Loads of Disappointment

I've been going through the forums, collecting things for blog posts. But there is too much going on, I'm going to have to turn it into one big post.

First the Waterfall Terrace fishing game. It appears to be fixed, except for that same bug with the 6th lure not unlocking. According to this post:

I called SONY about getting a refund for the waterfall terrace, which is a more resonable refund since the product wasn't working. The customer service rep told me to speak with the home community managers about a refund. I PMd glasswalls & Locas Star, awhile ago, and they don't even have the decency to respond to me. Lesson learnd, (SIC) just don't spend money on home.

I know the money I spent on home isn't going to improve the server load times, or give us what we want like music/movie players for personal spaces. The only thing they're focused on is pumping out more silly virtual clothes & not so interesting personal spaces, so whats the point...

Shocker, more ignored tech support. Continuing on, there's the matter of I DEMAND my money back which we had mentioned in a previous blog post. One user makes a very good point:

False advertising is okay just because it says all sales are final? It's not a valid contract if you are not getting what you are paying for.
Very true. Next we move on to a user who managed to glitch his way outside the Paris Clocktower. Wow, that took what, 24 hours?

while trying to put the PsP-Go object on one of the shelves in the clock tower, it slipped through the back of the shelves.
Figured while i was on the outside I'd take a few pictures before i canceled the furniture and tried again.
Speaking of Paris Clocktower being disappointing, this user made the mistake of buying it:

this place just sucks! its small. it only looks big. its not even big as the summer house! this is sooo frustrating. i wish i could give it back to them. i think the only thing that could make me more upset is if i bought the ratchet and clank "home". my decision was between the water terrace and the clock tower. now i know next time im not buyign anyting sony hypes up from home. sorry for this post but i HAD to vent!
Small huh? Seems people really have been disappointed with the Paris space. Many people for many reasons. I think it's safe to say, like the Wizard's Den before it, Paris Clocktower is a huge failure, and most people who buy it are disappointed. Speaking of personal spaces and disappointment, have we mentioned recently that the folks who got the Waterfall Terrace furniture are still being screwed out of stuff they bought?

Well, those who bought the Waterfall Terrace Furniture Bundles when they first came out and was missing 2 pieces did you call Sony and if you did.. did you get the code for the two missing pieces?

I just got a call from Carl, from Sony Tech. Support and sure enough he gave me my code for my two missing pieces.

So please if you by something and don't get it.. call them, and if it goes unresolved call again. It's been about 12 days since I first stated to send emails and probably 8 days since I started calling them.. (and I only had to call 3 times). And they did call me today.. gave me a code and I ve
rified it by going to the Terrace and looking and my inventory.. and boom they are there.. Wooo Hooo.

Also, who loves a good contest? We know we sure do. Especially when we win and get completely ignored:
Hello HCMs,

I don't know which board to put this in, as I don't really want to involve anyone else, just yourselves. I thought support would be best.

I'm still awaiting any news regarding the results of the Uncharted 2 Torch Race contest. Last I successfully spoke with you was when I PMed GlassWalls in late December. Early January, I was announced as the winner.

I've sent you PMs about this, but I don't know if they get lost in your inbox. I've compared some messages I've sent with others, and it seems (correct me if I'm wrong) that messages that have not been read by the other party are bold-faced. The messages I've sent you are, in fact, in bold, hence why I think my messages are being lost in that abyss that your inboxes may be. :smileywink:

I'm just hoping to make contact! :smileyvery-happy:

Good day!
We hope a tech support question like that will be taken care of. We'll assume it won't be, but We'll hope anyways. Sit back and take a load off, you're going to be waiting a loooooong time. Oh, and since we're speaking of sitting down, why not sit on non-functional items?

I've seen a lot of complaints about:

  • bundles not including all items
  • 6th lure not unlocking
  • leaderboards and progress being wiped

...but has anyone else noticed that:

  • the dark leather loveseat only seats one?
  • the dark leather sofa only seats two?

By definition, a loveseat should seat two and sofas should seat at least three. On the dark leather loveseat, the avatar sits in the middle, spanning the 2 cushions. On the dark leather sofa, one avatar sits on the left cushion, which is normal, but the other avatar sits between the right and middle cushions. It's just plain awkward and deprives the owner of 2 seats. When we have large spaces, a 12 person maximum occupancy and a 50 item limit, every seat is precious!

The light leather bundle loveseat and sofa accommodate the correct number of people.

then another joins in:

Well I'm going to bump this.. because I feel these items are defective.. and I guess I'll be fighting for a refund again...

HEY YOU 3 HOME MANAGERS.. HOW ABOUT DOING YOUR JOBS FOR ONCE and ANSWER THIS.. Are you going to look into this furniture, so it actually seats the number of people it should seat???? IF NOT, I'm getting a refund on this.

We're gonna have to disagree, loveseats aren't for two people, what definition are you working with? Oh, the dictionary one, gotcha. Speaking of Soft & fluffy, remember the Stay Puff Marshmallow man? Remember that broken shirt? Well, folks are still discovering it:

I noticed that the Ghostbuster Stay Puff Marshmellow Man shirt has an error. The once black shirt is now covered in green and red stripes and says "NOT FOUND".
Yup, been broken for a while. Reply from other users?

1) Should of checked here first.. that's an old old old bug.
2) Yes. he sure does And I PAID for that shirt over six months ago! Hasn't worked right yet.

3) It is an old bug. VERY old. So why isn't it fixed?

So early, so many complaints. Lets see if they are all fixed today! Yeah.


  1. I love the new Paris Apartment - Some may think its small - but considering the 50 item limit it is perfect to have that lived in look rather then a bunch of empty space and shelves,,, plus the classy antique furniture I have been wanting has finally come out - the only way this apartment could have improved was an entrance to the clock works with catwalk scaffolding that leads up to a small rooftop patio enclosed with ornate wrought iron railing...

  2. I just came from the Clock tower and gotta say its the best personal space in home.

    There is no right to these complaints. In hinesight, there are always ways to improve a space, but that space is just wonderful.