Here Comes The Glitch

Unknown to the people who buy them, (Because for the user wearing them, they appear totally normal) The bride outfit is a bridal disaster. As can be seen in the picture here, the dress is a glitchy nightmare. And the hair piece that can be bought appears far above the wearer's head. (You'll look bald, unless people look up and see your hair floating far above you. Both issues that started upon their release. Both issues STILL NOT ADDRESSED BY HOME STAFF. If you have images of the floating Bride hair, please email them to us. We sure as hell aren't going to buy them. All glitchy pieces can still be found in the mall, where they are still being sold (at full price) as glitched up nightmares.


  1. This happened once before with another dress. I saw this glitch this morning in Club Fight Night and made me wonder why it wasn't fixed the first time. We shouldn't be seeing it again months later.

  2. i thought that was like...a fuckin paper airplane or something lol