!

[And that is exactly what Home-Watch has been doing. Giving back to something it loves by giving people the freedom from the oppressive censorship and puppeteering that goes on on a day to day basis. And out of it all, you write this incredibly long rant, and you still come off sounding like a pompous dickhead. And for what? To let everyone know how sad other folks are making you? Tough shit. YOU ARE FUCKING 43 YEARS OLD. Go fucking raise your 9 kids. Or do you tell them "Sorry kids, dinner is going to be late, mommy and daddy have to play make believe TV show with a teenage girl.

Bottom line, you are a complete tool]


  1. Someone wants attention. Poster should of just sent this to lochwood instead of wanting it to be seen by the world. Stick with Home problems and not personal attacks Home-watch.

  2. I never liked the Lochwoods anyway.

  3. Its obviously the thread that MR. Lochwood is fake. It reminds me of the thread "I can walk in home". Obvisously Mr. Lochwood made a similar thread seeing how much Kudos the "I can walk in home" thread got. He wants kudos, to make his name know as an elite. Congrats Lochwood.

  4. That 'I can walk in home' thread was original and the OP had no idea it would blow up big.
    The BitRunner you see up there is an imposter.

  5. I have to admit, this was my exact same reaction to reading that post.

    and i dnt feel sry for them. Cause its what u get when u make the subject yourself. If ur gonna make a thread all about yourself, then ur gonna get a discussion about YOU. dnt blame others, u brought the conversation up yourself. Like the writer in red, i too have psychological disorders, as i have found alot of Home users do. I've been hospitalized in a Mental Hospital like many Home users i have found as well. But does that deserve a place on the Home forums? HELL NO! Who gives a damn. Thats something u reserve for private conversations and ur journal or blog. But to force it upon the Home forums, where the discussion is HOME not YOURSELF is evidence in itself of elitism. the home forums are to talk about home. To think that YOU are an important enuf topic that your life is important enuf to interupt that discussion, or to assume it has a place there, is terribly wrong. And if i had made a post on the forums, talking about all the rivalries i had on and off home, and what people thought about me, and all about my disabilities (i dnt even consider them such) and all about my life in 5 paragraphs or less and top it off wit a screw u if you dnt like me, then i would banned from the forums for trolling and spamming and porn (ohh wait, that one happened).

    Wit that said, it was a terrible idea to post, and it speaks to a mindset common among the "elites"

    But we all make terrible mistakes. I dnt think they are terrible people, even though they did open up a debate in which i assume we are supposed to judge them as people, why else did i get a mini-bio. And thats the problem in itself. They are saying, "dnt judge me" but the whole thread makes the reader "judge" the OP and his/her life/lifestyle. And thats the problem. We shouldnt be judging the person. But what they say and do. A variation of that hate the sin not the sinner. But when an action or thought or post is attacked, the person who posted it or did that action feels it is a personal attack instead of a disagreement or critique or opinion on an idea. And in this case it becomes extremly hard to disagree wit someone. And i think thats the root of the problem here. We might disagree on alot, but it doesnt mean i hate the person i disagree wit. And i think the lochwoods took disagreement and shift in mindset as a personal attack. And its hard to not make it personal back, when someone makes a post about themselves. It only makes it more personal, in which i think the lochwoods shot themselves in the foot.

    If we are to move forward wit Home, we are gonna need to keep it strickly business. We cant make our disagreements personl. We cant make the argument and debate about OURSELVES. Cause then we are only gonna destroy each other and fight wit each other instead of working together to find solutions. the debate and discussion needs to be about HOME and not eachother or ourselves. If we keep it about Home, we might be able to get something done and build home up instead of distracting ourselves and the forums wit petty disagreements taken personaly. We need to get out of the way so home can move forward. I think alot of OUR egos are getting in the way of real progress.

    I pray we can disagree witout having to kill Cain. whih is why i love the anonylous posting here. Cause it makes you read what they said, and respond to their words instead of the person behind those words.

    sry that is so long, just wanted to get that off my chest for a long time and sadly they locked the thread before i could respond to it.

  6. I agree with Anonymous 1:22 PM. Stick with Home problems and give up this obsession you have for Mr Lochwood. You're obviously gay for him and Jim777.

  7. Well you got some valid points about the Lochwoods. But who gives a care? Seriously. Look at his wife. She's sexy as fuck. I want my sperm in her mouth! Thanks.

