Voice It!

People are starting to get loud. Loud and tired. Loud, tired, and pissed off. It's reaching a boiling point where people are sick and tired of the HORRIBLE JOB that the home staff is doing. Such as this topic discussing the fact that the Paris Classical Wardrobe is shown in this bundle.

Here is a PRIME example of FALSE ADVERTISING, and why after I bought this, I'm really seriously thinking of taking SONY to court over this, because it is continuing time and time again... The picture below clearly shows the Paris Classical Living Room Bundle. Now look closely to the left, you will see the Paris Classical Wardrobe.
Should Sony be held accountable for putting inept people at the helm of a large scale product that's supposed to draw in users and profit? We're gonna say yes. But is it over? Nah, it's Home. THERE'S ALWAYS SOME NEW DELIGHTFUL MISADVENTURE. NEXT UP:

Why is the Hat advertised as being BLACK turn out to be the color GREEN? According to the topic:

You know.. I'm really getting sick of this.. This is now 3 issues I have found just in a few hours, and other people are find more.. But this one I bought and didn't notice it until I wore it.



Should the completely incapable Home staff answer or fix this? We'd like to say yes, but why is it items go unfixed for MONTHS at a time? Why is it not possible for the HCM to at least say "we are aware of this bug?"

But lets get back to that Wardrobe. Or is it a wardrobe? This topic asks the question:

You know.. this update I must say has to be the worst as far as attention given on representing the items properly.. I'm very close in starting a class action for us, because well I'm sick of it. Just on this update alone I have been screwed twice by false advertising. See other posts.. now I pose a question to the HOME MANAGERS (which I'm sure will go unanswered, unless Glass shows up) But I want to know what the difference between these two items are besides a name change. I'm not paying for two separate items, when the only thing that changes is a NAME.
And last but not least, we get to this topic:
Umm.. has anyone bought the new beds yet?? Well all I can say (I have pics.. but to lazy to upload them now) is I hope your poor old tired avatar never needs to sleep.. You're asking why? Well first, they can't lay down only sit on the bed, and second.. He/she would never fit into that new nice comfy bed. LOL Yup you got it.. the size of the bed is way off. Your poor avatar might be able to get about half his/her body in it.. but that's about it..

Laaaaame. So no only are these pieces all messed up, but they are just sized completely WRONG. That's just BAD DEVELOPMENT. Bad support, bad development, bad staff, bad support, bad bugs, bad missing items, bad support, BAD, BAD, BAD.


  1. I dnt blame em, its getting sickening. And we can rest well knowing next year arround this time, this issue will still be unadressed as it joins all the other issues still unadressed and unfixed, and unrefunded. It realy makes ur blood boil.

    I saw one of the new beds today and actualy thought it was a doll bed, its pethetic. its about the size as one of those princess or race car beds u might by ur 10 year old. But labeling that hat Green is purely lazy. If it was my job to just label items that hit the mall and make sure the items are all there, i would hope i would be fired for both mislabeling items, and for not including all the items in a bundle.

    Its like the telephone game u used to play in school but applied to Home development. The Devs make the content. but then he sends it to someone and they label it wrong, it gets lost in translation, then when he/she passes it onto the mall, the list of items is lost in translation and not all the items make it to the bundle. then the user doesnt get what he she paid for, they get some jumbled up message of what they paid for. some jumbled up message of what the real message was to begin wit. Cause each time it passes from person to person, the message is altert. Sadly the message never benifits the user. I wish the word "free" would be mistakenly said maybe once or twice more. But I think its safe to say communication within the Home team, isnt much better than it is outside the home team wit us.

  2. It seems like to me they aren't allowed to fix anything promptly. They are so understaffed, and they have all these deadlines -- no wonder you only ever see 'gamebreaking' bugs ever addressed.

  3. on the matter of the size of furniture in Home recently, someone made a thread about 'Shrinking Items' in Home aaand, at first i didn't really think anything of it. but the past couple of days i've been in different friends spaces and their furniture is tiny. whenever i sit in a chair i feel like i'm sitting at the kiddie table at Thanksgiving. like the furniture was designed by fucking Hasbor's PlaySkool lol.