Another Closed Beta?

Written by: Kapow

Emails have gone out to a select few PlayStation Home owners today inviting them to participate in a new private beta test for the popular service.

TheSixthAxis understands that the beta is to “test and obtain feedback on changes that have been made based on suggestions by PS Home Community.”

To test the changes, which are underwraps at the moment and only disclosed to active participants, the team are doing two special event nights on the special Home beta servers.

So if TheSixthAxis is to be believed, select users have already been invited into this new closed beta. I would be willing to bet on the odds that (some of) the HCV's and (some of) their loyal band of ass kissers have been invited. How about you folks shoot us an e-mail if you've gotten an invite, with some sort of proof, so we can confirm this supposed closed beta.


  1. ha, wasn't expecting her to be the first to comment on that.

  2. Wait, what, so now we have a beta of a beta? Is this just to highlight how the current Beta label is pure bullshit?

  3. it seems, to me, that it's just to get a bunch of people together to discuss the current state of Home, what's working, what's not. but who the fuck knows who they're gunna pick.

  4. HCV #3

    Apparently I didn't suck enough dick to get an invite. Whatev - I didn't have Qore either - so being shunned from Home CBs is nothing new to me.

  5. *turns on ps3 to check for invite*

    ohh wait, im not friends with people with benefits =(

    this just doesnt seem real to me. I hope they would treat home like a beta but idk

  6. You do know this is EU right? And doesn't involve the ones you love so dearly on the NA PS3 Forums and Home?

    Getting slack over here with the lack of research before opening one's mouth.