New Blogs!

As a couple of secondary projects, we have created a set of sister blogs:

The Glitch-Snitch Blog & PSN Home - Unwanted Friends Blog, both devoted to exposing & publicly naming people breaking various home rules.


  1. i mean seriously? where can i freakin donate because its got to take all fucking day of someones time to do this shit. Now i know the economy is bad and there are some ppl probably out of work out there but ........ i dont know. Fucks sake. Good idea though. Some fucker started PMing me earlier to. If i would have known this was here i might have publicly flogged him here.


  2. aw man! i got an unwanted friend request earlier today but already deleted it. good fuckin ideas though. stuff like this is why i love this blog.
    keep up the good work and fuck the haters. literally, fuck em.

  3. Hooray McCarthyism...........................