Posts critical of HCM removed.

Sent via email:

Below is a reply I made to this post that got deleted. It was meant as a joke and yes I admit, a stab at the Mods since they obviosuly are not doing their job. After I made this post, 90% of anything I say is removed. No warning, no explanation.


Hey D and Bat,

It's nice to see the mods in Home were using their powers to finally rid us of you rif-raff and troublemakers. You two should be ashamed of yourselves for doing such a thing. While you were breaking the rules and being reprimanded, I was with my friends watching the harrasment that goes on toward female avatars. We got to experience the crouchers, the stalkers, the pervs, the grievers, and the like. No mods were to be seen. I hope you two have learned your lesson and you should know by now that proper Home etiquette does not consist of dancing on bars!

Oh wait, do I have that backwards? Lol.


After I posted this there was about 15 more posts of discussion. None of which warranted deletion, but in fact got deleted. No warning, no explanation.
Thank you for submitting your story. We at Home-Watch apologize on behalf of the community for the harassment and singling out done to you by the Home Moderation staff. We will continue to fight and expose, if people like you are willing to stand up for yourselves!


  1. We have a business to run, sometimes we have to think about the bottom line. You're just going to have to deal with it.

  2. Business means being "professional" - so using that logic does' that mean that harrassment of female avatars is ok to be ignored then cos it's business???????