Home Talk Show Ends It's Run

According to this topic, The Home Talk Show has come to an end. This tragedy of epic proportions will not be overlooked. Words can't express the loss we will all feel in our hearts. Everyone was devastated when it was announced Conan O'Brian lost his show. But this is just horrible. Where else will folks get unwanted updates on people no one cares about? I mean, seriously. Now where will people watch a talk show video that stars themselves?

WTF, I can't even be sarcastic anymore. I saw the Home Talk Show. I have to ask the following: Really? I mean Really? This is like sitting in your garage behind a cardboard desk and making a news about your family, then watching it with them. Except with more ego and dumb people. I just want to state, this isn't an attack on Camrongirl, I'm sure she's a great person when taking breaks from writting terribly typoed forum messages. But making videos of yourself and watching them is like masturbating to pictures of yourself. Food for thought


  1. LMFAO

    there first mistake was firering me ^_^

    but realy, while i enjoyed the idea, and it had such potential, it was mostly a way for users to pat themselves on the back. To give their friends a forum, and to make themselves the topic of dicussion for one nite (well they do that every nite but). Most troubling to me, was the questions.

    Notably, Camron asked General Nose if he had a club on home that he hated. Did Camron want to start another club gang war? Nothing good can come from a question like that. Thank God Nose refused to name and names or we could have the reaper gang and aliens (what do u call them) fighting.

    Second, she asks everyone who their favorite Mod is. Like they hang wit the Mod crew every weekend or something. Terribly elite question seeing and hoping most of us dnt even know a single mod. The only Mod name i know is eff cause the elites talk about him or her so GD much. Can anyone who doesnt spend their days stocking Mods anwere the that question? It shows a drasticaly different view of Home than what the normal user is used to, a world were mods not only give u the time of day, but their personal email and aim addresses.

    Despite that, i think it had some potential as a concept. People wanted something in place of the Q&As long promised and forgotten. But all in all, im not sad to see it go.

    Im actualy Glad, but their next move, wont be pretty. I think the elites are starting to organize against this site and the people who express their views here. Or at least thats what news the wind is bringing me. I wonder what they will do

  2. i would welcome the challenge. seriously, i couldnt think of anything worse they could do. it would be awesome

  3. The funny part is that any sort of countermeasure by the so-called "Home Elite" would just go further to prove everyone's point.

  4. has anyone noticed in the 'Official Homelings Collective' thread, torwards the bottom (listed under 'Benifits of Joining; Gaming Support') it states, "Need help with a certain trophy, GLITCH, or Home item? Our forums are dedicated to helping."

    uuummm..What the fuck? how is that allowed to be posted there? "Dedicated to helping people firgure out glitches." as i recall i got a message from Avara telling me to remove a certain youtube URL from my signature because it was, "Dedicated to bashing other users." the next day i got banned. but i guess it's ok to post about your forums that are dedicated to helping others exploit glitchs in Home.

    Prove a point much?..


  5. You make it sound as if this is some kind of turf war. haha

  6. also, not to hate on Destructoid, i like their site, but don't they use uncensored language? don't they post stories about erotic games, games with extreme pornography and such?
    yet i stumbled across a few links to Destructoid in the forums and i'm pretty sure nothing ever got said to the people who posted those links.

    take the Home Rapist thread for example, it has a link in the OP to Destructoid.
    so i'm like, "ok, well i'll post a link to Home-Watch." who also posted multiple articles about Home rape and sexual assault and so on the same day that thread got posted.
    and when i did that, guess what? they deleted my post and i got a message telling me to not post links to sites that use profain, uncensored language.
    and i actually re-posted the same post but instead of posting the URL i just put 'Home-Watch.' in fact it's still in that thread, which is surprising.

    i just thought that was kind of interesting.


  7. Hello Hello,,,
    Camron works very hard on her show and should receive nothing but praise for putting so much energy and heart into its production,,, maybe its not the billion dollar extravaganza of the tonight show but it is one of the most original idea's on Home and the forums,,, I also believe we will be getting video feed into our clubhouses and personal spaces this year,,, So shows like Camrons will be part of the programming and many of you will be kissing her feet instead of dissing her show,,, Don't burn your bridges people...

