Hmmmm... Another side?

Retorting the side of Mr_Lochwood:

Lochwood doesn't want to be know as elite. he doesn't think as himself as elite. he wants to help the Home community as much as he can. him and others want to bring everyone together. "I'm not the police, i'm not here to break your balls."
he basically doesn't want to be known as he is know by most right now. he doesn't want to be bashed for things he doesn't believe he's even doing. he admits that sometimes his reports aren't the wisest at times and other times he thinks they are completely justified.

let me take a break here and say that i myself still don't agree with most of his views. after talking to him for over 3 hours in a PSN voice chat with a neutral friend of ours, i've learned a LOT about him and what he wants, what he wants for Home. and that his wife will probably never stop hating me. she yells a lot if i'm around. he'll never convince me about Ralph, i watch Ralph's video and the whole HTS video, all three parts. and i'll defend Ralph every time. the video evidence is damning. so don't think i'm all about being fuckin best friends with the Lochwoods. but again, after being in this 5 hour conversation with him, my views have changed. he's not a bad dude. he's not a corrupt elite or what have you. just a dude who likes Home.

"to heck with this elite stuff, who cares?"
"people say to me, 'you wanna be a MOD', no! i don't haha, i really don't."
"i don"t like the personal attacks, i think their kind of offensive. i mean, i am who i am, ya know. i do what i do."
the dude has given away $200+ in events and stuff. he does it for the community. i mean, who the fuck would give away over $200 to get in tight with some fuck face MOD or HCM? i think that's ridiculous. i mean, the dude has his problems he has to deal with but he's not stupid. if that's the one thing i learned during are long damn conversation, it's that he's a smart guy. and he also has a sense of humor. and he curses just as good as the rest of us, he's no prude.
i think there's a lot of truth in that thread Lochwood posted. i'm not so sure he's digging for comments and kudos'. i mean, the mother fucker told me something that i just did not need or ever want to hear. i'm not gunna repeat it but god damn, why did you tell me that?
but anyways,
he has a common goal with Home-Watch. to help Home. i think we all want to help Home. we're just going about it in our own way. and Lochwood is willing to sit down with the writer(s) at Home-Watch and talk. or with anyone for that matter. i mean, i called that man out in the Lochwood thread article and 5 minutes later i got a message on PSN which led to this long ass discussion in the voice chat.
we definitely butted heads for about an hour and a half, if not more. there are a lot of things we simply will not agree on. we have a lot of different views. i always come back to that HTS video of Ralph. i don't think Ralph did anything wrong AT ALL. he didn't break any rules and HTS has no proof he was sent there specifically to cause trouble. and the Lochwoods both expressed their deep, different view on that situation. which is fine, i'll honor anyones opinion but i'll always speak my mind on the matter.
"people want to hide behind the fact that it's a game, that it's a virtual world and that's why they act the way they do."
me and Lochwood also differ on this. i, myself, am able to separate Home from reality. i'm very laid back and mellow. the other day, i was looking at my laptop and when i looked back, there was a dude giving me a virtual blowjob. i laughed, shook my head, and walked away.
but if it were one of the Lochwoods, they would be furious. they really feel strongly about that kind of thing and all related...well i call it comic mischief while many call it sexual harassment. i mean they-get-Pissed.
not to say they can't separate Home from reality. but Lochwood kept making the argument to me that, "well you wouldn't do that in real life, you wouldn't throw a man from his wheelchair into the street, etc.." but i just can't dig it. you simply can't make the argument to me that you private pixels are the same as your real life private parts. i don't dig it.

i also know, or have a good idea, on what Home-Watch wants to get done and how they wanna go about doing it. and i kind of get the vibe of how they feel about the Lochwoods and other elites, and yea i think there are some elites, but not necessarily the Lochwoods. now do i think the Lochwoods are "elites"? i don't know. but are they in the spotlight? whether they like it or not, they have some sort of "fame" within the Home community. but i think, for the most part, they actually, really just like giving to the community and helping people. do they do it for fame and glory? i don't think so. but do their actions make them more noticeable? of course. but is that such a bad thing?. . .

