nosdrugis Exposes CamronGirl

Written by: Kapow

So I listened to this pod show cast thing recently and towards the end they had nosdrugis (leader or general or whatever of the Homelings) on as a guest. Right before he comes on, the host is talking a little bit bout Home Talk Show (for some reason) which is how they probably got into talking about it and CamronGirl:
Before we sign out uh, there's just one thing I wanna say about CamronGirl in particular and this has to do with much of the speculation. Listen, I'll tell you what i heard...and then I'll tell you what it is, ok. What I heard was; it was Jordanm13...he created this CamronGirl to have fun and then ran with this talk show thing and hit up the Homelings early. CamronGirl had nos...assimilate Jordanm13, her 'son', into the Homelings...Begged nos to do this. "Please please, please, Jordan is a kid who needs straightening out." *laughter* Anyways, nos assimilated Jordan, Jordan became a Homeling, yada yada yada Jordan left the Homelings due to some...irregularities. Uuuhh, truth of the matter is, CamronGirl is not Jordanm13. CamronGirl is an eighty five year-old, geriatric man with a wooden leg and a droopy beard.

I thought that was hilarious. Both parts of what he said. I actually confronted CamronGirl in Home the other day about this and she said she does in fact have two PS3's but denied that she was also Jordanm13.

Click here to listen for yourselves.


  1. To be quite honest, I only dislike CamronGirl because of her shitty spelling. I don't think I need any more reason.

  2. i myself don't like her because of that, and because she's also kind of a pretentious bitch :\

  3. so she DID deny being Jordanm13 but she DIDN'T deny being an eighty five year-old man with a wooden leg and a droopy beard...... interesting

  4. Well she is fake, its run by someone.

  5. CamronGirl adamantly claims to be a genuine middle-aged mother and Jordam13 is her son.
    She came to Nos's Wizard's Den last night and we had quite the conversation.
    After a lengthy explanation of events leading up to Home Talk Show's appearance and CamronGirl's seemingly instant 'popularity' (with minimal spelling and grammatical errors we might add), am inclined to believe at this point that CamronGirl and Jordanm13 are two seperate beings. That being said - the possibilities of how things actually are could be any number of variables.
    CamronGirl tells Nos that she will prove her authenticity by speaking with Nos (in private) via mic on Home.
    She says this will be the one and only time she uses a mic on Home.

  6. I'm so uninterested by all this at the moment, but lemme tell you what I see, because I'm good at sniffing out bullshit.

    Suddenly Camron spells correctly? Spellchecker, either PC or pocket. Hopping on mic just once? Well, why do you own a mic then? And it's pretty easy to fake this, all you need is a sister or a female friend. Hell, at his age his own voice could sound very, very feminine.

  7. Apparently (this is the story) CamronGirl does not yet possess a mic... and also has a 'weird' voice.
    Is it possible to use Spellcheck in text bubble chat?
    It is agreeable that the faking of such things would be very easy.
    The true truth will be known eventually, or CamronGirl will fade away into oblivion - there can be no in between.

  8. "Is it possible to use Spellcheck in text bubble chat?"

    No, that's why I stated: "Suddenly Camron spells correctly? Spellchecker, either PC or pocket."

  9. yea, maybe she's saying she has a wierd voice because when 'she' talks to you on the mic for the first time, some voice modulation action might be happening.
    but who knows..

  10. Was only funning about the Spellcheck...

    Am smart enough to know if a voice changer is being used. If it is a female "helper" being used for the chat, this will be evident in the responses and/or statements made.

  11. Well she did call me the term "hot/sexy" and I thought to myself this is a 40 year old women calling me "hot/sexy"(im much younger then her)

  12. she also dresses like a hoochie mama in Home.
    but yea it's almost like..she Can spell right and use decent grammar throw us off she makes sure to make mistakes? because i know Jordanm, while he can't argue worth a damn, can at least spell right and use correct grammar. but i could spot the similarities in the way CG and Jordan write. i spotted it here:

    at around post 6:19 where i ask him to site the 'violation' for me and then it turns into a one sided argument. and i actually say "blah blah blah actually you sound more like CamronGirl blah blah blah." that was before i knew she was his 'mom'.
    i had to message him on PSN to confirm it was actually him and not someone playing a joke on me because before then, i, like many people, assumed she was a teenage girl. anyways read those posts and you'll see what i mean.

  13. SHES A BITCH !! -_-