We decided if we were going to steal the name for the Pixeljunk Shooter outfits. (Their new name being Official Home-Watch Perv Hazard Suits or OHWPHS) We decided to rename the colors too!

Rectal Blood Red

Teased Testicle Blue

Preachy Environmentalist Green

Ku Klux Klan of the Future White

Black Panthers of the Future Black

Looks Like a Trash Bag Full Of Vomit Green

Sperm with Two Tails White

Dangling Hemorrhoid Pink

Heavy Flow Day Red

Hefty Bag Black

and this one we call "Furry Convention"


  1. Are these free? The T.T. Blue is stunning.

  2. i personally like the Sperm With two Tails suit. but you forgot to name the standard orange and black suit.

  3. I like how the Preachy Environmentalist model is standing at attention .... lol. Its only fitting that she stand proud and tall.

  4. Im gonna get the KKK and Black Panther outfits

  5. Just a quick idea for a blog entry... how about how innovative the NA MVPs are? There is one, no names, who is now on his second stolen idea for a "game". Sure, he gives credit, but it would be nice to have MVPs with some creativity.

    Not hating, just baiting. Master!

  6. Yeah . . . no hating huh Pygmy? If I have to report to you, let me say that when I saw Stephie's thread locked I PMed her asking if she wanted me to get it back. She said yes so I asked the mod who locked it, if I was allowed more than one Game thread, and was given the O.K. for it.

    Anywho, hey I'll be the first one to say I'm not creative. Why do you think I never thought about making Game Threads before it was asked of me, and why I tell people to PM me with their ideas. That's why I'm terrible at creating LBP levels too! I need help with creative things!!

  7. I saw that post and am thankful that Rev_M gave Stephanie the credit and resurrected her game. I had the same idea for a game, a silly caption contest, but never posted it because I'm not good enough.

    Quite honestly, why the forum mods just dont work with creative people like Stephanie and myself is beyond me. It seems that we're here to serve the law, and it's not he law serving us (if you catch my drift).

  8. @J-T-W-NY - The same reason they don't make people HCVs.

  9. I agree, they could simply inform the Game Thread creators, that they are responsible for keeping their threads from going off-topic and such.

    But something tells me they may change that in the future and allow more people to create those threads. At least I hope.

  10. @Adam - can you be more specific? Who makes what HCVs and why?

    What I'm saying is, instead of just locking the thread and a cut-and-paste of the rule, why not contact the thread creators and work with them in maintaining the thread. In other words, instead of laying down the law like some neurotic gestapo, why not foster creativity and invite contructive participation.

    Just because Lithium is a bloodless corporation doesn't mean they have to act like a bloodless corporation.

  11. Rev, I'll admit that I'm projecting. I dislike the policy, not you. Cheers to you for keeping these threads alive despite the policy.