Sorry, you're just not good enough.

This post here was created as form of community bonding measure. It made it 13 pages before being shut down. According to the person who closed it, CronoEX:

There have been many concerns recently over forum games (ie. game trivia, collaborative stories, etc.). We realize that these types of things are fun to many members and certainly don't want to eliminate them completely, but at the same time we need to take steps to make sure that they stay on the right course and don't degrade into pointless droning. (Homewatch note: at no point did this forum post get that way. The excuse is without any foundation) At this time, we'd like to restrict the privilege of creating such games to MVPs. We will work with them on ways to create games that add value to the community and stay meaningful, and yet are fun at the same time. This includes avoiding games that only elicit one-word responses, that don't create any discussion, etc. If you have a neat idea for a forum game, feel free to mention it to one of your friendly MVPs. As I said though, this privilege is reserved only to MVPs, so we're asking that non-MVP members please refrain from creating such games on the forums. We appreciate your cooperation! Thank you
Wow, that's a steaming pile of it if I ever heard it. I wonder which suckup asked for it? Nice to know even the forum admins stop by to ruin everyone's good time and support their elite gestapo.


  1. That rule has been part of the forums since 07 you idiot

  2. Conrad_Max kudoed Crono_EX, LOL

  3. The suck up above me most likely. Do you really think you are helping home by trying to alienate people and reporting harmless and your suck ass buddies just dont get it. That is the most stupid rule I ever heard long has that thread been up and now its locked? I see it took you and your buddies a long time to dig something up and find that rule to get it locked. You are one of the biggest problems of home and the forums

  4. Sry two more comments snuck in there...I meant the suck up Jim777

  5. I sent this in. It was my thread. This thread was never meant to be a contest but an appreciation of Home.

    Of course Comrad Max kudoed it. He's the idiotic Pope of Home.

    With that said, I'm done with Home, Sony and playstation. Unlike the pathetic loosers like Jim777, Conrad, Lochwoods and that crew, I do not NEED Home. I have a life and many friends in the real world.

    Home has been a good diversion after the pressures of Yale, but now I have to move on. This is a fucking toy company. And some have said I should stay and fight, but why bother? It's not worth it.

    It seems strange how CydoniaX tells us to be creative, yet we're subverted at every step of the way.

    I'll continue to comment here to see how far down the losers like Jim and Conrad will go, and maybe I will come back (I always reserve the right to change my mind). But I'd like to return to my books and get into a good doctoral program. That's more important...

  6. Well JT I respect your decision and you will be missed. You were an example of all the good things home was. I loved your threads and they will be missed as well. Its a shame you drew the disdain of the elites that like to show how wonderful they are by who they know. Good luck to you and I hope to see you back soon =]

  7. Just remember the Champions Of Free Expression Appreciation Day on Friday at Scorpio's. I may be there. We'll honor CRUNKRIS, LilBlueEyes, artofrom-fazeone, x-cult, and everyone else whom the Lochwoods et al have tried to silence through their gestapo methods.

  8. Troll777, I think you're missing the point. It wasn't a game. Sorry to point out the never ending amount of feces dripping from your lips, but if you're going to reply, you're gonna have to UNDERSTAND what it is you're replying to.

  9. One further question, since Conrad_Max kudoed Chronos. Isn't he in the Navy? Why are our tax dollars going to this guy to sit on Home all day. Who is his CO? I certainly HOPE he's not an officer, I would hate to think he's actually leading sailors.

    I have a strong attachment to the Navy. I was accepted into the Naval Academy in Annapolis but for various reasons had to decline it. But knowing friends in the Navy, some of whom are officers and some enlisted, Conrad's behavior on Home and in the forums is unacceptable.

  10. Let's track him down and find out?

  11. that mod eefinem once called jim a 'political punk.' shows you that even sony hates him.

  12. ^^^ @ anonymous. Jim is a failtrain, Cho Chooooo!.

  13. Dedicated Home UserJanuary 11, 2010 at 7:46 PM

    I read somewhere also that Conrad is in the navy. I think he is a disgrace.

  14. Lithium and Sony are an embarrassment to online communities. We're all aware that there aren't suppose to be any game threads unless created by an MVP.

    But is this really a 'game thread'? I mean, does lithium even know what a game is? There's a big difference between a little picture game, and then a contest game. I was always under the impression that it was contests that only MVPs were able to post.

    Also, I find it cute that rule #3 on the Terms of Conduct says: "We've promised to respect you..." yet you see very little of it going on. It's fucking disrespectful to treat us like idiots and try to silence even innocent stuff like this (not to mention the other shit that's going on).

