Who needs To Do Their Job?

Especially with so many brown-nosers, kiss-asses, and yes men? According to CamronGirl:

okay guys I wrote this message because it is not fair that the managers get all the blame for the way that the cloths and all of the other issues that they get blamed about they are improving for instance when ever the male new year shirt was not found it shows that they are getting the technolgy to work right by it saying not found. Allthou some will disagree with what I have said I fell the managers deserve to not be blamed for every mistake on home its not their fault.

Love CamronGirl

Well, besides her complete inability to type a coherent sentence, spell, or use punctuation she raises a good point. Should the staff be blamed for everything? I would say no, because a lot of the things that happen aren't their fault. However, their complete lack of communicating with the community leaves them ignorant of WHAT the issues are. They ignore any and all bug reports. (If you doubt that, check the graveyard which is PlayStation®Home Support) They also don't do much in the way of letting us know when and if our concerns have been relayed to any development source. So thank you CameronGirl for pointing out how useless the HCM is, even though I think you were trying to support them. I don't know, I could be wrong, your post was borderline illegible.


  1. The chick so annoying that even Mr_Lochwood had to rebuke her on the RHO thread. She is the biggest groupie on Home. If your name is not on the threads or with the HCV, she won't give you the time of day.

  2. I don't think people realize that it is their fault - to a certain degree. The fact is, everyone on the Home team for SCEA is responsible for their actions. Whether or not anyone wants to admit it, the community team is the face of Home.. and it is THEIR job to let us know what is going on and keep us updated. It is in that aspect that they fail.

    For example, the Waterfall Terrace furniture bundles were allegedly fixed, as the sticky on the forums said. However, it was only fixed for those who haven't purchased it yet. Anyone who had already purchased it, and that includes myself, has yet to have their bundle items returned to them.

    That is ridiculous.

  3. Methinks none of you know what you're talking about. And picking on Camron for making some sort of mistake is petty. No one is perfect. At least she tries to make Home more interesting. What do you do? Nuthin', that's what. Though one or two valid points are brought up, this whole blog is making me sick.

  4. Me thinks that you have no idea what you are talking about hiding behind the anonymous tag (makes it so much easier to talk alot of crap) While she and you are entitled to your opinion that opinion that you are offering would be taken more seriously if you were not anonymous. And how is kissing a lil ass making home more interesting? Its that kind of suck up attitude that alienates alot of people especially the ones that try to express an opposing position only to have there post magically disappear. May I suggest if this blog makes you so sick, take two doses of brown nose and one teaspoon of butt kiss and call your doctor in the morning

  5. I've run into CamronGirl in Home and she has a very bad attitude. Extremely snooty.

    I come from a privileged background and I'm very sensitive to social pretentions. The reason is that I'm easily accused of that in my real life and I really don't like it. I try very hard to not put on airs, even though I easily can.

    By the same tolken I spot it a mile away in the behavior of others, and it really sickens me. CamronGirl, although people want to defend her, oozes it in spades in Home and in the forums. I'm not used to being spoken to in the manner that she, and her clique, speak to me and my friends.

  6. people like Cameron and Adam are complete idiots who stew in self importance.