Glitch Warnings

We actually received three of these emails from various users in the last couple of weeks. Since they are all exactly the same, we'll just post one, just to warn Home users that they are cracking down on glitching:



ID: [insert email here]
Reason: Game Glitch
Location: PlayStation(R)Home

This email is a warning that the account associated with the above
email address is participating in activity that violates the
PlayStation(R)Network Terms of Service and User Agreement.

Continued violation of the Terms of Service and User Agreement,
including the Community Code of Conduct may result in future
suspensions and possibly banning of your PlayStation(R)Network

Please refer to for
the Terms of Service and User Agreement.

The PlayStation(R)Network Community Management Team


This email has been delivered from a send-only address. Please do not
reply to this message. If you have any questions, contact Consumer
Services using the following link.

SCEA is not responsible for technical, hardware or software failures,
any lost or unavailable network connections, failed, incomplete, garbled
or delayed computer transmissions, misspelled email addresses, lost or
deleted email transmissions due to the settings in your email application.
Any of these factors may limit one's ability to successfully participate
in this activity.

"PlayStation", "PLAYSTATION", and the "PS" Family logo are registered
trademarks of Sony Computer Entertainment Inc. (C) 2010 Sony Computer
Entertainment America Inc.

Sony Computer Entertainment America Inc.
919 E. Hillsdale Blvd., Foster City, CA 94404

So the warning's out there. No idea which areas or glitches they are referring to, but these form letters are going out. Now would be a good time for glitchers to make friends with the HCM, because HCM friends are allowed to exploit glitches.

But it gets more interesting. Checking the headers of the emails we noticed this:
Received: from ( [])
innovyx? What is this innovyx? So we followed the domain breadcrumbs to That lead us next to That gave us the following information:

Innovyx is an email service provider that works with agencies and Global 2000 companies to deploy email campaigns and customer communications programs. We help clients create, deliver and analyze their email marketing programs, leveraging the power email technology with best practices in integrated marketing.
There you have it. Home's support is run by an email marketing group. Why are we not surprised?


  1. I guess i would have to ask , what sort of glitch , was this person exploiting. If it had to do with gaining an unfair advantage in a minigame.... ok fine. Ban this little guy. But if its a glitch that dont cost SONY money and dont affect others right to a fair playing field then wtf is the problem? I know , I know , exploiting certain glitches makes them worse. Then FIX THEM SONY. How fucking hard it that concept?


  2. All three were from folks escaping the normal play field. 2 from red bull beach, one from pixeljunk area.

  3. I guess Sony changed their minds about glitching. Good thing they let us know about this change in policy.

  4. innovyx sends all the emails for Sony. Check every newsletter and just click on the wiew as webpage link near the top. It goes to an innovyx page.

  5. I haven't met any "glitchers" on Playstation Home who were nice enough to share the wealth of how they do it. Such a selfish generation we have. Ban them all!!!

  6. I received a letter like that, however mine was for Resistance 2. The letter is so vague, what was I doing that constituted as a glitch (not that anyone can answer that)?