Kapow "i'm not such an asshole right? haha"
Mr.L "oh, i never thoguht you were such a bad guy, i just didn't know why you were so upset with me."
Kapow "well i mean, i wasn't really upset with you, i just like to speak my mind with no regret, you know?"
Mr.L "yea, oh yea. and i respect you for that."
Kapow "hey, and i respect you for that."

so with aaall that said, the Lochwoods are willing to sit down with Home-Watch or anyone to talk about your beef with them or whatever. they're willing to to man up and fuckin call you out on your opinions as i have seen first hand this morning.
also, many of have heard of this debate thing going on. it's an open invitation to anyone and i think it will be real good for both communities to come face to face, and speak they're minds to each other.

also, i'm not speaking for Lochwood, i'm simply stating another opinion, like i've been doing from the start. and if you think i'm all over this mans dick now just because i took the time to get to know the person i was talking shit about, then you can go fuck yourself with a jackhammer

These are the opinions zKAPOWz and do not reflect that of Home-Watch.

yes share my name and yea i want you to post this. that was the point of writing it, hombre.


  1. Ouch, my head hurts trying to read this, LOL. But I read it all, and I agree with your point. Mr. L and his significant other have been kind to me on Home, and for the most part dont come off as elitist's to me. Thanks for openly sharingyour opinions, nice to see the other side of the coin. However, I think home-watch really needs to get back to watching Home and its issues more, than the users issues with one another.


  2. Well its good to finally see Home watch looking into things rather then blindly hating at them.

  3. After Ralph's video and all the talks of how the Lochwood's are all snug with the mods (video pretty much confirmed it when they actually tried calling in a mod personally) I'm still going to have a point of view on them that they're indeed elitists.

    Why do they get special mod bat light to try and bring a mod to where ever they cry wolf? Doesn't seem very fair to your average user of Home.

    Being all tight knit with the mods trying to detract them from doing their jobs isn't helping Home or the community, only hurting both. Because honestly, I don't give a shit about how they hung out with MOD so&so and all this other shit. Just makes them come off as LOOK AT ME I'M HANGING OUT WITH WORKERS OF HOME NANANANPOOPOO HANGING OUT AND TALKING WITH MODS ARE SOO MUCH COOLER THEN TALKING WITH A NORMAL USER BECAUSE THEY'RE MOOOODDDSSS.

    And this applies to all the other mod cock riders out there as well.

    Too bad I have the flu and mt voice is gone, else I'd hop onto an alt account and give them a piece of my voice. Maybe they do text chat. Though I'll probably end up losing it at their idiotic one way street logic and their fucking LETS COMPARE REAL LIFE TO BORDERLINE VIDYA GAEMS

  4. I feel if you sit down with Mr L things will get cleared up. And peace will come

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  6. The Lochwoods are nice people,,,
    People can bash them everyday for a year and it won't change the fact that they are nice people,,
    They are who they are and no ones going to change that fact.
    Do they like Home more then most of us,,, yes and so what - how does that effect the average user of Home?

    This whole Mod thing is just so overblown that its getting to be ridiculous - You know how many people I see on a daily basis bragging that they know the mods and threaten people with special reports - There are Mods out there that are very nice and will show themselves and talk,,, If anything the Lochwoods might get favored a little more because the reports they send are credible compared to a Jenny Good Shoes who reports anyone that steps into her personal barrier and asks her where she is from.

    There is too much to accomplish to devote all this time and energy at just attack certain people of Home,,, we all have an uphill battle to make Home the best it can be and we ALL have our work cut out for us,,, Elite or Rebel or even clueless Noob we are in it together - if Home Watch is able to lift itself out if the crap then maybe someone at Sony will see that there is another voice out there besides the Lithium Concentration Camp where you get banned for trying to be different.

  7. LittleBlueEyes hit the nail directly on the head. The Lochwoods aren't the problem. And all of the rhetoric about free speech and the rigths of the blog owner nonwithstanding, nobody deserves the kind of treatement they've been subjected to here.

    The issues that we have are not with other users whether they're "rebel," "elite" or whatever. The issues are with the structure of Home itself and with the Lithium run forums.

