shungokusatsu, you got toes, I will step.

In my email from a friend of mine:

Hey there [my name removed]! Wanna talk irony? I posted something, came here, read about shungokusatsu, went back to check on my post, and guess what? EDITED BY SHUNGOKUSATSU! Lol. I figured I'd shoot you the link and the text:

"mrdiamond666 wrote:
im not near pc to read thread, so does anyone know a date? i would love 2 be chosen to help, in since cb so i know my way around, and never banned/suspended. thank you.

I hope you make it, but be prepared. I hope your nose is brown enough."
I came back and it read:
"I hope you make it, but be prepared.
Message Edited by shungokusatsu on 01-07-2010 11:36 AM"

Haw, he didn't delete it, he just removed the jab at the staff! BUSTED!

The [removed]
(ps: feel free to use my name, I dont give a shit what they do to me TBH)
Thanks, even in email you make me laugh. Sorry about the mod abuse, I've posted your email for all to see. I think shungokusatsu is stepping on more toes then he can handle.


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