  8. @ first post:
    hahaha, theLochwoods ARE a Home problem, idiot.

    ok now i'm gunna make some points:
    notice the first two posts in that thread Mr.L made. i'm just gunna go out on a limb and say most of the OP kudos' were made by 'elites.'

    i it me or shouldn't that thread have been moved to 'Off Topic'? i mean the guy just goes on and on about Him and His 'disabilities' and His life and blah blah blah. he barely talks about Home at all. i mean, i guess he mentioned Home just enough to have it stay where it's at but still, who-gives-a Fuck.

    i like how he says he has a disability, saying he's "unable" to fuckin leave his house for more than 2 hours. give-me-a fuckin break. what about people who actually contribute to society who have real disabilites. i mean, i can't even tell you how many, "i've got my leg(s) blown off/ critically injured and the doctors say i'll never walk again in my life." guess what? THEY SAID, "FUCK THAT!" and after a couple of months, maybe even a year or more, of therapy, and giving it their all, they WALKED back into the doctors office and said, "look at me now." so don't bullshit like you "can't" go outside. you just WON'T do it. your a coward, a lazy coward.

    Kudos to the person that sent the e-mail in.

    and @CRUNKRIS
    what's goin on with this debate situation, i wanna get in on that.

  9. Not Conrad obviously. See? Your blog has become s place for personal attacks!!

  10. another example; Lochwood mentions he was bullied in school. so. lots of people are and have been bullied in school. it's a natrual part of school. just like random people coming up to you and being dumb jerk-offs is a natural part off Home.
    but my point is, i've also hear a lot of stories of how kids were bullied and really just got the shit beat out of them in school, and they grew up to be fuckin proffesional fighters (Boxing, MMA, etc..)
    because one day they were like, "you know what? i'm tired of getting my ass kicked 5 days a week. it sucks. i'm gunna do something about it."
    and that's is my point, they DID SOMETHING ABOUT IT. just like when the doctors said those people would never walk again, They DID SOMETHING ABOUT IT.
    if people would simply try and put some effort into something, wonderous fucking things could happen..

    and if we're gunna start making up crazy conspiracy theories about people, i just came up with a good one:
    What if, the 'elites'...were all of the Lochwoods kids? hahaha.

  11. I'm not really sure why there are personal attacks. Home Watch works best when it airs out complaints against Sony by documenting the poor customer service, the stupidity of the rules on the forum, and things like that.

    On Thursday I had Mr. and Mrs over to my place along with Crunkris and Kamala_Ona. We had a discussion and it's at that meeting where we decided to have further talks between the "elite" and the "rebels" to work together for the good of Home.

    I found the discussion very helpful. And I will say that, in my experience, you may disagree with the Lochwoods on certain points but you can't take away the fact that they are sweet people with the good of the community at heart.

    The writer has a grudge against them. He admits as much when he says: "Really. You and your "wife" and your small little band of folks were some of the very first people on home. I didn't have a keyboard, I was dressed in blues, I asked all the same dumb questions. You treated me with mockery, insult, and malice. You engaged me in an insult battle, which I slayed you at. Your retort was to batch report me with your wife & cronies. That was my first Home account, and it was suspended. My first day on Home. Now normally I would have brushed it off, and for a while I did. Until I started hearing from everyone that the Lochwoods have the moderation teams balls on their chins, and they harass, insult, mock, and otherwise irritate other members of the Home community. You sir, aren't special. You're the same type of dumbass elitist trolls you see anywhere else on the internet. It's just no one had the ability to confront you, because of your super-sensitive feelings and your connections. Now people have that outlet."

    I admit I find that scenario questionable. I've never seen them do this. It doesn't sound like them.

    Personally I see many problems with Home but I really don't think singling out the Lochwoods and their friends is productive.

  12. Thank you JTWNY. You basically said everything i was wishing to state so i wont bother echoing you. ^_^

    These personal attacks are not doing Any good for Home. Its pathetic, and i wish this site could do more to Help Home rather than bashing its users and Hurting them.

    we are hoping everyone will be involved in these Home Open Debates! even those who do not necessarily agree with one another. agree to disagree. and what not. Instead of sounding like a bunch of roaring people yelling at one time, be civil and work together as ONE community! Then we'll be much better heard instead of everyone yelling at the same time to where no one is heard. To work together as ONE not MANY to help strive to solve problems within Home to make it a better place for ALL! ^_^

    im extending an OPEN INVITATION to EVERYONE who READS this! Please help us Make Home a Better Place for ALL USERS!!

  13. See Kapow.. The people agree. Hope the Home-watch is listening. Maybe there is something to this debate thing also.

  14. Mr. Lochwoods BoyfriendJanuary 23, 2010 at 3:50 PM

    Guys, stop hating on my man.

  15. Ona, u will never get H-W to attend talking to him/her/them like that.

    H-W isnt soley to blame. I think all the attacks r pathetic, yes, and i agree H-W should focus on home, not its users, but in this case the Lochwoods put themselves above Home and made THEMSELVES a topic for debate above that of Home. So i feel the initial blame lies wit them in this matter, i dnt blame H-W for responding to it, why else did the lochwoods make a thread if discusion about themselves wasnt welcome. And discussion about themselves is what happened and hence this post.

