Tawkn Slams Home

Via Tawkn:
I don't post a lot about Home, because I think it's pretty lame and I don't even have it installed. But this week is bringing some features that some of you may enjoy, so I figured I'd post about it.

Firstly, LittleBigPlanet game launching support is being added to Home in tomorrow's update. Now you can meet creepy people and jump from Home into a multiplayer session together.

On top of that, there is a new IREM Square space, which is supposed to be set up like a traditional Japanese carnival. You can win all sorts of useless e-trinkets from a company that has yet to release an actual game for the PS3 outside of Japan.

For just $2.99, you can get a Wizard's Den personal space, complete with a dragon flying around outside your window. I bet if you listen carefully, you can hear him mumbling about how "Lair didn't suck, people are just resistant to SIXAXIS controls."

Ubisoft is releasing male and female versions of an Altair costume, presumably for purchase, but no price was stated.

And finally, I'll actually quote Locust_Star, the Home Community Specialist:

"In other news, the Legion shirt that so many of you grabbed last month from the Theater will magically sprout wings this Thursday. Don't ask me how they did it; it must be some type of divine intervention. [...] pretty cool, huh?"

No, not really.

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  1. If that little dragon doesn't show up I hope someone gets fired at Sony. I'm not buying (anything) in Home but if they misrepresented the space and are ignoring the forum posts about it someone needs to get the shit kicked out of them.

    On the flip side maybe something really does cause the space to evolve, like Jim's wet dream we read about recently on the forum. In that case Sony gets a kudo from me. (a rare event, so prove me wrong ya racist bastards)

  2. you spelled tawkn wrong, lol