  8. And nothing of value was lost

  9. Who the hell needs a Home talkshow when we've got Home watch?

  10. @LittleBlueEyes:

    #1 If there were betting odds if we got video in our personal spaces, I'd bet against it. Home is very lazy, and it just won't happen.

    #2 CameronGirl is a total fucking idiot. Kiss her feet? Waaa? Are you serious? If it ever came down to it and shows like that became popular, there would be half a dozen better ones in a matter of days.

    #3 CameronGirl is a total fucking idiot.

  11. i've been to the home talk show. i dont think people should bash CamronGirl because her show isn't some big extravaganza. the girl worked hard to make home more fun for herself and her friends. everyone talks about "ego's" and "home's elite", what about the ego of the author of this post, a pompous jerk who made this site (a brilliant site btw) off of a service and a community they do nothing but bash. Even though Camron's show may not have been great, but it was better than her thinkin, "no. its gonna suck" and logging off of home. have a heart man, you got this magnificent blog, and you wanna bash a helpless, probably teenage, girl. MAKE A NEW SHOW CAM!!

  12. @Anon 9:52

    I would bet with the upcoming premium service video and music streaming will be part of the package,,, It won't be for freeloaders...

    Whether or not Camrons show is good is a matter of opinion,,, she is doing the best she can with what she has to work with,,,

    Cameron is unique,,, but calling her an idiot is just plain mean,,, she has her faults but then we all do...

  13. Seriously, Home-Watch has some pretty damn funny stuff.
    In fact, have been enjoying it so much, felt compelled to create an account just to be able to post comments.
    Yes, "Home Talk Show" is pretty much as described in the blog. You may even wonder why Nos (or the Homelings for that matter) would even be interested in such a thing. Let's just say that we have areas of concern when unknown entities start popping up in the forums and Home, and go around soliciting themselves. That and we like to have fun. So if being a guest on the "show" gave us some level of fun factor, then mission accomplished.
    The Homelings are a Collective of some of the most intelligent, imaginative minds that have personally come across in a long while. We scrutinize a great many things in the realm of Home. We do not consider ourselves vigilantes or even "Home Helpers", but we do care about Home, and if we are feeling that an individual or a group are being deceitful in some way, we like to learn the truth (discretely).
    Have no personal opinion of CamronGirl to share at this time.

  14. I think some of us are being a bit hard on these Talk Show folks. I mean I think the whole premise is gay (not bashing gays) but thats just me. If people want to put on shows in Home, go for it. Just don't expect to own a public space. Do the show in a clubhouse or private home to prevent interruption.

  15. I don't understand why Cameron just does not buy a clubhouse so she can keep her show going,,, your right Pygmy - trying to keep out the random goof in a public place is virtually impossible,,,

  16. @LittleBlueEyes

    She does have a clubhouse:
    Home Talk Show

  17. Ok Nos,,,
    I was under the impression that Camron was using other peoples clubs,,, I stand corrected,,, I just hope she shrugs off the adversity and continues on with her dream. I am sorry I missed your interview General Nos,,, is there a video of it on youtube?

  18. Hello, Everyone it seems the type of behavior being displayed is rather envy. I am an average user I dont have special powers, And HTS will be back, And Nos it hurts me that after all that we have done you would say such a thing. I dont find this funny but I have shruged off all of this anif you all Home Watch says the wish to see my show fall than I should as k why do you keep bringing my name up on here, Because as I see there is more people who enjoy what I do then the ones who dont and if you run a succesful club you shouldnt be bashed on I cant belive I am even posting on here but it seems that people will never learn. Im considered nothing to Home Watch but yet you still stalk and harras. And tanks for the postive words little blue much appreciated. 8)

    love CamronGirl

  19. Oh and FYI.... the show will be back after awhile so dont get to happy *awaits more stalking and bashing*

  20. "I just want to state, this isn't an attack on Camerongirl"

    Seems simple enough to read. Of course Camerongirl can't read, so that can be difficult.

  21. @LilBlueEyes
    There is no video yet, but am working on it... slowly... not easy squeezing an hour into 3 or 4 minutes.

    What "such a thing" exactly is it that hurts you?
    If you cannot see humour in any of this, then... well... am at a loss for words...

  22. I dont find this with humor I love the homelings and I cant belive there father would show such a laugh about this as ou were presented on Home Talk Show I selected you becaus eyou made a positive change on Home and to hear you say that it hurts me. I have been nothing but nice to you.

