Dungeons & Drago... Er, Just Dungeon.

According to our dear friend and comrade Jim777, the Wizard's Den is not quite what he expected. It seems the Den of Disappointment is hitting hard. According to our sexy, intelligent, and simply delicious friend Jim777:

All i know is i want this space to look like that or for a refund because even the images posted on the blog yesterday reflect THAT space not the one i own right now.
You go girl! Give 'em hell. But he's not the only one, according to this post:

i saw a video for the Wizards Den space i bit back, n there is supposed to be a baby dragon that follows you around. Anyone else know anything about this???
I know something about it, Home blew a Puff of Magic Dragon smoke up your ass. Enjoy your textured Circle, I'm sure all your friends will want to party there.


  1. LOL, well i completly agree wit Jim on this. good to see u united on somethings

  2. It was obvious that they messed up the apt. Come on look at that price.