Update on Earlier Post

An update from earlier. We are very pleased that Mrs_Laporta decided to brag. Because her Twitter page led us to her Myspace page. (Warning, every single image, flash, and javascript from 2004 is on this thing. Took 3 tries to get info from it due to Firefox crashing.) Anywho, it turns out she is too young for the HCV program. Jim777 was removed due to him being 17 at the time. We are calling for the immediate revoke of Mrs_Laporta's status.

the names Maylaya Monuiqe Laporta'. i'll let you call me baby if your lucky;)i am taken by the most amazing guy in the world ---> nathan allen goff. & now that we are back together i intend to be with him forever. so guys who... so plan on trying to "get at me" becasue i'm perfectly happy with my & his relationship ? i am 16. i attend lhs. i'm not straight, nor am i a lesbian. i only have eyes for one person; nathan allen goff. so i guess that makes me "nate-sexual" --> take it as you please. the people who i couldn't like without --> courtney, katie, britt,shafaye, diatra,caitlin, amanda, tia, lucas & of course nathan! :]] i'm who i am today not because of you, but because of me :) people who think they know me are 99.9% of the time wrong. so get to know me before making judgments. i live life to the fullest no matter what the consequences are. i'm an origianal wild child, & most are just realizing it. i'm not the quiet one i once was. i trust people way too fast, & fall in love way too easily. i have made some mistakes in the past (quite a few) but i have learned from them all. i'm nice easygoing & the number one chick that will make your girlfriend jealous ? ..
We apologize over and over and over for that barf-inducing quote. But we figured we'd save you from the visual sodomy that is that myspace page. seriously, if you have at least a gig of ram, check it out. It is an artistic abortion. I'd rather swim in bleach with my eyes open.

Observations aside, reading this myspace for 2 seconds, I feel really insulted that THAT'S who the HCM would pick to represent them. It's like if President Obama said "You know, I can't make it to nuclear talks with north korea. Please send Sloth from The Goonies.

Last point: I'd like the HCM to answer the question (LMAO like they ever answer any) Why can this person, who who's writing is barely legible, and obviously not that bright, get access to codes for free items? HCM can't fix the countless complaints from people who are missing items? So many folks get shafted for the things they pay for, and when they attempt to get what they pay for, they are told "all sales are final." But you can create codes to spoil a 16 year old girl. GlassWalls, if you ever read this, I'd like to know what it is that's so special about a 16-year-old girl, that you feel the need to give her gifts.


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  3. hahaha, that's fuckin hilarious and sad at the same time.

  4. Oh, and double fail on your end, you claim that was from when she was 16?

    Last Login: 1/29/2010

    Oops, enjoy your cup-o-fail. Served with a side of failfries.

  5. She's been logging in it recently AND HAS BEEN UPDATING IT RECENTLY, as proof you can even see that hcv sig in her profile, then why hasn't she updated her age?

    Especially when there's also a Home pic of her and Locust RIGHT UNDER ALL OF THAT

    I would think if one goes through all that hard work to make such a wonderful myspace profile with all that detail, a simple update in age wouldn't be a problem, no?

    Or maybe it's because she's really 16? hmmm?

  6. ... And doesn't myspace auto update age? At least mine shows my current age, even though I created it 3 years ago.

  7. You cant change your age on myspace after you make an account.

  8. GlassWalls is a pedophile, what?

  9. The answer is simple. She's 16. Myspace won't let you join unless you're 18. She lied. It's the internet, it's pretty easy to do.

    She has a kid? Oh, she must be 18. No way teenage pregnancy exists. She claims to be married. Cool. I claim that I'm part of the Belgian Royal Family. Far removed of course. I'm also in a polygamous morman marriage with 3 wives. My youngest son is an astronaut.

    Yay, the internet is easy to lie! Let's look over the facts.

    FACT: Her Profile States she's 16.
    FACT: She updated her profile with pictures of her on Home, with HCM, DIRECTLY UNDER WHERE IT SAYS SHE IS 16.
    FACT: she updated her myspace to have a HCV banner.
    FACT: she claims to be engaged
    FACT: her profile displays her as obviously desperate for attention
    FACT: There's a picture of herself, taken by herself with a cellphone, in a mirror. No self respecting girl past the age of 16 is that lame.
    FACT: She logged in today. Unaware of this post or the previous one.

    It all adds up to: SHE'S 16. "But the HCM does background checks! Nana!" If this is your reasoning, you are a fucking retard. How hard is it to fake stuff? "what year were you born?" Can lie. "can you send us a photo id?" Photoshop. 20 seconds.

  10. here's a thought that just came to mind:
    why is it that everytime i see Locust_Star in Home, he's always wearing the free stuff? i mean, what kind of message does that send to the community? that you don't even support the company for which you work enough to spend a few bucks and buy a shirt or 2. i'm sure you could get a hold of some vouchers for some free clothes to at least make people Think you buy clothes in Home like the rest of us.
    people might say, "hey, if Locust_Star, a HCM doesn't even buy stuff in Home, why should i?"

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  12. actually i think Sloth from the Goonies would make a great HCV... hell, he would do even better as a HCM. put him in charge of home and things would likely get better