  23. CamronGirl, Nos has been nothing but nice to you as well. Even went as far as to assimilate your son into the Collective against personal better judgement and ridicule from others.
    Being on your show was fun - and was also a favour to YOU. You were a virtual unknown on Home and the forums. Yet somehow you managed to friend people like Jim777, the Lochwoods, Crunkris, AgentOzzy, and many others.
    It was "fishy" at best. And warranted investigation. You consider Nos a friend. In fact, Nos was the ONLY one who did not drop you like a hot potato when your "elitist" friends all did. But now you are friends with them all again... how did THAT happen? Hmm... possibly a certain SOMEONE had something to do with it.
    One must be able to laugh at one's self, Camron. Otherwise, Home, and in fact, stoopid real life itself, will not be as rewarding as it can be.

  24. I want everyone to know this, and know it clearly: HOMELINGS ARE FUCKING RETARDED. Homelings are like AIDS to Home. They're uncreative, unfunny, and they spread like a disease. It's nothing more then a Mob mentality. People see 200 people dressed alike, they want to join in. Homelings are nothing more then Home's version of a cult. You join, you get nothing out of it other then a lust to join your friends in batch reporting innocent people. Fuck the Homelings.

  25. One more thing:

    Have nothing against organized activities and/or "shows" as long as they are genuine and the people involved are genuine also.

    Home Talk Show and some of the people supporting it initially reeked of deceit.
    Was advised by many to NOT do your show, but did it anyway.

    Do not burn the bridges built by others to facillitate your travels.

  26. Well im sorry Nos and i am still friends with you but when ever I see a blog it causes hurt not laughter, And it seems that they continue to beat on the same group of people and im not elite nor are my friends we have the same right as everyone else on home.

  27. @Anonymous

    First of all, who are you?
    Secondly, not ALL of the Homelings are retarded.
    Thirdly, we know you'd like to F each and every last one of us. We are sexy beyond sexy... who WOULDN'T want to F us?
    Lastly (and this is the most important point), we do NOT go around reporting innocent people. That is a myth created by disrespectful users. In fact, we rarely report people at all. The only time we ever report, is when a user is actually being abusive to us directly. Even then, it is rare.

    Others' negative opinions of us will not stop us from spreading our glory.
    Some are jealous. Others are fearful.
    Thos who are not either of those, and yet are non-homeling, are our friends.

  28. Who needs daytime soap operas when you have threads like these?

    I'm fairly certain that the Homelings are a cyber-warfare division of Spetsnaz, initially formed to counter Chinese state hackers but now are spreading communist propoganda in western communities, virtual or otherwise. I would be wary of them and try to dress very colorfully to show your disdain for such philosophies.

    иди на хуй Homolings! иди на хуй :)

  29. @PygmyOperative

    It is agreed that this is most entertaining indeed.
    You are obviously a very intelligent individual with an untold wealth of information.

  30. I never really kept up with HTS, but I don't think people should be ridiculed for their hobbies (even though I get ridiculed for mine all the time, but I'm kinda weird, so...)

    I've never met CamronGirl, so I can't comment on her intentions. If they have fun doing something, then more power to them.

    Though personally, things like a HTS are iffy in my book. You're always gonna have people who feel left out, and that leads to drama. While things like talk shows and podcasts are neat ideas, I just don't think having them in public is a good idea. It can send the wrong messages.

  31. @The Anon who was all "FFFFFUUUUU HOMELINGZZ!1!1!1"

    ohai solo

  32. @pygmy: That is hilarious. im pretty sure they r too, but the govt. has this line tapped, so end transmission.

  33. I think we can all agree on one thing,,, Home is big enough for everyone,,, Can we concentrate on Homes faults and not the amalgam of weirdos that inhabit it... Home would be a very boring place without its different types of people...

    @Tears Of Ash
    I agree I think there should be a wider range of guests on HTS - I can understand picking people from the Forums to interview because we put our words and thoughts out there and are more recognized then Johnny blue shirt or Sally red dress ,,, but the selection should not be limited to a certain group,,, And yes I was a guest on the show and it was fun,,, especially when people from the audience ask you questions,,, Anyway I think some of you should start off by being part of HTS's audience and enjoy it for what it is...

