Vetoxade discovered!

According to this forum post:

Hello eveyone, just wanted to let yall know that a recent friend i've made in HOME and I have infact figured out the EXACT combination fo the evere elusive VETOXADE drink. I spent countless hours tending bar to figure this out and Mr. Surlebenniac had to keep taking cabs home then waking up w/ a serious hangover only to make his way back to Scorpions in search of an answer. :smileytongue:

So all

these things we understand to be true by testing thru trial and error.First and foremost it has to be this exact combination:
Plus Sign Glass
Green Fluid
Circular Sodium Stirrer

We also know that it doesnt matter what ure wearing, we origianlly thought you might need Sodium outfit and boots but thats knot the case. Also from our experiences you have to score at least 85% while drinking the drink to get it. Now since Surel made this revelation to the community it has been brought to our attention that it doesnt matter what you score, you still get it. We were also under the assumption you had to drink the drink on medium or hard but this also may knot be the case either. One more night of specifics shooting and we'll know the exact ins and outs.
Many thanks to ShadyKnot for all his hard work. Of course, there are countless people trying to attention whore and post it themselves (Such as home's official crybaby Fem_boi) but all credit goes to ShadyKnot.


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