Get Ready Ladies! Perv Hazard Suits!

And guys for that matter. Pixeljunk Shooter outfits in a bunch of different colors! What better way to defend against noob pervs dryhumping your leg then a safety suit! In fact, we are going to declare that the Pixeljunk Shooter outfits are the official Home-Watch perv hazard suits. Perfect for deflecting sperm, saliva, and whatever fluids come flying off these lowlife scumbags who harass women.

Comes in many colors and flavors, just don't expect the Tiger Suit, North America has not received it. For more info On the

Official Home-Watch Perv Hazard Suits

(Or "Pixeljunk Shooter" outfits, whatever) check in with AlphaZone4.


  1. They deflect sperm AND saliva?! Great buy!

  2. They also keep it in! You can pretend to be Muadib in these moisture reclaiming suits.

  3. Fuck yeah those spacesuits look fucking hot I'm going to bust a nut all over that shit baby fuck yeah spatula time.

  4. Spatula time? Is this Harold Ramis? Stripes baby!