    But Both sides r wrong, including myself. None of us should be playing this game. No one should make the debates about themselves or other users. It should be about Home. We gotta set these egos aside, and for that i hope the Home debates will help us bring the focus back to Home instead of eachother.

    But the way Ona puts it, it sounds like some Hippie Love fest of socialism. To anyone who has reserves or gets that same impression, please rest assured it is not a garden party of Marxist ideals of how to make everyone equal for the common good. Its gonna be tough and there r gonna be disagreements, and its not gonna be easy, but what we have tried so far isnt working, and these debates are a way to ingage the Community in ways to find solutions TOGETHER to the problems Home faces. And to that, i hope they r successful. We gotta do something.

    Tearing each other apart is fun, but im not sure its gonna get the things we want in Home done. But there is no holding hands and skipping planned, unless u offer

  16. The Home team has a preset plan of doing things. That cannot be changed. Customer support and communication are the reason half these posts are about and thats understandable but the attacks are the attention grabbers and why this blog continues. Lochwood trys to be personal and share to get others to know him. So what? It gives people a chance to now the man a little. It seems everyone is inpaled because of who they know and how many post and kudos? Ignorant. Fame game is really last year. Focus guys focus.

  17. @Anon 3:42
    yea, because two people count as, "The People."


  18. For those of you who keep bitching about "personal attacks," tough. I stated when this blog began that I would go after those who are home's "privileged." There is NO WAY this person could have posted that on the forums, and it's something many of us thought. This is a Home issue, and I'm going to continue to bag on people who deserve it, and if you don't like it, start your own blog.

  19. Your right Home-watch. it's your deal here so this is my last post. Your going no where fast. Bye.

  20. I love the lochwoods. They take a lot of the pressure and hate off of me, so they're cool in my book!

  21. Well this has gone on long enough what you are doing is very dangerous not for PS3 but for you in real life you could be in big trouble with the law, I refuse to have my friends get ran out of Home. And whoever is running this site do note that you will not get away with this forever. And you wake up every morning to see what drama you can cause and insult people and do personal attacks. Well how would you like to wake up to police knocking on your door I bet That woke you up. See who will be the one talking then.

  22. I understand your position HW, but it would be useful if you question if the Lochwoods really are "privileged." I don't think the abuse they've received here and in Home qualifies them as "privilaged" by any means.

    There is a loss of focus upon the true issues that confront Home with posts like this. You obviously have a personal grudge against them. I would suggest you sit down with them and work it out because a personal grudge is your problem, not Home's problem.

    And true, I can just start my own blog and not read this one. That is what many supporters of this blod are doing. And then what kind of audience will you have left (if any)? Who are you trying to convince? Sure you and your friends who seem completely obsessed with the Lochwoods will feel good bashing them online, but nobody else will read nor care what you have to say.

    Just something to think about. Is your blog a means to express thoughts and ideas, or is it just online back slapping between you and your friends?

  23. The red, yellow, and green are retina-destroying.
    Had read the post on the forums, so am quite aware of what was said in the OP... and in fact, puked textual drool in a reply.
    That being said, we do not personally actually know the "Lochwoods", so his post could definately be the truth. Question is; why post the gory details? Personally, it was known right away that his thread was going to include a barage of attacks. Not saying they were appropriate, but had to be expected.
    Much of what was read here in the crazy red text against green background (why would you do that?), was not received well. Am quite certain you have the intelligence to make your points without the colorful expletives and virtual name calling, and still manage to make it entertaining and keep the readers' attention. Perhaps then your blogs would garner more credible viewers who would actually read your stuff objectively.
    Most of the posters here are fakers and cowards who lack the balls to post as themselves.
    Just a thought.

  24. @Anon 7:32
    you're an idiot. you basically just said freedom of speech is against the law. did That wake you up? your fucking idiocy?

  25. I'd rather have a fake account name than pretend to be an alien. But hey, if you're into that I'm not going to judge you. I would ask of you the same.

  26. It is an attack on innocent people what you are doing and you could be charged with a fellony becaus you just attackd me and you didnt think about what you said. And you said that you were all nice and wanted to b friends.im tired of playing nice

  27. hahaha, i should have know it was CG lol. there are billions of people that verbally abuse others via the internet. go report them too -_-

  28. It's days and posts like these the reason why the original home posters stopped helping. You supporting this blog won't help. And really home watch if you got something to say, come to my face and say it. Don't be a bitch and stand behind and let other people do the punches. Pussies like you need to work out and stop hating on a program because your closest form of "sex" was raving some 40 year old man. Grow up

  29. Hmmmm cowardly of you. WOW shows how tough HW really is

  30. @soccer:
    i like how you just..brought yourself into 'it all.' who's even talking to or about you? i didn't see anything about you in this article or in these comments but i could be wrong. i'm not really trying to be sarcastic but i'm sure you'll take it that way and come back with some sort of snappy come back.

