A letter from a concerned Home member

Dear PSN Home Watch,

A friend sent me a link to your site via PM on the forum. I wanted to take a minute to thank you for alerting me to some posts being deleted from the thread [name removed] started, 'The Nature of Home'. My memory's so bad I wouldn't have caught it if you hadn't mentioned it. I know some other posts had been deleted in a corresponding thread, but I didn't realize the same thing had happened in the one [name removed] started. That's quite a shame. Clearly the management team has time to read and censor us for daring to speak up, yet they still don't bother replying to us.

Anyway. Aside from that, I wanted to offer any help or assistance I can with your site. Unfortunately, I think a site such as yours is badly needed. I was kinda tempted to start one myself, but since you've beaten me to it, I see no point in replicating it. So instead, let me offer my services. I see your blog's hosted by Blogger. I have tons of webspace and would be more than happy to build a blog for you and host it entirely on my webserver, so that you don't have to deal with Blogger's ad bar at the top of your page or anything like that. I just wanted to put that offer out there.
And if there's anything else I can ever do to help, please do let me know.

Thanks very much!
- [name removed]
Thank you very much for your letter! We appriciate the hosting offer and everything, but we'd like to stay on a neutral ground where we can expose the HCM and Home management without bringing negative attention on other community members. Also it could be viewed as though we were your puppet extension, and that's not fair to you. But we promise if you keep sending us stuff, we will submit it and publish it for the world to see!


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