    Someone should hold these people accountable to meet their own standards.

    In other news, I think Jim's an ok guy. He's just a bit misguided at times.

  15. Thanks Alice. What is an MVP? That isn't clear. And a contest implies competition and prizes and rewards, none of which applies here.

    It is purely a vendetta from Conrad and that crowd. They are making it clear it is their forum and nobody else is welcome.

    And Jim is an asshole, pure and simple. If you're a friend of his, watch your back. After all I was friends with him once too and he stabbed me in the back.

  16. I appreciate your concern, but I don't give people the opportunity to stab me in the back. I'm like a mixture of George Bush and a rabbid dog. If I sense danger, I attack fiercely before I even have a logical reason to do so.

    I guess we all got our issues!

  17. its a shame they treat people liek this. don't they relize their losing customers?

  18. @ JTWNY

    MVP's aren't clear? You're a fucking moron. All the MVP's have the MVP titles with their names. You're a moron

    also another thing JTWNY, you call out everyone else with all of their holier than thou and egotistical ways of doing things.

    But you're a big huge hypocrite, just by creating this thread and getting butt hurt over every little thing, and you're calling people names and half the time spewing lies about stuff you don't know the full story on.

    So you need to fucking grow up and stop being such a hypocrite JTWNY, pure and simple.

  19. Created this Blog not thread, sorry my bad, just clearing that up.

  20. I don't think insulting people is going to change anything, J-T-W-NY. I enjoyed the thread, a lot, and I was surprised when I read the reason they closed it. It's a little bit ridiculous.

    Yes, I agree with some people here, some people ARE suck ups, but there is no need to insult them for that. Attacking the wrong people isn't going to change anything, I'm sorry, but that's fact.

    What we can hope however, is this blog will change things. I had a similar idea a while back, but decided not to go through with it until I knew nothing was going to change.

    I'm sorry to hear that you are leaving J-T-W-NY,
    hopefully you can return some day. I have to agree with some of the things you said though, what the staff are doing, both at Lithium and Sony Computer Entertainment of America is ridiculous. I've already said that if things don't change this year, I'm out of here, and I mean it.

    I love Home, and I'm going to try to the best of my ability to see that it isn't run into the ground by those incompetent assholes, and they are, you can see it in the way they present themselves, both in posting and in Home. The best solution would be to fire the entire staff and replace them, but what if the problem is above the staff?

    Now stop fucking insulting each other, that isn't going to get shit done.

    Also, for the record, before you attack me. I am friends with some of the people who were mentioned here. Yes, some of them are a little bit too nice to the staff, but overall they are great people. I'm not just saying that because they are friends of mine either, they are very nice people, or they've yet to do me wrong.

  21. OMg, Love this site first . . . Good work. I've put this website link as my twitter home page, and have the url as my psn id comment.

    I'll help get the word out.

    As per jims comments, not the most civil and convincing argument. Glad he stopped by . . . if only to call someone an idiot. mature

    this whole thing sounds like a catch 22 to me. The game is fixed, the house will always come out on top. You are asked to be creative, and your threads are moved. How come the posts Jesquars make dnt end up in Playstation Creations?? Why? CAUSE THEY DNT BELONG THERE!! Cause they are about Home. Just like the rest of the recent threads moved to Playstation Creations. why move em? Cause certain people have been black listed.

    they (managers) have an affective way of diverting all blame and talk of their own fault into a discussion of OUR own. Pinning the blame for lack of communication on US, as if WE were paid to make sure communication took place. Its kinda like they glabbed ur hand and then hit u in the face wit it saying "Stop hitting urself, stop hitting urself".

    But then it seems something interesting happened. The managers cant handle the forums wit their comments to subvert attention and blame to the forums instead of answering the question possed to them. And the Brown Nosers arent enuf. The people refused to except Cyds answer and post. Now that a "riot" broke out cause of all the neglect on the forums. Well what do u do when u got a riot? U send in the hormone high knuckle heads wit the billy clubs and pepper spray, i.e. the Forum MODS.

    These recent acts from the litium MODs can only mean that the Home managers looked at the forums, unable to turn them wit their FEW words, and sent emails to MODs asking them to "shape up" the place. And i have no doubt they will. The MODs have been called in to shape the Forums to the liking of the Managers and we r powerless on the forums. There is no power granted to a forum voice when the people u are talking to arent listening, or worse, they take that forum voice away.

    Im READY!! im waiting. Tell me what to do and im there. Whats the plan? I cant wait to get started. The Forums are no longer a means to anything. Fight the good fight, dnt leave the forums, speak, use the voice u were given, but it is yielding no progress. So let me and others know how we are to achieve the change we want to and need to see.

