Home Moderation Terrified of Home-Watch!

We've gotten swamped with multiple emails from folks who have been censored. Rather then anything we'd love to do a little jig and get on with the mockery, but I'll post emails instead.

Email #1:
the removed my fucking signature and deleted a thread i made. bastards
Email #2:
i came across a link to your site in the home general forums, can't help but appreciate the bulk of everything you are posting there, keep up the good work and perhaps some competent people will be hired to run home and moderate. and oddly enough when i navigated back to the forums the post with your link had been deleted.
Email #3:
they deleted the last one i made 'cause it had the home-watch url in it. here's the message i got:

From: Admin Assistant Avara
Date: 01-16-2010 10:25 PM

Please refrain from advertising and posting links to inappropriate content (inappropriate language) on the forums. Thank you for your attention in this matter.
Email #4: (And my favorite, from a Sony Employee)
dude, lol. you are pissing a lot of people off.your blog is hush hush.but everyone is talking about it quietly.a bunch of us are laughing our asses off aroud here. please keep up , most of us hate home with a passion.
Other then you guys at Sony not being able to put together an email that can be read, you guys are awesome for shooting this to me, and thanks again for letting me paste it.

Censorship is abound! Seems we must have ruffled some feathers, because we're even being chatted about at Sony. Wow. Awesome job everyone. To celebrate, I've made a new sig image without our url, so we can avoid those hyper-sensitive feelings of the Home staff.


  1. A bit tempted to use that sig.

  2. Man oh man does that bring back memories

  3. oh snap, i like that sig better than mine haha

  4. How do you know that was actually from Sony?

  5. I found him myself, I know he's legit. I'm surprised the naysayers didn't ask first. =P

  6. "most of us hate home with a passion"

    NO WONDER THEY'RE SO HORRIBLE AT THEIR JOB. They must hate it too!

  7. Spread the word about home watch to the forums everyone.

  8. How do you do it without getting banned?

  9. I cant stand avara, he or she is a coward.

  10. even tho u cant post the url, can u still link the sig to this website?

  11. @CRUNKRIS probably not. but, if you click on my sig it takes you to photobucket, and under the picture where it says title and description, i've put the url in those two spots :)

  12. You could link it to your own blogspot blogs, which you "conveniently" have an article linking to Home-watch at the top spot.

  13. Or it could be a tinyurl or something maybe?