  8. Well is safe to say that wh ever is running this blog hates Mr Lochwood with a passion. And it seems to me that the reason for this is to prove that they ae elite however you have yet to find proof that if Mr L crys for a MOD they wil come in the HTS video does A mod show up.... NO!so it seems that the mission of this blog is to run the lochwoods out of home which I find very hard to do. And I will admit that Mr L proably does see more MODS than some but this is expected he is on Home quite often and you will more than likely run into one along the way. And I found saying things like "hey MOD I hope you are having a good day nad keep up the hard work" will help also. And I have noticed that in the past blogs most of the negative comments have came from annonyumus so perhaps it is the same person posting on here tying to start issues. And I dont speak for Mr.L but he is a staright forward guy and will galdly tkae care of the issue home watch has with him.

  9. This stuff is funny.....the flip flopping is the funniest and the flip flop champion has to go to you remember posting this?....

    "I sent this in. It was my thread. This thread was never meant to be a contest but an appreciation of Home.

    Of course Comrad Max kudoed it. He's the idiotic Pope of Home.

    With that said, I'm done with Home, Sony and playstation. Unlike the pathetic loosers like Jim777, Conrad, Lochwoods and that crew, I do not NEED Home. I have a life and many friends in the real world.

    Home has been a good diversion after the pressures of Yale, but now I have to move on. This is a fucking toy company. And some have said I should stay and fight, but why bother? It's not worth it.

    It seems strange how CydoniaX tells us to be creative, yet we're subverted at every step of the way.

    I'll continue to comment here to see how far down the losers like Jim and Conrad will go, and maybe I will come back (I always reserve the right to change my mind). But I'd like to return to my books and get into a good doctoral program. That's more important...

    January 11, 2010 6:04 PM

    lol but now you say these people are not the problem???? pick a side already or was it just because you were butthurt over your post getting locked? So let me get this straight as long as you arent having any problems these people are all cool but if you have problems then these people are the problem???? Im sooooooooo confused

  10. I have also found that trying to find dirt on someone is a dangerous way to live. going around looking who kudoed who is a sign of envy and I guess you could say stalking. Im pretty sure that Mr L doesnt sit around and look who kudoed who or go on the fourm and copy and paste and turn it into your on little story. And I know that the way you attack people on here isnt getting you anywhere. I havent heard a blog about home watch being elite so really what are you trying to prove.

  11. @anonymous 12:36 - You're right. I did flip flop. To quote Walt Whitman "Do I contradict myself? / Very well then I contradict myself,
    (I am large, I contain multitudes.)"

    I don't waste my time in trying to maintain consistency to impress others. I'm only trying to seek truth where I can and run with that. I hope that makes sense Mr. Anonymous.

  12. But to answer your question to ease your confusion - yes, I am very upset about my threads being moved and locked. And I am still upset at Conrad for giving a kudo to the mod for locking my thread, but hopefully we'll have the chance to duke it out soon enough.

  13. Kudos to you for owning up to that not many people would have. And I might not really agree with all of this stuff being done here myself but I have to give props to the person who runs home watch.....they are consistent and it is their blog so if we dont like his point of veiw we can all go elsewhere

  14. BTW thanks for easing my confusion, life is confusing enough

  15. But LittleBlueEyes, as seen in Ralph's video, once he stepped into their personal barrier, they reported him for trying to ask what was being recorded ;)

    So much for these super nice people treating noobs with respect ;)

  16. Lochwoods are the cancer killing Home

  17. FUCK YOU COCKWOODS AND YOUR ELITEISM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. Well Anon 1:33
    Lets just say for arguments sake that this was not your typical Noob who disrupted Home Talk Show,,, as most Noobs have their bit of fun and move on - I believe this person knew where and when to show up and did his deed...

    But on the flip side the Home Talk Show should not be using public spaces to try and have an organized event and expect people wondering through to just cooperate...

    As far as treating Noobs with respect - no one is perfect,,, there are days all of us with more Home experience just don't feel like dealing with the questions or the insults or the harassment that come with Noobs.

  19. There are 94 post on this blog with an average of 8 responses per post minust the 2 lochwood posts of over 100 replies. The highest reply count other than the 2 lochwood post is 66. There are 15 unasward posts and many of those are of importance to the issues of Home. My point? This blog is not to help solve the issues of Home, is a vain childish drama fest. If not then why not post on the important issues instead of the ones that just bash Home users? The numbers do not lie. Check for yourselves then tell everyone this is to help Home.

