Remember this?

Just to give you a little reminder, or for those who weren't around, this is what home is supposed to be like.


  1. So Home was supposed to have an outdated central plaza and a worse user interface?

    Be honest here, all that's missing from those videos are TVs & Trophy Rooms which I'm patiently waiting for them to come.

    The only reason people get all up in arms when they see older videos is because it looks different due to the older plaza and overall designs, and because it looks different then what we have now, people desire it more. That's why some like the EU Plaza better, and some like the JP Plaza better. Vice versa, EU people like our plaza better, and JP people like our plaza better.

  2. That's a load of shit, I go to all regions, and our CP is the laughingstock of the home world. That user interface is a thousand times better, because it doesn't have the shit slow wardrobe disaster, and it simply just functions better.

  3. And people I talk too from Europe & Japan Home say that their central plazas are lame and ours is better.

    Thanks for proving my point =)

    Yea I'd love sure to be scrolling left & right with just ITEM NAMES with the plethora of items I own vs having images to scroll through so I can actually see what to select before I put it on. /s

  4. No they don't, if they do, chances are they are retarded. If you like ours better, you are stupid too.

  5. I've never heard anything but complaints about ours on the eu server. It's small and cramped, and ugly. Especially since they added the splotches of bird shit all over the CP.

  6. I like the EU plaza, cause it's different ;)

    And I like the JP plaza, cause it's different ;)

    And I did like our plaza, but now I'm bored of it and would like something...different ;)

  7. Oh and don't get me wrong, I do like those older plazas from the closed betas, only cause...they're different ;)

    But come on, if we had one of those plazas now, and they were showing our current plaza in those videos, we'd be wanting that plaza cause it'd be different then what we currently have.

  8. Best difference between our Plaza and that was....Almost 0 Lag. Home freaking spammed the plaza with so much crap takes forever to load!

  9. They can always expand our plaza,,, bunch of lawn going to waste behind that over sized movie screen. That old closed beta plaza is dull looking I am glad they got rid of it.

  10. Well more users equals more lag.

  11. @asoccer
    Best difference between our Plaza and that was...millions of users vs a very small handful of users. Gee I wonder why they aren't having lag in those older videos, I guess because they don't have millions of users pounding at the servers.

    I'm still waiting for that wooden gate to open up.

  12. I can't speak for the Blogger here, but I don't think they were trying to compare CP from the videos to what we have today. Actually listen to what Sony is saying in these videos: user created content, virtual communities, social networking. The only thing they have delivered on are these micro transactions and premium content. They have yet to create the soul of Home... a thriving community with true social networking and user generated content. They would need actual community management and improved technology (to support user generated content) to deliver what was promised.

    Further the way Sony has implemented the premium content is laughable with the failed promises, bugs and wretched communication.

    That said we still have a Beta here. If you choose to subsidize the mess that is Home then go ahead and buy their stuff.

  13. Slow news day huh?


  14. Japan Home is just better overall. especaillay their Home Square. the central plaza fucking sucks because it's all smashed together and looks very unapealing. not to mention that pathetic excuse for a game in the middle of the plaza.
    and what about the game room in that video? better than what we have now. the arcade games, better. did you not see the soccer, football and basketball spots in there too? or the other personal spaces in the video? and that that know..voice chat thing.
    the only thing from back then that we have now is the Summer House, which you can't even fully furnish, and some of the clothes.

    [Tim&Eric]Great Job![/Tim&Eric]

  15. LOL wow a some mini games that you'll only place for a day and then never play again. And personal spaces that you do nothing in.

    Now if that was Sodium/Xi & Neptume Apartment shown in those videos, and it was those we didn't have, then your argument would sound stronger.

    Voice chat will come back whenever they're done revamping it so it's not taken advantage of by the little 12 year old kiddies who mic spam.

    "Some clothes." You mean generic looking clothes that don't hold a handle to the stuff that's been released to us?

    You're just picking at straws now.

    PS: Most "big" personal spaces you can't fully furnish because of the item limit, not just the Summer House.

  16. Whoops typo, handle = candle

    Here's a picture to describe how I feel with this.

  17. I find it funny the last video.. Summer House has a pool table.. Nice... Not to mention.. it sure looked like there was more then 50 items in that house..

  18. SONY fucked us ALL in the ass , ALRIGHT! Fucking face it.. Even i got ripped a new one. So whatever , its not the first time a company sold me a sack of horse shit.


  19. @Anon 5:22
    yea i guess you make some-what of a point. i guess not everyone cares about extra mini games(although that's what everyone bitches about when a new space comes out and there's no mini game, boo hoo.) and extra personal spaces(althoguh the ones in the videos look pretty cool).
    and when i the part where i said the only thing we have now from back then was the summer space and some of the clothes, i meant that as a bad thing lol. thanks for proving my point though and sorry for the confusion.

    and i don't consider the summer house as a big space. i'd say a 'medium sized' space at most.
    the only space that is good for the item limit that we have now is the Harbor Studio. and i and some other people are even left with empty pockets of space sometimes.

    and @AnonaMaaannn!
    yea they fucked us, or a lot of us. but are you saying you're ok with that? 'cause i'm not.