  34. @ Nos, ur words cut deep! as does the truth! More power to u brother!

    I too was advised against involving wit HTS. But i accepted to become manager anyways cause i thought it would be entertaining to say the least and hopefully i could improve it from within, instead of attacking it from the outside. However, when Camron found out i liked this Website, i was fired.

    But please, dnt read anything into me becoming friends wit Camron. It was purely on a whim that i agreed. I had never heard of her until the nite i saw her interview you. Im not sure what implications you are making about how an unknown made such friends and so quickly, but i would very much like to know what it is ur suggesting. Im sure its nothing mean, but It intrigues me. ^_^ ALOT

    Cause i too have wondered such a thing, but i found what i thought was the answer.

  35. Crunk I fired you because if you ddnt notice but this sight talks negativly about the Managers, MOD, Guides and many home users. So I could not have someone on the staff that was advertising such a site. So it seems you still are upset that I fired you? it seems that you are not told no. very often and it is about time that you learn that you cant just do what you want when you want if you ae intrested in being staff change your ways and I will see, But continuing to bash on my club just shows that you continue to show intrest in being part of the staff. And you say that it doesnt bother you well if this true why do you continue to bring it up.

  36. Crunk and Nos, you guys are a hoot. Speculating on Camron's rise to power?

    Well, the answer is obvious. Either she made a pact with Satan, or she has incriminating photos of the "elite."

    And Camron, this is a joke. I'm commenting on their speculation and am not suggesting either alternative is real...

  37. J-T-W-NY, that is exactly why we are ALL here, the forums, Home, and Home/PSN related social websites... for the fun (hoot) factor, yes?
    All one can say to any other about any of this is this:
    If an individual is not having fun here, then why are you here?
    (here being any of the afore mentioned)
    As far as speculating on CamronGirl's "rise to power" goes... wait... did you say "power"?
    Btw, love your profile pic, you're very pretty.

    LilBlueEyes, we enjoyed the HTS with you as the guest, and will continue to attend the shows time allowing. Was kinda sad in missing Jim777's show. Actually being there and being a positive, active part of the audience is far better than watching it on video or reading about it in the forums.
    That being said, the majority of these types of "events" are garbage.

  38. Well nos its difficult to understand where you are coming from can we talk on home about this matter?

  39. Thank you Nos for the compliment. Some on Home say I have a bean bag face...

    Of course having a hoot is the raison d'etre of this site and for Home in general. It's amusing following the discussion this afternoon and seeing what's important to you guys. I just think the discussion about Camron's friendships is a bit silly.

  40. man i love how people who seem to hate Home-Watch keep posting here, it's great lol.

    and @Nos:
    for a Homeling, you don't seem half bad. but every time i read your name i think, Nose Drugs haha.

  41. Oh this site is indeed enjoyable. i find myself returning often just to get a chuckle. The personal attacks on certain groups and users were annoying, but thankfully the singled out attacks have seemed to stopped.

    Hopefully this site can Help Home rather than Hurt Home, and honestly Hurting home was all i thought this site was doing at first, i was mistaken. personally i find Home-Watch rather Amusing and Insightful.

    @Camron although understandably you believe crunk was upset by being fired, but u are most definitely mistaken. in fact, it was found humorous by many that he was "FIRED" for being associated with "THIS SITE". it just proves more undoubtedly that the "ELITES" and their "FRIENDS" consider this site to be a threat. the Truth is Hard to swallow, so if you and ur pack of elite friends cant handle the truth being out in the open, then heres a piece of advice,..stop reading this site. ur Only going to make urself upset.

    im pretty sure that even if u begged him that CRUNKRIS would Not be having any part in HTS in the future.

  42. Camron makes me laugh

    Camron, if u didnt care so much, u wouldnt come here. And u wouldnt be working with some coming inquisition to not only bring dwn this site, but anyone who doesnt agree wit u. I dnt know what u think u can accomplish wit ur back room plots, but there is such thing as free speech. u cant stomp on it as easily as one might like.

    Thats the reason i might be bitter. Not that u fired me from being manager, i never cared, i never asked for the job, u asked me, never liked HTS anyways, i was doing u a favor. What burns my biskets is why i was fired. Cause of my personal views. Because i might have a different view of home and how to help it. I've never been talked to as if my ideals were inferior and i never treated u as such. The reason ur attacked here, idk, u bring it on urself, for acting SOOOOOOO petty.