  31. LOL Kampow you seem real strong now but when we was in the mall the other day you seemed not as I should say high on life.

  32. I don't think I've ever seen so many terribly weak arguments in my whole adult life.


  33. @ Anon 7:53
    well based on your crappy spelling and grammar i'm going to guess that your CamronGirl. and you don't make any sense. also don't trust your new friends, you might regret it. also what i thought was really funny was when you tried to get the Homelings to get ur back and one of em basically said, fuck you, im not with you.
    hahaha. maybe i should post a youtube link...hmmm

  34. @Kapow: asoccer does make a point though.

    If there is a personal beef with the Lochwoods, has the poster attempted to speak to them about it? Honestly, until that happens writing anonymous blogs like this doesn't resolve anything at all.

  35. "if you are doing something positive and some belive it is negative than it is positive because the negatives will never know what it is like to be positve"

  36. Exact point JT, all I see from this site is a hate fiasco against them. If the owner of this site chooses to de-rail a man who wants to do some good. Then he should come out instead of hiding his name and letting others do the punches.

  37. @NY
    i mean, everyone has good points, most of the comments in here make some good points. i'm not trying to start anything with soccer, i just thought that he was saying someone was attacking Him.

    and we don't know if the poster has talked to them or tried to talk to them yet. for all we know he did that first and then sent an e-mail to HW after.

  38. @soccer
    he or she has already stated that they want to protect their career. which is why they haven't posted any kind of ID.

  39. LOL kapow I really dont care what you put on here please put a youtube link. Show the whole Home Watch how you stalked me to get video.

  40. Career of what? Do you seriously support someone who degrades a handicapped man. If you do, then please share because frankly I feel sorry for you.

  41. Perhaps the blog writer should follow Matthew 18, which says that if someone offends you to take it up in private. That way, everyone's careers and reputations will be preserved and issued can be resolved peacefully.

    Who was the general who looked at his staff, pointed out the window and said to them, "gentlemen, the enemy is OUT THERE." There are serious concerns about Home, but they are not from the users.

  42. @CG:
    holy shit, someone call Webster and tell him to re-write the definition of 'satlker'
    i happen to find some Homelings for the first time and unfortunately you you were there to and immediately started shit talking to me, or at least you were trying to..think lol. and no i'm not gunna post it because i'm protecting people that don't want their name out there.

  43. You know, a lot of people have handicaps. But not all of them are whiny little bitches like the Fuckwoods. If they want attention so badly, maybe they should go talk to a shrink. If you post your personal problems on a public forum, shit is gonna fly. Home's not a support group for your fucking problems.

    Sorry you have a disability, but there's no need to whine about it. Learn to accept what God has given you and move on with your life.

  44. LOL yes I was standing up for myself and you quickly didnt say anything back so lol see who is the stronger person.

  45. @soccer:
    scroll up and read what i think about it.

    @NY no offense, but i don't think preaching is gunna do you any good although you make some-what of a point.
    and the blog writer has stated his or her 'mission.'
    it's located on the right hand side of the page.

  46. It would be funny to see someone drag Mr Lochwood out of his house for more than two hours. Bring a camera, and put his reaction on youtube.

    I'd lol. A lot.

    Wouldn't be so "elite" then, would you?

  47. Mr. Lochwoods BoyfriendJanuary 23, 2010 at 8:21 PM

    @ exploding cervix

    LMAO, ive tried that before we went out. Its freaking HILARIOUS.

  48. Nice post HW. Pretty much stated everything that was going through my mind when I first read that post on the forums.

  49. @CG
    again, it's very hard to know what the fuck you are talking about due to the fact that..well..you're an idiot. when i got there and when you saw me, you-immediately-started-talking-shit-to-me. i started responding slow because i was typing with one hand, i was on a Home phone call, with someone that might as well have been standing on top of you, while recording the dumb shit you were spewing from your virtual keypad with my other hand. all while still typing faster than you.

    and now look, you come to your favorite blog to try and talk more shit :\. stop personally attacking and stalking me before i call the police on you.

    (do you see how stupid that sounded? i was mocking you. do you know what it means to mock someone?)

  50. Oh, and by the way. CameronGirl is fake. Its run by Jordanm13. He uses 2 ps3's.

  51. @exploding cervix


  52. exploding cervix, who i assume is Anon 8:23 also,
    that was hilarious haha

  53. no, that was my only post.

  54. No Seriously though, CamronGirl is NOT a real person. Like I mentioned its run by jordanm13, a 14 year old boy I believe that lives in Chicago.

  55. well all these Anon's and cervix, that was some funny shit.

  56. @Kapow: "i don't think preaching is gunna do you any good although you make some-what of a point."

