Sorry Preggos, moderation staff hates ya!

Brought to my attention via email was this topic: Why are there no "pregnant" avatars for the ladies of Home? The topic begs the question:

So I found out today a friend of mine is pregent (sic) (and no, I am not the father, so don't even go there) and I was wondering why pregnant avatars do not exist on Home for the ladies?

But if they do bring pregnant avatars to Home, should they be forced to wear "maternity" style clothing only? This would prevent creeps from wearing the 2 piece bikini swimsuit while pregnant out in public.

Share your thought.

The topic made it a total six pages before being locked. Reason for the lock? According to Cobra1:

When creating your thread, please ensure the discussion material is appropriate for the Forums.


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I guess that pregnancy isn't an appropriate topic. I recall they did the same thing to "I love Lucy." Difference is that was 1952.

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  1. There's already maternity style clothing. You know that pacman grey tshirt you unlock from namco museum?