    Here JTWNY makes a thread about Hope 4 Haiti, and instead of putting aside ur differences to help Haiti and people in need, and to help home in the same token, what do u do? U result to petty debates about where the topic should be located. Instead of trying to squash an event that only does good for its fellow (wo)man, why dnt u try and promote and enable it? hmm? Thats a challenge for u. If u wanta do something good for home, get off ur self apointed talk show host throne and actualy do some good.

    I have sooo much more i wanta say to you, and i hope i get the chance, but for now i'll let that settle. Im open for debate anytime. But the way u treated Nos and myself is the very reason ur here. Cause the way u treat people who do u favors, as if u contantly deserve the best or better from people. Like nos perfectly said, dnt burn bridges, cause now ur stuck. You've been talking way too much to the stars u deem worthy to hold the seat next to u, and way too little time wit the real people of home.

  43. >_> Has everyone gone paranoid? 'Elites are hatching a plot' , and 'Camron's sudden rise', am I the only thinking you all are making a big deal of nothing? Camrons just taking a break, its not the end of the world. Sheesh how old are you to be arguing like a bunch of kids. Crunkers kindly stop provoking ppl. All you seem to be doing is trying to start a fight -_-

  44. Anonymous said "im pretty sure that even if u begged him that CRUNKRIS would Not be having any part in HTS in the future."

    AMEN! the way she talks as if im a good boy and come back on my knees like the prodigal son and change my ways that they will have mercy on me and take me back. LMFAO!

    Camron doesnt get how much of a joke that is. Cause it truely does show how treatened they are. And furthermore, how much they are un-open to debate, and quickly they allianate people. To fire someone cause of the sites they like, how fascist. cause someone visiting this site is grounds for action to be taken. It realy speaks to a rather disturbed mindset. One i think we might get alittle more familiar wit in the future.

  45. And Crunkris' still keeps on his rant. GET OVER IT sheesh. Also I meant Crunkris instead of Crunkers in the earlier post.

  46. @Justin, if only u knew. They r provoking something of their own. and im not paranoid. Im just getting info ur not.

    And even witout my info, just think. Ur an elite. You and ur friends like the harmony and ass kissers and such of home. But then comes a website. And suddenly clouds form on ur sunny home. What do u do? Well exhibit A is the Lochwood thread. I know alot of people kinda brushed off the L0chwood thread where they addressed the RECENT (As in home-watch recent) view of them being elitist. Well in closing that thread, what did the lochwoods say? They said they plan to FIGHT! And they will. dnt think they wnt.

    my question to you is, do we fght back, or even except the terms of the fight. Do we want a fight? is that best for Home? Or do we try and have an open debate with these people? What if i told u they might be willing to talk. What do u do. Do u try and talk wit them? Or has that already been tried on the forums? How do we proceed? There is not a single option that isnt open to us. Is this site the best way to do it? CONFLICT produces PROGRESS, and to that this site is doing its part, and well, the CONFLICT. now how do we get to the progress. Talk or fight.

  47. Hmm...A talk to communicate with ppl makes things better but the vendetta against Camron sounds personal. Conflict does produce results but what kind of results are you hoping to get from dissing Camron. I hardly think you'll get anything out of her but the Lochwoods I understand. I had a 'delightful' experience with them once so those two i understand. I wasnt defending their actions before but rather the methods used. Sorry if it seemed that way.

  48. No, there is no use talking to Camron, as my comments suggest.

    but the others, yes, i think . . . i will take action before they. before the oppritunity is missed.

    thank u for ur advice. I will do that. in light of what might happen, no one would be a winner. We would devour each other. i'll explore this option, and if i get any yields, i will let Home-Watch know, so we can all talk. Sometimes people must be shown tough love. we shouldnt role over or conceed any points, but a compromise might still be in reach

  49. Sorry about being Anonymous earlier. i didnt know how to make my name appear.

    @Justin you are indeed mistaken. crunk only wishes to Promote the "unity in home" that everyone keeps talking about. & honestly the best way to achieve that goal is by talking it out. there is INDEED alot of tension between a couple groups of people within home, but no one has personal vendettas against anyone. Crunkris (i say this personally knowing it to be the truth) only strives to make Home a better place for Everyone.