    My preaching isn't for my benefit. I already know that crap. My preaching is for your benefit, and for the one who runs the blog. And if I make somewhat of a point, well, that's a start right? Maybe we can follow that??

    Seriously, can someone explain exactly HOW the Lochwoods are the scourge of Home? Explain it to me like I'm a two year old because there is something that I'm not understanding.

  57. @NY, i think you know what i meant. as in, it's not gunna get you anywhere in this comment section.

    good quote everyone should remember:

    "While i may not agree with what you say, i'll defend, to the death, your right to say it."

  58. Well, if it really is a 14 year old boy, then that just makes my boner for camrongirl ever more veiny.

  59. Yes, Voltaire had a point. And a very good one. By the same tolken I have the right to state my disagreement in the focus of this blog.

    And I'm aware I'll get nowhere for the simple fact that I'm not conviced there is a personal grievance between the Lochwoods and the blog writer. The situation described is too far fetched to be believable and that the Lochwoods are used as a high profile scapegoat for anger directed at Home.

  60. and by the way, if anyone wants to talk to me privately about any issues they have with me, feel free to message me on PSN


  61. Kapow, I don't know who you are but really, if your trying to defend this blog poster. Then you are scum in my eyes. Degrading another man and not even willing to say it to his face is even lower.

  62. @soccer
    i'm not trying to defend anyone.
    just stating my opinions. i'm sorry you feel that way but your entitled to i suppose

  63. Then what is your goal for home Kapow, please clear it up for me. Do you support what Home-Watch is doing or do you want to change home with Enlightened Ideas (Yes I went with that word)

  64. @NY everyone is entitled to their own opinion. i'm not gunna bash anyone on their thoughts. if i don't agree with it i'll simply post my thoughts on the matter and go from there.

  65. hey asoccer, don't you have cydoniax to be stalking you creepy ass fuck

  66. Anonymouse, Go suck a cock and go to sleep. Past your bed time

  67. only if it's your cock, dollface.

  68. all the cocks i want to suck are occupied. can you take cyd's out of your mouth please and pass it along to me?

  69. Personal attacks should not be the focus here! It loses sight of what the point of this place CLAIMS to stand for. Changes in Home. HTF does attacking this person like this help Home? I support this Blog but if this pettiness continues i bet me and alot of the other above posters (with the exception of Kapow) will slowly lose intrest in this place. Its a slippry slop Home-Watch. Please stay focused on the goal here. A better Home.


  70. stop it you guys, you're making me horny. Naughty commenters you! I'll have to invite you to my private space sometime.

  71. @soccer
    i support Home-Watch, i agree with the ways they're going about things. and i also want Home to be better and to succeed. i think Justin n i talked about this the other day. we both agreed everyone's trying to help Home in their own way. no one's going to agree with everyone's ideas, i mean, look 90% of all wars that have been fought. they were started because of opposing religious beliefs. or just different beliefs in general.

  72. Wait...
    someone is pretending to be an alien?
    ... that's weird :P

  73. Good job fake accounts and please make fun of someone I admire also AdamPWNS. Thankfully he doesn't need to start ranting on when he gets mad

    But anywho....
    hey Cydonia guess what! You being a 30 year old single male living with your mom on the east coast don't cut it!
    Anonymouse troll, go to your corner

  74. *munches popcorn*

    Really though. In the end, this blog is easy to ignore. You can have your bashing party for yourself but nobody else will know or care.

  75. im not trolling anyone. i just lock the cock. it takes a real man to admit that i want your warm excrement all over my nubile face.

    Or something. that was my attempt at trolling. I think.

  76. Adamtrolls, I think you need to go re-read the first blog entry ever posted here

    k bai

  77. @trolls
    you know me so well haha.

    @Heidi, i'll call you.

  78. lol, I didn't think this would ever happen but you guys are starting to make me miss the Lithium moderators.

    None of this matters. Step away from the digital doll house and do something that matters. There is nothing of any importance that can be accomplished in a virtual world controlled by a corporation. You have less rights in Home than in the real world. Why imprison yourself in such a lame cell? Use this POS world for what it is good for... the only thing it is good for... finding other PS3 gamers to spar with. Fuck the rest.

  79. typo. :(


    i fail. like usual. Surprised it didn't take me two weeks to fix that typo, like it does for everything else.

  80. @Kapow
    Supporting a program by degrading it and punching its weak points instead of lifting up its peaks is more productive.
    Seriously your supporting someone who is against the original manager and developers by treating them as shit is going to improve it...
    I hope you don't go into government...Because honestly your telling me your supporting something by degrading it. If home-watch wants to support home it should be AIDING not DEGRADING. Seriously

  81. it's because you're too busy changing your locks & house phone # for the 100th time of the week due to asoccer stalkan gaems

    so it's no surprise home shit keeps getting delayed when asoccer keeps stalking the manager in charge

  82. @soccer
    not degrading it. i would say..exposing it's weakness and flaws. and of course i'm not going into the government, i don't like to rub ankles. ha

  83. hey asoccer, stop being a moralfag

  84. or even think of Home as a really flawed drawing, and the Home-Watch community is just critiquing it. yea i think that's a good description.

