Welcome to Homewatch!

This is a new way of expressing myself. This is a new way for others to express themselves. All of us being very big fans of Sony's Playstation home. We wish to keep it that way.

Since it's concept it has been an amazing ride. As it continues to evolve, the people who spend their time there shape the community and it's direction. We at Homewatch wish to be part of that shaping. Our concerns are simple and blunt: The control and abuse of it's staff (The Home Community Management & Home Community Volunteers) needs to end, and many issues need to be dealt with. This includes, but is not limited to the following:

#1 Censorship, both on the forums surrounding Home, and on home itself. We are tired of having everyone's potty mouths constantly watched while young women and underaged children are sexually harassed with no staff to be found.

#2 Sexual harassment. The HM (Home Managers) do ABSOLUTELY NOTHING about this. It is a very large issue and no one had paid attention to it.

#3 Friends with Benefits. This is an issue that needs to be resolved. There are way too many people who are buddy-buddy with moderation members. They are awarded special treatment and special protection. This puts them into an elite class where they can abuse other community members without repercussion.

#4 No interaction or education on fixes or problems. There are many issues with home, it is beta software. However, it isn't addressed by the HCM, ever. We at Homewatch also believe honest fix requests are completely ignored and not relayed to development team members.

#5 Staff is rarely, if ever seen. The most common thing I see is moderators "Hanging out" with friends, and completely ignoring everyone else. I have even seen one moderator completely ignore a question from a newcomer and follow his friends into the Sodium One Pilot's Lounge for a picture taking session. (The pilot's lounge being the one place they can escape new people)

These are just a few of the issues we plan on bringing up, and I encourage other Home community members to get involved. I wish to remain anonymous to avoid attacks and retaliation from the HCM. And if you wish to submit something, feel free. You can use your name or remain anonymous as well.what about that


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