HCM Answers Questions

Some folks might think we have no respect at Home-Watch. This is actually not the case. There is one HCM we actually have respect for, and that is the gentleman who goes by the name of GlassWalls. GlassWalls is the only HCM on home who has always been polite to people, shown respect to the people he interacts with, and takes an honest interest in what the issues and problems of home are. Unfortunately he works under CydoniaX, the queen of sitting on her ass and collecting a paycheck. I'd like to bring to everyone's attention how a HCM should act and respond to their position. GlassWalls deserves more credit then he receives, and he's always quiet and humble about it all. So I encourage everyone, go visit GlassWalls on the forums and thank him for doing his job. I'm sure he would appreciate the recognition.


  1. Glass is a saint, pure and simple.

    But i've always liked Cyd and Locust. Cyd and Locust used to do a VERY good job. They would post ALL the time, were seen on Home ALOT, would go to ur personal space if u had a question (or so im told, never happened to me) and visited clubs, and they even made comments on suggestions in the suggestion thread for a while. Cyd even posted comments outside the Home forums like one i read in the Killzone boards. Id realy prefer they just start doing that again, instead of having to get rid of them. I think firering them wouldnt help home. But something has gota go. im torn. I just pray Locust and Cyd find their old selves, and soon, cause the current behavior is unbecoming and wrong.

  2. Yes,,, GlassWalls will take the time and at least talk to you and not snub you,,, the others you have to catch them when they are having a good day.