  85. anonymouse: stop being a midgit and use your real name to grow a few inches.
    Exposing its weakness's and flaws won't exactly improve something. How on earth does that increase home's efficiency 1 bit.

  86. You know, I've been thinking about this thread a lot today. Mr L might have his issues, but I'd rather be stuck with him than someone like Prophecy Elite any day of the week.

  87. @soccer,
    it helps a lot. it lets them know what they need to work on. and did you really just call someone a midget?
    talk about personal attacks on disabilities lol.

  88. In the spirit of reconciliation i would like to say i'm hereby changing my name from Adamtrolls TO! Drum roll please..... anonoman.


  89. i like that better, Anonoman. and i'm on my way to the smokehouse. just beastin in MGO at the moment.

  90. to the person who said Noob elite. Don;t get me started on him
    Yes, the people behind the program need another table of problems being added. Because the forums alone don't give enough feedback.
    And he said he was a troll. So I reminded him of a troll's abilities and physicallity. He degraded himself and I just played with him.
    Anonoman, you dropped your balls under the bridge.

  91. delicious asoccer tears, they're nectar to me

    keep crying baby because the internet isn't a big and happy place like you want it be

    go post on the hello kitty forums and play on hello kitty online, maybe there you'll find your happy joy world you've been crusading for along with the other moralfags in these comments on the internet

  92. Aww, Anonoman has a brother....
    I don't give a rats ass either. Yet you wonder why your the only one who is a pussy not willing to show yourself. Good Job trying to be a man!

  93. u mad?

    [spoiler]yea u mad[/spoiler]

  94. noo spoilers! Omg please no! good job on being original btw!

  95. honestly , the whole anonymous "give up your name" is already old. Second the person with the newfag 4chan vocabulary is the one thats gonna get this place raided. Remember that. Third ..... i post as anonoman because i like the way it feels when i have to type the captcha. DONT JUDGE ME! lol. I didnt drop mah balls either. I just think this blog is at its best when it attacks the Home app directly with quick wit. I could care less about Lockwoods or anyone else for that matter.


  96. >newfag 4chan vocab
    >using the word newfag
    I lol'd

  97. @anon 9:24
    i thought it was funny.

    @soccer by trolling these comments, you're kind of. . ."stooping to our level" i suppose you could say.
    no offence

  98. >I could care less

  99. yea, people use Anonymity 'cause they wanna protect something, whether it be their name, reputatoin, career, or whatever. there's no harm in doing that. and then some people use it 'cause they can. no harm in that either. i've been using my name from day one and i don't call out anons.

  100. At anon9:35pm:
    Thank you. I will remember you for the rest of my life.


  101. i love this place. oh and Mr.Lochwood, if you're viewing this, come talk to me in private. i know i'm on your mind. i have ears and eyes all over the place. we can talk it out in a civil manner between me and you or you you can talk behind my back while i continue to post my opinions for all to see.

  102. BREAKING NEWS-- Kapow just admitted he has no life. Also that he has a hard on for Mr L

  103. Home-watch is about Freedom of speech and WHAT EVER THE HELL THE BLOGGER WANTS TO TALK ABOUT!!! Its his/her/their blog. They can do whatever the Hell they want wit it. although we might disagree (by all means go right ahead) it does not mean u can mandate what Home-watch posts. You can suggest that for the betterment of Home, that Home-watch talk about the issues in stead of users, but besides that, ur gonna have to get a life, cause you have no vote in this Blog. It belongs to none of us, we r just visitors.

    Not to mention Home watch did nothing wrong by posting this. Home watch only exercised its freedom of speech. And lets all remember, The Lochwoods ASKED FOR IT!!! They made the thread all about themselves. Did they not expect a responce? The thread was talking to the people who think they are elite. Did they think those people wouldnt have comments on their post? If you dnt want opinions or debate about YOURSELF, then you dnt go asking for it by posting ur mini-bio on the Home forums and effectivly interupting any discussion of Home, for a debate about personal quarls and character. Its well within home-watches right to post any responce he recieves or feels the need to write.

    Now i agree, the debate should be about Home, not its users. Its the only way for home to progress. However, to those of you who think Home-watch is doing NO good for Home, you are terribly wrong. In fact, Home watch is doing alot more for Home than any idea i have had latly. Cause CONFLICT produces PROGRESS!! Home-watch and all its shock tactics have started the wheel turning. They have engaged many users in many debates about home and how to find solutions. And I am starting to see many steps taken now towards the future of Home that were only started because of this Blogs existance.

