This sent in via email:

I have a couple of funny pix. Seperately not so funny, but together funnier then hell. Yesterday I decided to go into the theater. I forget why, I just wanted to. While I was in there, someone was cursing, I guess. A mod by the name of Asemal was doing the usual dirty word hunt. Well, I got a little cirious, because I had never really seen a mod prior to this. So I pressed select to open up the report window, to see if the mod was in the theater or if it was coming from outside the theater. Then the following jumped right out at me:

It appears you can't say a naughty word, but it's ok for 1-800-SUCKMYNUTS to roam around free. That's kinda funny right?

Actually, that isn't kinda funny. It's a damn riot!! That made me almost laugh some liquid out my nasal passages! Kudos to you!


  1. Mods don't show up in the list of users to be reported, but allegedly if you report someone they check the entire chat log around that time for the area in question and look for suspicious activity including mods.


  2. You can also report offensive IDs. Just use the report function as will any othere offense. I've seen some IDs in incredibly bad taste. I wonder what these people are thinking.