Now it appears Indyposted has covered PS Home sexual harassment.

Female Claims “PlayStation Home” User Sexually Assaulted Her…Online


  1. I prefer the 3 strike system better than Homejail even though it has its faults. Harrassers will only teach other harrassers how to become better if they are brought together. Thats the idea of Homejail right? Trap harrassers together?

  2. If there was a Homejail I would harass just to get in and check out the new space. Maybe some glitching potential. Where's our Homejail, dammit!?

  3. Home-Jail is such a stupid fucking idea. "yea! lets waste time creating and developing a brand new space when we can't even solve current issues! lets just drop everything we're doing and work on this Jail!"
    fucking stupid.