  20. regarding the part in that video where Mrs.Lochwood said she was, "calling in a favor", both of them told me she was calling in friends, not MODs. but i don't know if that's Really the truth or not. it was a pretty shady thing to say that only made people think worse of them. it made people think they were 'elite' even more. not all people, but a lot. but obviously, MODs or HCM, or not even a HCV showed up so, we don't really know who she called. but none the fact is she was calloing more people to report spam Ralph, which was wrong of them in my eyes. it was wrong to report him in the first place in my opinion. and they'll never convince me otherwis, which is something i stated in that e-mail i sent.

  21. This is all good but still where on earth do yu think you will get by constantly bashing other users. Well it will not get you far and you have gained no respect by posting on this blog nor will you so where is this blog heading.

  22. @jordanm
    who are you talking to, me or HW?

  23. All of the people who try to bash.

  24. Glad to read that you sat and chatted with Mr L and got to know the person. I believe this is needed for all the people that seem to be bashed. Get to know the people before you start bashing (speaking in general).

    In any case, too much judging is going on in my opinion.

  25. some might deserve to get bashed for their actions. just like i got bashed on the sony forums, juust like you and other people are bashing Home-Watch right now, just like people who think they're better than average users.

  26. Yes, but I'm not so much as bashing Home-watch, but rather I'm saying if Home-watch wants to help home, make sure it isn't shooting itself in the foot in the process! ;)

    I try focusing on the wrong actions taken by the people, instead of the people themselves

  27. Im not bashing Home Watch and blogs like these you should expect to get bashed. And writing things such as Mr_Cockwood is not helping home. It is a violation of the Playstation Home TOS thats not helping home my friends. 8-(

  28. •You may not organize hate groups.
    >You may not take any action, or upload, post, stream, or otherwise transmit any content, language, images or sounds in any forum, communication, public profile, or other publicly viewable areas or in the creation of any Online ID that SCEA, in its sole discretion, finds offensive, hateful, or vulgar. This includes but is not limited to, any content or communication that SCEA in its sole discretion deems racially, ethnically, religiously, or sexually offensive, libelous, defaming, threatening, bullying or stalking.
    •You may not abuse or harass others, including but not limited to stalking behavior.

  29. I think you are not helping home. So the only mission you are after is to Bash and run users out of home.

  30. You are also prohibited from engaging in any of the following:
    a. Deceptive or misleading practices;
    b. Abusing, intimidating or harassing others and stalking behavior;
    c. Taking any action, uploading, posting, streaming or transmitting any content, language, images or sounds in any forum, communication, public profile or other publicly viewable areas that SCEA, in its sole discretion, finds offensive, hateful or vulgar. This includes any content or communication that SCEA in its sole discretion deems to be racially, ethnically, religiously, or sexually offensive, libelous, defaming, threatening, bullying or stalking;

  31. well it's not a hate group and it's not bullying because everyone has an equal opportunity in defending themselves, whether it be these comments or they send in an e-mail.
    and you should show all the other millions of people who use PS3's and talk shit to random people they don't know, in Home or in any real game, the ToS. see how far that gets you.

  32. It seems you are lost of words because you have just realised that you were wrong. The other users havent went to the limits Home-Watch has and I feel that the ice is running thin you are running out of reasons how this is good for home. And we are all watching you do it.

  33. come to think of it, if there's any kind of bullying going on, it's in the nazi run sony forums. they bully and censor you so you can't even defend yourself. so go post the ToS there too.

  34. @jordanm

    (pssstt, your troll is showing >_>)

  35. Kapow, Hold your ground you have made this bed and you should sleeo in it. You cant throw this off to sony. You are the one who has caused all this you can fuss all you want but we were right and you were wrong my friend>

  36. haha, assumptions are fun, huh. you sound like Avara lol. like crunk said, it's better to make the weak links strong, rather than make the strong links even stronger.

  37. @jordanm
    you act like i'm running away, you're not making sense. i don't regret anything i have ever said or done and i damn sure don't give a fuck what people think or say about me. or i wouldn't have sent in that e-mail about Lochwood. i wouldn't be doing anything i've done and i wouldn't have said anything i've said if i cared what people said or thought.

    and you act like i run this blog haha.
    i think you just need someone with a name to vent to. it's ok, you can vent to me

  38. Well it seems that you arent strong at all lost of words you have said that this is helping home and I have proved you wrong. And now you are laughing it off but in the end we will be laughing when you pay your dues.

