Going Where No Man (Except those entitled) Has Gone!

According to this post on the home forums:

"My friend and I were in Club Fight Night space and scolded by a MOD tonight. We were dancing on the bar counter when the MOD abruptly moved us to the ground, then after a third time on the bar, we were moved into a corner and locked so we couldn't move. I explained that we were EA Sports VIPs (after winning the Diamond Bracelet in Poker Room and have access beyond the ropes), but I was left stuck in the corner by the MOD."
The area they speak of is a special area for people who have unlocked the diamond watch in poker. It's a difficult area to gain access to, but if you can work your way up to the diamond watch, you have the keys. Sadly, the MOD they speak of was completely ignorant of this. Isn't it a bit off-putting for a mod (who has no job description) to control people's access to certain areas they have earned? It would be like a mod going into the Sodium One lounge and removing people.


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