  22. This comment has been removed by the author.

  23. Hi Adam. I've always liked you and never had a bad thing to say against you. You're one of the coolest on Home and was furious that stupid mod Edisnaeco fucked around with you. I'm glad you filmed it and I hope she (he, it) was fired.

    Anonymous, the defintion of hypocricy is to say one thing yet do the opposite. How have my actions been hypocritical? I'm bringing to light a grave injustice and confusing actions on the part of Sony, and it's obvious that Locust_Star, CydoniaX and GlassWalls are part of the unjust actions. They're only interested in catering to their pets and the rest of us can just get lost for all they care.

    Regarding specifics in your paragraph, I don't know who the MVPs are. I don't really pay that much attention to people's IDs. However, it seems that moderator is confirming everything we've been saying. Only the elite can contribute. I'm not welcome. And it's a shame since my "Home in extreme close up" thread was popular.

    It was never meant to be a contest (there were no rules, not prizes, etc) and was meant only to foster appreciation for Home. It's obvious it was shut down by that Pig Conrad_Max, the disgrace to the Navy, out of a personal vendetta. Why that guy has always attacted me I will never know.

    Lastly, I didn't start this blog. Honestly, I wish I did. I wanted to start something like this for a long time but have been too busy. Thank God it's here for us to expose just how mismanaged Home really is and how it's going into the tank.

  24. Well ADAM that is your opinion of which you are entitled to. As far as being a suck up goes I don't have a problem with that either what I do have a problem with is when the suck ups join together and try to get rid of anything that does not conform to their way of thinking or anything or anyone they don't like. I can guarantee you if I was the one complaining to the mods about her threads not a thing would have been done....why because I'm a nobody on the forum (and like it that way)So I just call em as I see em...If it walks like a suck up and talks like a suck up its a suck up. So ADAM you keep sticking up for your friends that is your right and I would not attack you just for that

  25. I actually have quite a bit of information regarding the moderator team and the community team. The conversation I had with GlassWalls about a week ago was very interesting. I brought up several important issues, such as getting stuck in disbanded clubhouses, the ISE, and various other things. He assured me that those issues are top priority and are in the works to be fixed. In fact, he told me to PM him the names of anyone affected by the clubhouse issue, I did, and they weren't helped, they were ignored.

    That's bullshit. I know it, you know it, and the rest of the community knows it. If those things were a top priority then the freezes in Central Plaza would have been fixed as soon as users started reporting them, but no - it has been several months and no word from the staff whether or not it is being worked on.

    That sort of thing is becoming common place now. We're starting to see less and less interaction with the staff and more and more problems. I don't know what their problem is, if they are understaffed, if they're working on it, or if they just don't give a fuck.

    Either way - I'm not going to stand by and let this happen, no one should. I fear that this problem goes beyond management, though.

    You see, I and several of my friends from Exodus did research on this subject, the moderation team and the community team. We have quite the collection of evidence against them. However, I am not ready to release that evidence just yet. When the time is right, that is when we strike.

    A movement such as this takes planning, more than just a blog insulting their mistakes or neglect. We need a plan of action, and unity.

  26. And yes, sucking up is bad, but favoritism is worse. Especially when it says in their code of conduct. Like I've said, we've done research, we've read the TOS, EULA, and Code of Conduct many times and we know what they are doing is wrong.

  27. Crunkris raises an important point. In HeatherShow's thread, CydoniaX told us: "Also, you have to remember that we can give you all kinds of awesome content and tools, but at the end of the day, it's up to YOU what you do with them. We'd love to see you guys engage with Home just as much as you want to see us engage with you, the community."

    Why is it the forum moderators then are able to subvert this very notion? I try to be creative several times and am stopped for bullshit reasons. HCM and forum moderators are working against one another, and it's infuriating.

    Again, it raises the question of what are they doing? They're not doing their jobs and are letting Home sink into a giant, smelly cesspool.

    And Adam, suck ups are one thing. Jim and Conrad and Chronos are lesser people because they do not act for themselves and have no dignity. But the problems begin when Sony staff respond to their sick desires and inflict spiritual violence on others on their behalf.

    The reality is, this blog is merely the tip of the iceberg. I have a big mouth, but thousands of others on Home feel the exact same way and are not tolerating it.

    If you see the Playstation Creations forums you will see some of Jersquall threads. Like when his avatar was on Liberty City GT4.

  29. You know, it's really sad of what Home has become in the past few months. All the elitism spreading everywhere like a desease, is amazing how HCMs don't take time to get up their asses and do their job. Home will fall...very soon.