  39. Well you were the one who said I wish people would find out this is doing good for home and you have nothing to back you up. And FYI notice how you are the only one fighting with me. What are friends for right? And I have proved you wrong with a simple copy and paste. Shows who is the strongest link here.

  40. @J
    actually, now you sound like CamronGirl, a raving idiot. you're just repeating things over and over. it seems to be you who are at a loss of words.

    oh i'm sorry, did i just bully you? go report me.

  41. i believe Home-Watch is doing good for Home. but i guess you can't let people have they're own opinions. sounds a little Hitler-ish to me. but like i keep saying, you andyou're friends can keep stalking me all you want, doesn't bother me. so i'll just keep laughing and you can keep venting

  42. You shouldnt cry wolf Kapow. And the fact you would throw my mom up in this is sick and wrong she has nothing to do with this. You will not talk about my family. Know that! You have showed us all who is the strongest here I am speaking to you and you bring up other people. They are your friends but they are watching you look like a fool.

  43. hahahah! oh shit you asshole hahaha. ur a douche! lol now your really are making me laugh whoever this is lol.

  44. And you call me names but I havent called you one yet. Perhaps you are as fake as you sound. The nerve you show on here is amazing but I gurentee you that if I was present you wouldnt be as strong as you think. And you will not be laughing. And the fact that you have fussed with me after I hve proved you wrong is just makeing me stronger. You are the one who makes no sence! And its quite obvious.

  45. mmk mmk. lol. nah your just not what your name says. it's just a joke. ha ha, i mean it was funny. but ima watch the rest of this football game. i've played enough with you but it was a good joke, you have that.
    i have an idea of who you really are lol.

  46. haha, well i take back those last two comments. i guess you are who you say you are. but learn to not try and change the subject when in a debate, otherwise people won't take you seriously when in a debate/argument.

  47. Now children.

    Your dicks are plenty big enough, need we argue further?

  48. obvious fake account nameJanuary 24, 2010 at 9:59 PM

    It is curious that Lochwood claims that he wouldn't give out $200 out to the community if he just wanted "in wit da modz".

    logic? Where?

    Long story short, you shouldn't have to spend over a hundred dollars to prove you're part of the community. I used to think Lochwood wuz cool but now I just feel like I'm just another Home purchase to him in his empire of Home pawns.

  49. they didn't do it to prove they were part of the community, he said they did it pretty much out of the kindness off their heart.

  50. Well i think a weak link in home is elitism.

    Everyone is in agreement now that this whole elitism thing is old. Elitism, and the talks about elitism, have done nothing but hurt home. Of which i can cite much proof (mostly im my opinion at the fault of the acts of elitism themselves and not so much the talking that followed), So lets get rid of it! Finally, and firstly, lets get rid of Elitism so we can move on to bigger and better things together.

    This means we stop using the term. Stop giving power to the concept. We all know that no user is any better than another, even tho we all know we are the coolest person we know and how much we totaly pwn everyone else. Not to mention how good we look in front of that mirror :D

    But if we really want to get rid of elitism we are going to have to stop the debate sometime. Otherwise it will live on as long as our words bring life and attention to it.

    (side tangent: but i bring it full circle i promise)

    I love how alot of people who dislike this site or what not try and put out the fire (H.W.) by throwing vodka on it (im assuming some of you are drinking it while typing, at least thats the pass im giving yall) Your vodka isnt gonna help put out the fire, u just added fuel to it. By posting here, you are only feeding the "monster" u wanta slay wit ur anger driven responses.

    And to much a degree i have come to see that the same can be said about the Elite debate. If we want the fire to die, we gotta stop stoking it eventually! So lets stop there. Now im not saying we go Cold Turkey on this. Lets give it a week or 2 (or month) to settle and finally leave behind that discussion. As im well aware i hold most the blame for coining the term "elite" on the forums and such. And im sorry i created such a monster. However, at the time it was necessary, and was needed in order for us to address the issue of what i still find a serious problem in home, but hopefully now, we can finally accomplish the task we first sought to complete. And that is to rid Home of elitism. And i think that time has come. So im asking for us to slowly let that word and its mindset and anger associated wit it slowly leave us. Bury it wit Buggie (bastard).