    In the past, the attacks on personal users have been appauling, but this post is not. This one is warranted given the circumstances. And besides, its his/her/their house, their rules. like it or leave.

    But i will not have someone try and squash free speech. Everyone is entitled to speak their mind. We dnt have to like what comes out, but we dnt silence them or attack them for it. Anyone who tries and takes legal action against this site i believe is an enemy to free speech. Not to mention (having studied law in the Law magnet all four years of highschool) there is now way u could get anything to stick against Home-watch. Its a waste of ur time. Learn to have feathers like a goose and let stuff roll of ur back.

    Now this bickering back and forth is getting sad.

    @asoccer, U think ur helping? Does it do Home good to flaunt ur ego comming on here and acting higher and mightier than those you talk dwn to? How can u come on here and say its wrong to talk about people the way Home-watch does then treat your fellow posters this way? Anonymous didn;t make a thread about his/her life on the forums. they didnt ask for a debate or attack on them.

    You r only as strong as ur weekest link. And this blog points out the week links of Home. If all we did was make the strong links stronger (i.e. the suggestion to focus on what Home does right instead of what it does wrong) then the chain will still break when the week links give under pressure. You dnt solve problems by only focusing on whats working. To fix stuff, you gotta look at whats broken.

    But im Realy Glad we are having a debate about how best to serve and improve Home. SEEE!?!?!?! another thing this Blog is good for! ^_^

  104. And thats why Crunk is on my PSN friends list. Good points all 0ver that wall of comment shit. God it was fucking hard to read but i made it. Like reading the bible and about as hard to understand. I know its because i'm a dumbass though. Kudos Crunk (vague reference to the shitty kudo system at that other forum we all know)


  105. PSH Forums has no discussions. Just people posting about how they 'observed' something in Home. I'm itching to make an acc called Captain Obvious Man and just reply 'Hey OP are you messing with me? Pointing out obvious stuff is my job' to those posts and troll by making threads just like theirs

  106. there is no possible legal recourse. no lawyer would represent something so stupid and petty, even if these was any legal recourse. an camerongirl, your every post, comment or whatever is stupid. please get yourself spade soon, you breeding would be a crime

  107. @ "Crunkris" above, you're absolutely correct this is the blog writer's blog and he can do whatever he wants with it. It's "take it or leave it," which means many of us are close to just leaving it. We'll just say that Home Watch had potential and they blew the opportunity. Since this is your site and don't you don't have to listen to anyone, then you shouldn't care if we read it or not.

    Just remember that freedom of speech also implies responsible speech as well. Freedom is defined not as the ability to do whatever you want, but to be able to do what you ought to be doing. And "Crunkris," as a conservative Catholic, you should recognize that statement as the foundation for centuries of Catholic moral theology.

    I hope the blog writer understands that responsibility and applies it to the blog.

  108. You guys continue to cross new lines each and every day.

    Makeing fun of the handicap, kudos my friends kudos.

  109. If you have a problem with how the blog is written, the "lost potentional", and all this other nonsense you're spouting, then start your own blog with your avatars holding hands frollocking through the blossoming flowers.

    I for one, enjoy this blog. Your "many of us are about to leave" statement is an over exaggerating of just you & a couple of other people who post in the comments trying to turn this blog into something YOU want it to be.

    Go and read the first blog entry ever made on here because you people seem to be trying to turn this place into some big peace love tree hugging hippie fest.

    All this OMG THIS BLOG IS CHANGING FROM IT'S ORIGINAL GOOD INTENT crap that keeps getting spouting is a bunch of bullshit.

    Best of luck with your new blog(s) for you few ;) who pack up and leave decide to create.

    lol @ butthurt jimfag

  110. Our avatars holding hands? Well, if ever it were possible for our avatars to do that, we will.

    And nobody ever said we're trying to turn this into a big peace loving hippy fest. We're trying to keep the focus upon Home, not individuals whom we have a beef against.

  111. Just a final thought. There is a season for everything. There is a time for war and a time for peace. There has been much tension in Home of late and there was a time for war. Right now I think there is a time for peace.

    I admit I'm an east coast bleeding heart liberal, but you can't really deny that is the truth of the matter.

  112. This site is quickly becoming a CANCER - what started out as a safe way to post complaints about Home has turned into a witch-hunt against a chosen few - we get it MR or Miss Home-Watch - you don't like the Lockwoods or Jim777 - being obsessively jealous must really suck - I would hide my name to if I was such a creep.

  113. Someone had a complaint. They couldn't voice it, HW had the balls to give them a shot, even though people cry a river each tim and go "omfg the blog is just lost it's wat since 2 weeks ago!"

