Girl virtually sexually assaulted in Playstation Home

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This morning I learned that my roommate was sexually assaulted near the Festive Tree while she was helping others with the puzzle. She would move and the harasser would follow. Each time trying to get behind her and use the crouch gesture. This apparently went on for some time. The harasser was warned multiple times and laughed at the thought that someone might report him for his actions, which was eventually done, and also, I'm proud to say, by other bystanders.

It should be obvious to any clear thinking person that more needs to be done in these situations. Report, definitely, but at the same time the harasser should be immediately disconnected and then not allowed to enter a instance were their victim is located, keeping them apart. Like a Restraining Order. If the harasser has a string of victims, then let them find themselves all alone or better yet, only with other harassers.

In fact, Home should create the Home Jail, then the harassers can harass each other, since that seems to be their only purpose for being on Home. Put them where they belong. There is no reason Home can't make money on future rapists. After losing all their items, like a real jail, Home can sell them orange jumpsuits, flip-flops and they can decorate their jail cells with a few items such as bunk bed, toilet and a bed roll. They might as well get use to it, that's where they are headed if they don't change their criminal behavior.

At the same time, the victim is given a free personal space which includes a mini-game. The game consists of the harasser being placed in a very small courtyard and the victim, using an automatic tomato gun, shoots tomatoes at their harassers. Perhaps this would encourage these losers not to come back if they are going to act like a criminal.

Okay, those last two paragraphs are probably going over the top. I'm just upset that this took place, but we can still dream.

Seriously, if complaints aren't going to be immediately dealt with by the staff, regardless of the reason, then give some recourse to the victim that doesn't include punishing the victim further and rewarding the harasser. That sitting gesture should be immediately removed. If sexual assault and other crimes against users, it seems predominantly against women, is allowed to continue, at the very least Home is going to turn into an all male application. Worse, Home is going to lose a lot of money. Starting right now with my roommate's.

She hasn't decided whether she will go back into Home. At this point she is rather disappointed with the whole thing and I don't blame her at all. Me, I'd rather not completely say what I'd like to do. Lets just say it involves food and hungry dogs.
Wow, Home's lack of sexual harassment has made it into the newspaper! And people thought Home-Watch was the only group noticing this?


  1. Wow. I cannot believe this actually hit the paper. No wonder they are all going bankrupt. Was this front page news?

  2. Very interesting, what is that article from?

  3. That is absolutely ridiculous! People are such prudes! God forbid your pixels get violated, you better contact the press! Overreaction of the year.

  4. Is it from the The Daily Telegraph in uk? I'm interested which newspaper is that from.