Sexual Harassment, Not Just Happening To Females

Written by: Kapow

So I was hanging around, AFK, in the Central Plaza earlier when i looked up and noticed this fool (a person using a female avatar) was harassing one of my friends (a male). Following him around where ever he went, making sexual innuendos towards him and so on.
The harasser (XxVIRUSxUNDEADxX) was using a female avatar with default clothing but we have no proof of what his/her true gender is. My point is that harassment, sexual or not (in this case both), doesn't only happen to females but you rarely hear anyone talking about males getting harassed.
You never hear any stories of how a male was standing around and then all of a sudden someone got down and started giving him a virtual blowjob and how shocked and traumatized he was that that had happened to him. One could make the argument that males are more laid back, and don't take things like that so serious. Which is true in a lot of cases, but not for everyone.
A few days ago I was standing around in the Central Plaza, not looking at my TV, and when i looked back at the screen there was some random person pretending to blow me. But me being me, I laughed and then walked away. I didn't take it seriously or as some sort of personal attack in any way. But that's me. It could have been a guy like Mr_Lochwood (who I know gets pretty pissed when people do that kind of thing to him or anyone else) and they wouldn't have just laughed it off. Or it could have been a 10-14 year-old boy who shouldn't really be seeing that sort of stuff.
I guess what I'm trying to get at is that while harassment, sexual or not, happens a lot to females, they are not the only ones it's happening to and it can affect males just the same. Also

Home Pro-Tip/ Common Sense:
If you're being harassed, sexually or not, report for harassment then move away. If they follow, tell them to stop following then move away. If they keep at it, report for stalking then jump to another space or instance.
And if you feel like you don't have to leave (and of course, you don't have to) then by all means, stay. But I look at it like this, if something bad or wrong was happening to you, wouldn't you want to get away from it? COME ON!


  1. I (male avatar) was sitting on a bench in the central plaza and this other guy came up to me and started giving me a virtual blowjob. I was laughing my ass off and played along by doing emotes back lol.

    I for one find it hilarious when it happens to me and don't get offended.

  2. I really don't think those tips work at all. I've been on Home for a long time, and I've witnessed that not saying anything or moving at all works best. They think you're gone! So they move on. It doesn't take long, either. They move on quite quickly.

    If that doesn't work, go to clubs in the PDA and click "Create Club". Most of us know that makes you invisible to other users, but most noobs don't. (Noobs are normally the harassers). Stay in there for like 30 seconds, and then go back. They'll be gone.