The author of this post, sent in a tech support request to Lockwood asking why they weren't receiving their items. Well check this. Lockwood actually replies to their tech support! According to them:

Unfortunately this feature has been disabled for the moment and there's no eta on when or if this will be back. Although you can gift friends, you or your friends wont receive any items at the moment. Apologies for any inconvenience caused.

Luke Marshall
Not totally the most appealing answer, I'm sure everyone wanted to hear "it'll be done soon!" But they actually took the time to reply to a support request. So in that aspect: KUDOS TO YOU LOCKWOOD.

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  1. Holy mother of nooblets!(catch me if you can) somebody that responds to a customer service email! They must be running a REAL company over there. God forbid SONY attach a code to my PAID FOR missing items and send them to me like they do to their underaged HCV's. Maybe i'll only buy shit from Lockwood now and SONY can eat mah balls.