shungkusatsu strikes... again.

Another email:

This email is pretty much a follow up to an email you received (Sorry my friends don't like your post). I really enjoyed those threads and thought they were very unique and entertaining. When I no longer seen any more threads from the user I just thought they decided not to post those threads anymore. When I found out that the threads were moved I PMed the person who made the threads and asked them why they were moved. They told me the whole story so I decided to make a thread questioning the reason for moving the threads and asked if we were allowed to post any pics. Well my thread was up almost all day with only one generic response, the forum elites were too busy making fun of new home users on another thread. When I checked the forums later that evening I see that my thread had been deleted and I had received a message from a moderator, you will never guess who the mod was. To my surprise it was shungokusatsu, name sound familiar? (I never mentioned him or any moderator in my thread). Coincidence...I think not.
There is a serious problem on home and on the forums with favoritism among the mods,HMC and the home and forum elites. They can deny it all they want but everyone else sees it. There is no way to explain why my post was up on the forums all day then all of a sudden shungkusatsu comes along and deletes my thread, the same person who moved the other threads that I was asking about. One of his forum friends obviously did not like my post just like like they did not like the great threads that showed everyday users on home not the elites.
Thank you very much for your email! We have received a lot of email about this shungkusatsu fellow, and I've yet to see anything positive. Everything I get is very questionable, and always seems to point in the direction of promoting his friends while battling with people his buddies don't seem to like. I appreciate the email, and we will keep posting them if you keep writing them.


  1. Having received a ban yesterday for doing NOTHING, I am very definately the victim of a spiteful mod called AKA_NERO who actively gives a friend of mine a really hard time, and is really nasty to boot. I have just posted on the forum here:

    this is alive and well in all regions, corruption and hidden agendas abound, and this particular mod is even violently disliked by his peers and colleagues, WTF is Sony community management doing, do they not over-see the conduct of their staff whatsoever?......have also used the jpeg of home-watch as part of the post, lets see how LITHIUM likes THAT little gem. TOSSERS!

  2. OOOH, within just 5 mins of posting to the forum I am BANNED from the site, wow, I'm stunned, puerile deluded egotistical fukwits. Now I wonder if that was Lithium, or a mod........

  3. Brilliant! Not only have I been banned from the forum, but now also my Network account has been banned too, did I actually have the nerve to question corrupt practices????????? and mention Homewatch?.......You see folks, it's all over the place, all the way over to here in the little old UK. Sigh, anyway, gotta go, i need to create another account :-)