Why Does Report Rarely Function?

Something that bothers me quite a bit is this. The HCM mods will crawl up your rectal cave if you say shit, fuck, cunt, or any racial slur. However, having a guy chase you around telling you he plans to track you down and rape you isn't an issue.
I was hanging out in cp when this guy came up and started chatting me up. i ignored him. he started with the "you ****ing stupid **** *****" and every other blocked word you could think of. i kept ignoring was gonna put him on block when he said "i can easy break into your playstation and find you" followed "i could be in your bedroom by midnight" which really freaked me out. I went for the report function, and it didn't function. I posted it on the home support forums 2 times. it was deleted 2 times. wth?

Jesus grape-flavored Christ. This is retarded, and I want to see you get justice. I'm going to figure out where the MODs get their paychecks and start writing them. I started this blog to voice opinions of the voiceless, but if someone is threatening rape and the mods are deleting it rather then facing it, it's time to get militant.


  1. Wait, so even though a post regarding RAPE was posted, they swept it under the carpet?

  2. Unfortunately, yes. I've seen this happen several times. They will freeze users for swearing, but when people are being harassed or threatened they just let it be.

    The fact is, swearing isn't that important, yet they treat it as if you're committing a federal offense. They really need to spend more time worrying about people being threatened with sexual assault and less time worrying about some child seeing fuck, which they wouldn't by the way, that's why the censors were put in place.

    I don't think they should even punish for swearing unless it's something that isn't censored, which by the way, would be their fault in the first place. I could give you a list of words that should be censored but aren't, and words that shouldn't be censored but are. It would seem they fail to grasp the concept of censorship.

  3. the mods can't be all bad, the stuck adampwns in a corner for being a dick.

  4. my reports never work whenever im in Central Plaza or GodFather2. the plaza is were the worst people hang at.