God I love Destructoid

God I love Destructoid!

Sexual assault is not funny. Sexual assault in PlayStation Home is hilarious. This is a truth we have all come to accept, but one PS3 user believes it to be serious business. Claiming her roommate was "sexually assaulted," PSN member "Whoef" is seeking a restraining order on a fellow Home fan.
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  1. I dare admit this is pretty funny. As long as we are talking about adults here and online harassment only, as opposed to people trying to convince kids to visit them a few states away (and don't think that won't happen some day in Home, if it hasn't already).

    Imagine being stuck in a Home jail or cell with other repeat offenders. Perhaps a license plate making game or a digging game where high scores will earn you freedom... but another conviction will send you straight back without parole. Yeah, that would be cool.

  2. you forgot the, Breaking big rocks down into smaller rocks, mini-game