Girl for a Day

According to this topic:

My Avatar is a male, and the few times I go on it stays that way. Now this is not a bashing post. When the festive tree event was going on there was an event were I had to dress like a girl to get a free item. Wth? It took 5 minutes or more to get that item and it was the worst experience in my life if you know what I mean. In that 5 minutes I had so many dang friend request, male avatars fallowing me around trying to talk to me. I had one ask if I wanted to go to their apartment. So my point of this post is if your straight I see no reason to ever want to walk around home as a female. So I am not buying any of that "well I just like to look at the female avatar." You can go to your apartment and do that. The way Is see those guys trying to pick female avatars up is not funny it's gross and annoying. If you ever watch to catch a predator I bet those are who are doing it. Maybe those default clowns who act up, Sony should make their avatars a permanent female and if they are straight they will never log on again.
I won't mention the user who made this awesome avatar above by name, but ULTRA-UBER-KUDOS him for it!


  1. it was hard for me to even read that article with that fuckin thing staring at me haha

  2. now dats a crack ho if i eva seen 1 and trust me i has. dats a $20 ride max fo sho. by da way who find conrad maxs mom in home?

  3. I'm female and I like the option to turn male to get rid of pests. I don't believe that the option to switch genders is all that bad if I can dress as a guy and get some peace.