Quebec users remain unanswered

Recently, all users from Quebec, Canada are being directed to the EU servers. Sadly, when I started home I wish I had so I didn't have to deal with the embarrassment that is Home Staff for North America. However, if you've been on a server for a long time, and all your friends are there, it can be a real irritation to have to start all over.

Literally more then half of the posts in the first page of the Support forum are related to this. Here are some of them:

MAJOR PROBLEM: Quebec Users Redirected to Euro Servers, Canadian users pls try the phone. U will find absolutely NO help here from Sony, redirection problems to europe. moderator where are u???, user from quebec redirect to european server, quebec users redirected: FIX!, PLEASE FIX THE PROBLEM THAT FRENCH CANADIAN ARE REDIRECTED TO EUROPEAN SERVERS, SONY, PLEASE FIX THE BUG - QC USERS REDIRECTED TO EU, CAN SONY PLEASE DO SOMETHING ABOUT QUEBEC USERS REDIRECTING TO EU SERVERS ?, and on and on.

But the main questions I see are these: WHERE ARE THE MODS, WHERE IS THE COMMUNICATION. Put down the Taco Bell, and answer some questions. As for my French Canadian friends, L√Ęche pas la patate!


  1. The girl in the Shark HatJanuary 12, 2010 at 10:14 AM

    This is really unacceptable. These people's accounts have been rendered useless in Home and they haven't had any reassurance that this is going to be fixed. Apparently a few have tried calling and just got the run around. Even to the point where the customer service reps were being very rude to them. You know it's bad when you call the company and they tell you to get ahold of the community managers and such and the only way you can is through private messages or forum topics that all go left unanswered.

    That is some really poor organization.

  2. As a French Canadian I can say this: I HATE THE FRENCH. I don't want to be directed to EU, you think the NA forum trolls are elite? You haven't seen anything until you've been a French Canadian speaking to a Frenchman.

  3. Gotta give credit where credit is due....Glasswalls did just post a response to this problem and said it should be fixed on this thursdays publish. Good to see a response to this from a home manager. Its a start we just need to see more of it.....maybe Glasswalls reads home-watch =]

  4. To all Quebec users, you just earned yourself a free jump to Europe for reward items...TAKE ADVANTAGE WHILE YOU CAn

  5. The issue will be fixed next Thursday. Official response from GlassWalls:

    "This issue should be solved on this Thursday's publish. Sorry for the temporary forced "deportation!" (please laugh at my attempt at a joke)

    I hope you consider it a nice little vacation from the norm.


    They kind of took their sweet time on that.

  6. This Thursday, rather.