An instant classic

There should be an IQ test to get on home. Especially after this post:

The other day I was in my bedroom talking to this chick in the CP on my PS3 home beta. I asked her what her name was and she was like what, whatever. OHHH that just made my blood boil.

So I said "you don't want to talk to me?"

She was like "no, why would I." This is when

I replied "will you know."

and she was like "no I don't."

So I told her she needs to get a life and go -will you know. Then she tells me to gag myself. I was like no way and told her she was a - will you know. Then my mom starts calling me

I replied "I am busy."

She said "no your not."

I said "yes I am."

Then my mom comes rushing in my room from the kitchen and hits me in the head with a wet towel.

I figured this could not be happening, and told her to get out of my room and fix me a pot pie, Bit__. By the time I looked back on the T.V. and continued what I was doing- that chick was gone. I was so ticked off I started cussing at myself. But I was in luck I saw another group of girl avatars sitting on a bench and it was time to pull out some new pick up lines.

I said "what's up baby cakes."

they said "get lost."

I was like whatever. Then my mom comes back and asks me who I am talking to all the time? I told her I was talking to these chicks on my TV using my PS3.

She said "what?" "are you crazy?"

I said "no, these chicks are hot."

She said "no, that's a video game."

I said "no, these chicks are real."

Then she says "are you on drugs?" because normal people don't talk to chicks on a video games, she told me I need to go outside and make some friends and she was going to have me talk to my counselor. I told her she needs to talk to her own counselor. She thinks I am on drugs. What the heck?


  1. Wow... just wow. That's a case study in pathetic, that is.

  2. Failure - I give this guy 5 big Facedesks