Sorry, My friends don't like your post.

I'm going to have to file this under the "bullshit" file. A mod by the name of shungokusatsu has recently decided that identical posts differ greatly when written by different people. From the following sent to me:

"I posted a few threads in the Playstation Home General forums. These took the form of comics describing my experiences in Home mean to illustrate why I think Home rules. It seems a few users had a big problem with my posts, namely virus-2049 and Jim777.

My final post, relating an experience I had in the Fight Night space with some users, was abruptly whisked away to what is called the Playstation Creative forum. I had never heard of such a forum. It has no connection to Home whatsoever.

The forum moderator who did this is shungokusatsu. I emailed the moderator, telling him that his actions didn't make sense and I found humiliating. My threads were about Home and should have been in the general forums, but shungokusatsu replied, when I asked:

"The Creations board is the correct locations for fan fics. You'll see there's other similar threads there as well."

I pointed out that I was puzzled because I posted four other similar threads, but only the final one was moved to the Creations forum and only after several users questioned it being there. shungokusatsu replied:

"All the content on the Creations board is and must be PlayStation related; it's strictly for PlayStation games and content. The thread being moved has absolutely nothing to do with users. It was moved to be placed in the correct location."

I again ask why only the final post was moved and not all of mine, or all of the other comic based threads I've seen (i.e. by Lil Blue Eyes), the mod replied:

"We've moved several similar threads like yours. Just take a look at the Creations board."

I asked him a third time why only one of mine was moved and not all of them. And the reason why I'm persuing this issue is because, if it's a "general policy," then it should apply equally to all mine and other's posts. The way it was handled, with only the final one being moved, looked like the mod responding to a personal request from certain favorite users. So, he replied to me:

"Weren't brought to my attention until you told me. It' also very likely they're no longer on the front or first few pages."

I finally confronted him about his evasiveness and told him that I'm entitled to an answer to my question. I put a lot of work into my posts and am hurt, angry and humiliated they are moved to a forum where nobody will likely see them. His response is:

"No, it means they're less likely to be viewed or reported to our attention. Most users frequent the front page, not the older ones. I've gone ahead and moved them since you've brought them to my attention."

shungokusatsu moved all my posts, which are about Home, from the Home forum to the Playstation General Forum. I tried to be more involved with the community on the official forums. But it seems I'm a threat to the ego-infused elite posters on that forum.

Humiliated even further. I read a post in the general forums today here:

I asked shungokusatsu why mine were removed yet this one remains, he replied:

"Those are pictures of Home and an event, not a fanfic or user created story. The only content you had moved to the Creations board were the fanfics."

I pointed out to him that my posts were not fanfics, but were visual narratives of my experiences in Home. I told him bluntly that he's lying. He responded:

"A narrative story, story content falls under the Creations boards. You're more than welcome to confirm this with the head administrator, CronoEx, if you feel I'm lying."

Again, there is no difference between my posts and this one.
On behalf of the Home-Watch Community I'd like to thank the author for submitting her story. It took a lot of bravery to show everyone how she was singled out and humiliated by a part of the moderation staff. Kudos to you miss.


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