Maturity Argument

One of the most common slams this blog gets is about it's "maturity level." For those of you who didn't grow up in a world without the internet, the "maturity argument" is the default fallback to a baseless debate. There's only a handful of things taken less seriously, such as mock laughter/emoticons. It's roots are as old as mankind itself.

Why are we bringing this up? We just wanted to put it out there that once this tactic is used, it is blatantly transparent that your argument is pretty much over. Honestly, if you disagree with what we do or what we stand for, for the love of god stop debating like you're in middle school. You may as well call me gay and my mother fat. It's the internet equivalent of saying "I surrender."

The second this stale line is used, you've lost all credibility. You've stated you fail at getting your point across, and instead you're going to attack the basest of human needs. The need to be taken seriously. If you attack someone saying you don't take them seriously, you're pretty much saying they're not on the same level, but yet you're still interested in what they are saying. That's a contradiction done by people who lack maturity. Pretty crazy huh?

Bottom line, We're rubber, you're glue.


  1. So you're basically saying people have been complaining about you. Good to know.

  2. @ Anonymous - all u have to do is read the comments left on the blog posts to see that people are attacking the blog on "maturity".

    My feeling, u r not doing it right unless ur making people mad. when the Critics come out of the woodworks and through the windows, thats when u know ur doing ur Job right, otherwise they wouldnt pay u no attention. If ur getting attacked, it means ur affective, cause the people attacking u acknowledge u as a threat.

    If this blog lacked all maturity, they wouldnt even read it. its just a blog, but it is its effectiveness and potential influence that has them up in arms.