    Many have been wanting my opinion on Home-Watch blog and the "Elite Problem"

    i suggest that an open debate be held. including everyone.

  50. @Kamala

    idk bout unity. my actions dnt suggest unity very much. I want changes. we r all just frustrated. we just need a plan of how to proceed together before it gets outa hand, and partialy to my own doing.

    I think an open debate is the way to go

  51. I say we should rally the villagers together, light the torches and storm the castle to defeat the monster.

  52. So who qualifies as an elite and who'll be invited? There should be a list so I know what 'elite' friends you are saying i have. I think the open debate will be welcome as long as everything said remains in the room. We don't want any grudges left after the entire thing. I'm frankly open to the idea of a debate to solve this 'elite' thing and get onto main issues like the mismanagement of Home. Any comments on this from H-W?

  53. Everyone will be Invited! whether they are considered "elite" or "rebel". the open debate should be Just that, open to EVERYONE. to strive to make a difference within Home.

    "Unity in Home" is what many have been talking about wanting. i wasnt meaning you Personally crunk.

    in fact it is My wish to see that comes true.

  54. im not sure about it remaining oin the room.

    how should it be organized? JTW, i was realy wanting to talk to u about it. i was thinking an open debate at first, where we simple talk about the future of home and how to go about acheiving it. and anyone could read the comments later or such so we can engage EVERYONE in the same line of questions. What u think?

  55. We might need to make it a private thing. That way no spammers, noobs, or harassers spoiling the party er i mean discussion.

  56. Well, do you want this here or in Home? It might be best if we speak face-to-face and come to some sort of consensus about what is ailing us at the moment.

    I would recommend that personal issues be addressed in private between the parties. For example, I really think you and CamronGirl need to talk things through in private regarding the firing from the Talk Show.

    Reading these comments, I was struck by Justin's statement "I'm frankly open to the idea of a debate to solve this 'elite' thing and get onto main issues like the mismanagement of Home."

    Crunkris knows my position, that the issues are less due to the "elites" than it is to management and perhaps that should be something to think about.

  57. The Elite issue is personally in my opinion not the main issue, like u said JTW, management. isn't management the ones that everyone is wanting to speak with most of all? that is the best way to hope to make a difference within home.

    noobs are a part of Home. we want Everyone in home to be a part of this discussion. everyone from noobs to management should attend.

  58. well jtw, somehting to think about is exactly what i want everyone to get from it. I have no interest in talking to camron bought petty personal issues. But i rather thought we could all come and talk about ways to actualy see progress in home and how to make changes. fundamental ideals might get in the way, but the debate would get all parties thinking about a solution, cause the forums have failed, and this site might lead us to war. So instead of attacking each other, since the forums failed, i thought one of many debates (we could make it a regular bi-yearly thing) where all parties talk bought home, not personal issues (although i will straighten those out in private best i can before hand). I was thinking we could record the chats and see if we get any answers or start the ball rolling on answers.

    Kinda like if u had to solve the problem of health care, instead of holding the meetings behind closed doors wit just the democrats, you do it on C-Span wit all parties!

  59. I meant the 'pose in your face' and 'ask a dozen questions' noobs. The discussion wont go very far with "What is this" , "Where are you from" "I have no keyboard" popping up every minute.

  60. @Justin that is a very good concern. we will have to think of some way to handle situations like that. the problem with having the discussion in "private" would be where, who and when. it makes things difficult when we are wanting everyone to be included.

  61. A club will do nicely. Can we do that? To make it neutral we can have it be a new club open just for discussions between anyone from Home-Watchers to Elites who would join in...dunno its something to think about.

  62. I would be willing to mediate - since I have friends on both sides and consider myself neutral - I think a friendly debate would at least give insight to what both sides thing and want,,,, Considering that those involved will leave the attitudes toward each other at the door.

  63. This comment has been removed by the author.

  64. No offense Jason,,,
    but there is a difference in being neutral and flip flopping - but if we can get both sides to agree it doesn't matter who mediates as long as we have a clubhouse to have this debate - which I don't.

  65. oo, oo, i wanna play. when's this debate goin down?

  66. will you clucking hens shut the fuck up?