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hi wanted 2 ask if u knew the answer. i wanted the burn zombie female head 4 my avatar. i went 2 the store n decided 2 buy the full costume in case i ever wanted 2 dress up in the full. i bought it but it is not there. so i thought maybe i did'nt buy it and bought just the head. then i found the head in my wardrobe. what gives?

Yes, that is rather annoying, but I have the solution for you. What you bought the first time is the Burn Zombie Burn outfit. It will appear under outfits. Sadly the outfit is one piece and none of the parts appear separately. The head you bought the second time is a standalone piece, so you're stuck with both. So if I'm right the female costume is $3.99plus the head costs $2.99. So you payed just a sliver shy of $7 because they aren't clear in the stores. I'd suggest posting on the PlayStation®Home Support. I wouldn't expect a speedy resolution though. Hell, I wouldn't expect them to have a resolution at all.


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