Why is US Armed Forces Propaganda on an International Network like Home?

This topic begs the question: Why is US Armed Forces Propaganda on an International Network like Home?

The author makes a bunch of great points I want to preserve before it's locked or deleted:

Because political agendas are not allowed on Home, and a Military force is inherently political. It is a tool used to exert political will, and promoting a countries military is essentially promoting the countries political will, that the military is a tool for.

As such, it is essentially against Sony's own rules to have it as content.

This would be fine if Home was just for the US, but it isn't. It is for North America.

Do you think they would allow promotional material for the German army on Home Europe, or the Chinese Army on Home Asia? I seriously doubt it.

There should be no promotional material for any countries army in Home.

Well put.

A countries government stands for more things than just it's international political agenda. It's own internal laws and values, Social programs so on. There for it is not quite so bad. Although Homes treatment of even this has been quite unfair to the other country that inhabits Home.

But a Military almost entirely exists as a tool for a countries international political agenda, and foreign policy. Therefore, promotion of said countries military is intrinsically linked to the promotion of said countries foreign policy and international political agenda.

This is not appropriate for a place that services an international community, as Home NA does.

Better put!
Again I offer this analogy.

How do you think South Korea would feel if Sony allowed The Chinese Army to have promotional Material on Home Asia? Or, how do you think Poland would feel if Sony allowed the German army to have promotional material on Home Europe?

Home NA officially serves other countries than just the US, and as such must demonstrate more appreciation of how other countries view the content they post. Posting promotional material for a Military force that is presently involved in a conflict that the other country officially does not support only serves to alienate the country that does not support the conflict. Which is why, there should be no such material on Home.

Yet even better!

Actually, officially we are not in Iraq. Any Canadian Soldiers in Iraq are holdovers from UN obligations and are not directly involved in the US conflict. Which is the conflict I am talking about.

In any case this just goes to prove the real problem here that many Canadians on Home feel, and that is the complete ignorance and F--- You attitude of the Home NA team, and many other US Homelings.

Let us do a hypothetical here.

Suppose, that the US was on the same Home as say Iran. And one day promotional material for the Iranian Army appeared on Home. U.S. users would be screaming bloody murder that this is completely inappropriate content, and how no such things should be on Home, and they would be right to do so.

(And anyone who says they wouldn't, remember, you're the country that tried to change the name from French Fries to Freedom Fries Just because France criticized you.)

Yet, when the shoe is on the other foot, and it is you that is doing the same inappropriate action, and someone brings it up, you say they are over reacting.

This especially happens when it is Canada pointing it out, because you think, how can Canada possibly have a problem with anything we do. Well we are not just Lap dogs to the U.S. We do have a mind of our own, and we don't always agree with everything that you do.

Now as your neighbors, and friends we overlook a lot of it, like shoving 4th of July Stuff down our throat, with out even acknowledging our existence. But shoving your military down one's throat is a sensitive topic for any country.

And the fact that you can't see that, or expecting us to overlook that, like we do everything else, is stepping over the line. It shows a lack of respect to those friends, and conveys a sense of taking them and their friendship for granted.

People from the U.S. always think we are hating on them. We are not. We are your best friends. You guys are like Fred, and we are like Barney. And for the most part Barney went along with Fred and his larger than life abrasive attitude at times because they were buds. But sometimes, Barney had to tell Fred when he stepped over the line.

As far as a U.S. centric Home that also officially serves Canada. This is stepping over the line, and I am just making that known.

And it bothers me that the Home NA team didn't even stop to consider how this might be interpereted in the other country that they service, again like we don't even exist.

And that sound you hear is the entire forum of military trolls being owned collectively at once.

Update: Censored conversation due to Avara.


  1. Effin NICE story! Although the military has it place in our society and must exist so that we can, Home is not the place for them to be "recruiting" IMO.

    ps: i re-read this story and it kicked me in the arse the second time even harder.


  2. i don't think that they (any branch of the military) should be "recruiting" in Home. BUT, that's not to say it doesn't necessarily have a place in Home. i don't think there's anything wrong with some military exposure in Home 'cause like Anonoman said, it has its place in society, it has a big place. I look at it kind of like religion as in, hey, i might not agree with your views or actions, but as long as you're not shoving them down my/our throats, then we're cool.
    Like that Army thing they had in the Theatre showing some of whatever that hardcore relay race was that they do annually, i thought that was fine (although they did show 1 or 2 commercials for the Army i think). but hey, i'm sure the people at Home got a nice chunk of $$$ for doing that...now if i could only figure out what they're doing with that money besides not putting it towards fixing bugs and glitches and so on. . .

  3. also, fuck Avara. i hope she-he is reading this. i'll be back in 3 days and oohh the things that shall be posted. >:)