Inside Information

Recently we have been in contact with a handful of Home insiders.We WILL NOT be sharing their names, positions, or any other info about them.

But we would like to share the fact that we are now inside home, and getting a look at the inner workings. We have info about the development process, the process used for testing, we even have some REALLY interesting things we've learned about the HCM, with a lot of it focused on CydoniaX. It would be kind of pointless to just start listing everything we've learned over the last week. However over time we'll share it bit by bit as it applies to specific situations.

Expect it to be juicy, and expect it to come out in future posts!


  1. Please dnt share any personal info about the HCMs. I think she has the right to remain Cyd and not have her personal info thrown all over the internet.

    just as u wanta remain anonymous, so does Cyd and the rest. If im a jerk on the forums or Home, it doesnt mean someone can just post my school grades and such. its not justified. In this case 2 wrongs dnt make right.

    Just be careful with what info u post. Attacking their Job performance im all for, but attacking the person is 2 extreme.

  2. All is fair here on the net right? Let the readers decide what's out of bounds. If the readers revolt , then so be it.

  3. @ CRUNKRIS - I'm not interested in their personal lives, I couldn't think of anything I'd wanna know less about. However when it comes to their job performance, open season.

  4. All of the info is public knowledge anyway. I even saw a website last year where Heidi Anspaugh aka Cyd said she was a community manager for Sony playstation home. I guess there is concern of Home users showing up at her door and demanding a refund or trying to do the running man on her. But they could do that with Jack too. She is not a celebrity. She is a hack of a community manager and nothing more.

  5. Wait Crunkris didnt you find Buggy and Cyds info and share it a long time ago? Double standard?

  6. "I guess there is concern of Home users showing up at her door and demanding a refund or trying to do the running man on her"

    OMG, now THAT was funny!!

  7. Actualy Anonymous, its a long story, but i was one of the poeople who tried to stop it getting out cause it went to far. But I did find Buggies Twitter. And i thought it was kool. I didnt go looking for it, Buggie made a post on the Playstation Blog, but he used HIS REAL NAME to do it. When he posted on the Blog, it said his name, and then Home Community Specialist. Shortly after this, NJshadow, out of pure innocents, made a thread asking people to welcome their new home manager, and then used the name Buggie had posted under on the Blog. The thread was deleted soon after. Someone searched Twitter for his name, and then tweeted me about it once they found it. I clicked on his account and his About me said he was a playstation Home manager. So i followed him and then told people Buggie had a twitter. And i thought it was kool. Almost all of us follow Jake Bruser on twitter and we always wanted the managers to join us on twitter 2.

    There was nothing malicious about it. I had no idea it would go the way it did. I wanted no harm to come from his twitter account being public. If he wanted it a secret, he wouldnt have said he was Home manager on his twitter (also posting picts of the street fighter game launching posters) and he would have set his twitter to private. Also, he would not HAVE USED HIS REAL NAME on the Playstation Blog!

    Once he found out we had his twitter, he could of simply asked me to keep it a secret. Or just played cool, and said, u found me =P (it would not have been a big deal, but he made it one) instead, He made a tweet that people who thought he was buggie should stop following him cause it wasnt him. But that was a lie. and he continued to insult us by saying it wasn;t him that he was just one of many marketing managers. This is when he brought attention to himself and people started googling his name to prove it was him (THAT WAS NOT ME).

    I was rushed with tweets from many psn users who had found proof on many websites Buggie had started in which he talked abut his job at Sony and His LOVE for the XBOX and his coworker Cyd. Once Cyds info was reveiled from Buggies Big Mouth on dozens of personal websites and social accounts he had, I asked people to keep her info a secret and to stop digging. Cyd had done n0thing to warrant her info being leaked just cause her co-worker had a big ass mouth online. Once people, some out of curiocity, and some out of pure hate for the HCMs, started digging and trying to find out the whole personal lives of the managers and then post them, it had gone way to far and way over what i had done. And i actually worked wit Glass to stop the leaks of info and Buggies websites were set to private and or removed shortly after.

    I know it is a misconception that i found their info and then posted it, i did not. Buggie leaked his own name to the Blog and people googled it. All i did was tweet his twitter account, i looked no further, and then i tweeted proof that it was him, after he insulted me on twitter. The whole thing lasted a good week or two and you have no personal knowledge of all the fighting i did with many psn users begging them to stop digging and posting the info they had.

    Still, the main fault lies with Buggie for posting HIS OWN NAME on the blog and then having amillion websites, and for talking bought Cyd and his love for XBOX online so God Damn Much.

    No one else but the initial leak hold full blame, but there was a group of users who were determined to use the info they found out to ruin the managers. They pushed the isue, while i tried to make it stop. So now u know. Its good to know something before u speak on it, eh?

  8. @ Home-Watch. Well thats good to know. I had no idea what the info you had pertained and was just worried for a sec. Cant wait to hear it ^_^ i bet its juicy

  9. Thanks for the explanation Crunk. That makes sense. Buggie was dumb to hide his identity... but some others at Sony were even dumber to post a blog with his real name.

    I just thought you were trying to get Buggie fired and figured you were after the whole HCM team. My bad. I support you either way.

  10. Anonymous, however, u r right that i was trying to get buggie fired. I wanted him fired SOOOOO bad. And i did what i could to try and make that happen, even got banned from the forums for a time for suggesting he should be fired and flamming him. But in this case, unlike the others, my intentions were not to use this to fire him. I had no idea how that would work anyway. How would someone's name get them fired?

    But the way Buggie mismanaged his name getting out (calling Home users idiots for "assuming" it was him, (lying to the community, cause it was him) and for blaming our tweets and googling for causing Many Death threats and hate mail (he accused us for being responcible for him recieving hate mail and death threats cause some people posted his Phone number, address, and email (all of which he posted online HIMSELF))) were evidence of further behavior that proved to me he needed to be fired, and i did use examples from this incident to prove to others that he needed to be fired. but i never told them his name. Only what he did in responce. His actions were unbecoming of a manager. Even threating the community with legal action through an alternate name in an internet chat between many users blaming use for him having to set his websites to private and such, while continuing to call us idiots for beleiving it was him.

    I later messaged him on psn about it and he continued to denie it was him insisting he thought i was smarter than that to believe such stupid things. Then we warned me for harashment and warned me if the death threats continued i and others would get in serious legal trouble.

    People knowing i wanted Buggie fired, paired with my involvement in the the name leak easily fit together, so i understand the confusion.

    However, I still like Glass, Locust and Cyd. I remember them from their glory days when they talked to us. And i just want things to go back to that. I dnt want them fired. I want to force their hands and snap them back into the attitude they had before they stopped talking to us. The days before Buggie arrived

  11. Crunk didn't want Buggie fired, I did. And I got what I wanted, so it's all good.

  12. I'm not impressed with any of them right now. Granted I didn't know them in the closed beta era but their lack of involvement in the forums (and in Home from what I can tell) is bad business. I have a good friend who is a community manager with a MMO and he has nothing but criticism for how Playstation Home is managed. In the forum you can tell Cyd just hates the community. It is a shame.

  13. To Pygmy,,,
    Hell hath not fury like a woman scorned.