    To be continued . . .

  51. Continued!

    Now, im not saying we leave behind the term so we can just call it something different (although i wanta use the term "The Plastics" from Mean Girls realy bad!.) Im saying we say goodbye to Elitism all together: the concept, the attitude, the corruption, the actions, the term, the mind set, and the Home experience. All of it must Go. Im asking people here to let go of the term and the discussion, and to a degree stop looking for it and keeping it alive. But To all users of Home and the users in question we are asking for alot more. We are asking for a return to the normal home user experience. We are grounding these people and ourselves.

    "This is earth calling shaddy, Come back Down man!"

    We dont need to talk to managers or Mods to feel special. We dont need a list full of big shots and we dont even need to ever see a MOD on home our entire time on Home to enjoy it. Behind every user there is a good time. There is no need to self assert oneself or have a need to connect to Home staff or people integrated well wit Home. Just make friends wit people and have fun wit them. Just as we dont need to fill any holes in our lives wit attempts to make ourselves more special on Home through our connections or friends, or what not, just be happy wit the Home experience everyone else has. A MODs job is to Moderate home, not dance wit you or be on ur friends list. There are plenty of other people to befriend. Same about the HCV (that shirt is helluva Ugly anyways, and some of them NEVER take it off to wash it). Be happy wit you and content wit the same experience and Home everyone else knows. No reason to reach above yourself and those around you. My favorite quote is when people say "Celebrities are just people like you and me" or some variation of that. Great, if so, then why do we give them attention? If they are just like everyone else, it means i've got celebrities living next door and across street. Why do i wanta stock a celebrity if they are just as normal as that kid that bumps into u purposely at school just to feel all God damn over you. Stop looking to the stars for friends, when one falls it will crush you on impact. And you'll miss all the people walking past you as you await ur fate. We gotta set ego aside, home needs us, not gladiator battles between us(some one please put Gladiator battles in the Suggestion thread cause that would kick ass).

  52. And u thought i was done. . . Heh? i have an irish tongue . . .

    SAW XVIII i mean continued II -

    So its gonna be tuff for both sides. For Home, elitism must go, it serves no one any good. The Plastics are tired of being called Elites and i think we are tired of calling them Elites. So a challenge to us to stop the debate and the mud slinging, but its not all unicorn rides on the other side either. We are all gonna have to humble ourselves. We are gonna have to change our Home experiences and action in order to get out of the way of homes progress. That means lifestyle changes for many users, and destroying or sacrificing ones ego for Home is no easy task. Its gonna be painful. We r gonna be martyrs for Home, killing our egos, so Home can once again shine through the clouds (egos) that once blocked its rays. If the elites are willing to humble themselves cause they are sick of the never ending battle, then we should be able to humble ourselves as well.

    I think we plan on having the first closed debate/set up meeting this saturday. Then i think we r gonna try and hold the first Home Open Debate (or H.O.D. as my Girlfriend likes to put it, but how lame is HOD? very, its not a long enuf word to abbreviate, but anyways) the following saturday. I hope everyone will attend. We are gonna put Home above ourselves for these debates and hopefully we can over come "elitism" and "rebel" (who the hell coined the term rebel?) and work solely for Home. Me, Kamala_Ona, the Lochwoods, JTW, Jim, and many others are gonna set aside our differences, reach a common ground, and Let Home return to main focus of our combined efforts. Wont you join us? You dnt have to become friends wit anyone, in fact i dnt plan on making any new friends, we r only comming for solutions.

    Its gonna be Blood and Tears (which make me Hot) and its got me excited. We need to fall on our swords to preserve the honor of our Clan (Home).

  53. Essential

  54. Lol, Uh oh, Crunk, now you're writing books too!! At least now I don't feel all too bad for my own (which, I'm still upset because I lost the original which was MUCH better organized and had much more to it :( )

    Anyway, I agree completely that the egos need to be put aside, the terms and it's connotations as well, and focus on the system of Home.

    I hope I can make it to the debates, I usually always have meetings on Saturday nights till 8CST

  55. Pants on the ground , pants on the ground.....
    Lookin like a FOOL wit yo pants on the ground!