Poor Frog Canadians!

After being randomly switched to the Europe server, many of the French Canadians got really irritated. Rightfully so. Now they are coming back from their visit to the Old World, and it seems they left some stuff behind.

Since last week, all French Canadian users of Home got "free vacation" to Europe. We got all redirected to European servers of Home by error...

Today the problem got resolved, but there is another one!
Many clothes and prizes that I had unlocked in the past are missing for me now. It looks like that I have lost all my Theater Prize and Special Event Prize...
Here's the list of my missing items and clothes:
Legion T-shirt (Male / Female)
Happy New Year 2010 T-shirt (Male / Female)
Happy New Year 2010 Hat (Male / Female)
Christmas Tree / Christmas Tree (decorated)
Open Beta Anniversary T-shirt (Male / Female)
*Gold Chain
*Ninja figurine
*Fish Hat Ornament
*Xi Butterfly ornament
*Film reel ornament
*Brain on plate
*Stone Turkey Statue
*Home logo
Lawman Vest (Male / Female)
Turkey Costume (Male / Female)
PSPgo Hat (Male / Female)
Best Ranger Competition T-shirt (Male / Female)
Criss Angel Coffin Coffee Table
Criss Angel's Mindfreaking Coffin Couch
Blue Glasses
Disco Glasses
Phurba Dagger
Zombie Costume (Male / Female)
Cole Outfit

What are we gonna do? Will Home help us?
Sorry to tell ya, but there's not shit you can do. The mods will not help you.

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  1. Trap in the Norse HelmJanuary 14, 2010 at 3:58 PM

    Hey look! Shun moved it to that place where NO ONE WILL EVER SEE IT!

    Wheres Conrad with the kudo?