Home-Watch Exclusive: unseen Sodium one Materials!

This makes us feel warm and snuggly inside:

Hey Homewatch! I love what you guys are doing. I wanted to see if you would post something. PLEASE don't post my email address or name, I don't want to get in trouble or banned. Without too many details a friend of mine and I managed to get ahold of many of the resource files for Sodium One. Inside it are a bundle of things I haven't seen. I'm not sure if they are things to come, or if they are ideas they gave up on. These images were located in DDS files which are Microsoft DirectDraw Surface format. I converted them to PNG.

This is the first, it was named 1CFE1667-66634384-B2BA2247-EF4D88B3.dds as well as 5b3a58f5-df65-4cba-8225-d7d2759b60ae.dds. It looks like some type of watch.

Another interesting one. I found these in the resources, but there were three versions, male, female, and male without the male symbol.

Some weird watch thing

These images are listed as "achievement 1-5"

The following are named Gold, Silver, Copper, and Silicon. Obviously the resources you earn, except copper never makes an appearance.

Last is some type of hand with another hand with a bracelet in the background. No idea what it is.

WOW. Thanks for the interesting images. I'm glad you came to us with this. Don't worry, your secret is safe with us. ;)


  1. That last image is the Ladies Chunky Bracelet from the Sodium Waitress outfit. :) The others, I haven't seen those, but that last one I can at least shed some light on.

  2. Those items listed as "achievement 1-5" are actually from an earlier version of the sodium one space. There are actually 4 versions on the web, 1.3 to 1.6, 1.6 being the current version that we see today.