  114. You know, I'm suddenly imagining a scenerio.
    If a little kid comes up to me and tugs on my pant leg, and tells me "Look! My mommy gave me a shiny new ball because she says I'm so special!" Then I'm going to reach down and pat the kid on the head and say, "That's great :)"

    What kind of person would laugh at the kid, then lift the kid up in the air for his friends to see and join in, and starts making fun of the kid by saying while holding him up "Look guys! His Mommy gave him a BALL! He's SO SPECIAL!! Gee, why doesn't his mommy give ME a ball too!"

    Yeeaahh . . . . That's a real manly man there making fun of an immature little kid because he thinks he's special!



  116. [My second attempt at writing this book, I think this site just doesn't want me to post!]
    Anywho, let me try AGAIN (if I can remember what I said)

    WOW, I agree with Anonoman there (12:33pm one)!!

    Just kidding, that's actually me. Just a small side-point I suppose.

    Anyways, to carry on with what I said right above, I see those who think they're better than others, as immature little kids! And I will treat them as such.

    And yet, I see those who will attack others and belittle others because they think the person thinks they're better than others, as little immature kids as well!

    So both are in the wrong, MAJORLY! Both are so immature that I think of them as 8 year old kids, IF that old.

    Anywho, I really LOVED Jt's comment up there referring to Matthew 18, as well as how the enemy is OUT THERE and not in our midst. VERY true indeed!

    I think I'm leaving some things out that I posted in my comment that was lost on the information highway, but I'll try to make my points that I remember.

  117. (continued from above)
    What is this site all about? Improving Home right? What are we all about? What about the PS Forums? All of it is supposed to be for improving home!

    Yeah there's freedom of speech! (Well, not really since this is the internet and there's no governing laws like the Bill of Rights to protect us), but you know what freedom of speech is all about? Not saying whatever you want (You go to a judge and cuss the judge out and see what happens to you) but rather your right of speech cannot infringe on my right, nor is it supposedto be malicious!

    But anyway, yeah you can say whatever you want in your blog, and in the comments (not in the PS Forums though since it's ruled by Lithium's laws ;), but the site is meant to help home, right? So ask yourself if you are really just shooting yourself in the foot!

    Would you deny that a problem with Home is that people attack others? "Elites" belittle the defaulters? What about if the defaulters belittle the elites? What about the "rebels" belittling the elites? Is that a problem? Or are those cases exceptions to the rule? . . .

    Let me say this, if you're adding to the problem by being a problem by attacking other people whether you think they're elite or rebel or whatever, how are you helping to improve home? If home had absolutely no bugs and glitches, and the system was awesome and solid, and yet people were constantly attacking and belittling each other, I'd say Home still had a MAJOR problem!! So instead of CAUSING a problem and fueling it, why not focus on trying to get rid of the problem?

    Everyone needs to realize this: Elites, or whatever you want to call them, do they have some effect on the system of Home? Are they in control of home? If there's a glitch can you beg them to fix it? STOP FIGHTING THE PEOPLE WHO USE THE SYSTEM, AND START DEALING WITH THE SYSTEM ITSELF!!

    I saw that post Mr L had made. Many seemed to ignore the entire point of it and instead of, AGAIN, focusing on the problem with the system, you found fault in a person who uses the system and decided to attack that instead of the problem. And guess what, his problem he stated is EXACTLY what we see here. All he said was that he was someone who uses home a lot and for quite a while, and has noticed a change in Home and the forums. What used to be pleasant, has not turned hostile. . . . And look at how many people are proving his point very nicely---unfortunately.

  118. (continued from above)
    Anyone remember before the beta came along (even CB) and people were saying they wanted to start gangs and all that? Did anyone start bashing the "gangs" so much that it was constant and everywhere you looked? Not really. We would say, "That's so immature" and that's about it. Why? because we knew they had no effect on the system of Home itself. Now if they moved into the realm of harassing us, then we'd deal with it, but as long as they thought what they wanted, they could be as immature as they wanted. So what's with all the hate for people who might think of themselves as "elites?" Sometimes I am thinking that those who think of this or that person as "elite" are relaly simply jealous or feel insecure so they have the need to bash the person who doesn't even THINK of themselves as better or in any way, shap, or form, an "Elite." Guess what? I've been called an elite (and yeah this site knows that well). Crunkris has been called an elite too. Just about everyone has been called one simply because someone out there decided that they obviously KNEW how we felt about ourselves and they KNEW we had a stuck-up attitude and thought we were better . . . without even getting to know us that well.

    Okay I completely lost what I had posted earlier and can't remember it all. But let me just reiterate the question, Are you shooting yourself in the foot by adding or causing a problem of Home by causing people to judge others and being in a way, highminded elitests themselves? Or are you going to focus on the real problems, such as the system of Home itself instead of the users of the system.

    I may have to comment again because I have a bit more to say, but I have to run off to church, I'm running late now! (Dern lost comment!!)