Fun Police Strike Again

Written by: Kapow

We all know Home takes a long time to load. I'm sure somebody somewhere is working on it (if not SHAME!!!!!). As we buy more things it just seems to take longer to load.

So let's get creative and have some fun with it. Post things you can do while you wait for Home to load. If you wish to complain about load times, please post in one of many other threads. This is for fun, please keep it that way.

Things You Can Do While You Wait For Home To Load;

Go outside and have a smoke

Time a 7 minute egg (last time I checked it took about 7 minutes for it to load for me)

Write a letter to your mom

Read War and Peace

Start a smoking habit

Read all the newest posts here in the Home section

Catch up with everyone on Facebook

Tidy your town in Animal Crossing

Find Waldo

Cure cancer

Now add yours.......

Ok, seems like a normal thread, I see no harm or foul here. A fun little thread about the things you do while you wait for Home to load, ok, cool. But wait, what's this? It seems the fun police arrived to put a stop to this thread. the reason:

Let's keep it directly related to Home. No game style threads please.

A game thread. . .or was it someone told you to shut it down because, once again, someone pointed out some flaws in Home? No wonder Home isn't getting any better, they won't accept any criticism of any kind, they're living in a fucking fantasy land.
Welcome to Home people, go fuck someone in their face and ride a unicorn, er sumpthin. As long as you praise Home you should be fine.

side note: check out that thread, it has some pretty funny responses to the OP.


  1. Joanna calls out the hackers for showing problems, a moderator clearly saw it (look under the edit) and she doesn't get censonred? Yup shes got the mods around her finger!

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  3. I bet they took it down because they mentioned a DS game, Animal Crossing.

    No mentioning competing platforms!

  4. I agree LilBlueEyes 100 %. She always kisses sonys ass. Btw LilBlueEyes, when are you coming back to the forums? we need a person like you in the forums and NOT JD.

  5. And Joanna Dark get special treatment by the staff. I saw her in club Fight Night once with easRob, the EA dev. And I saw him give her a diamond bracelet so she can enter the VIP area. Talk about privilge...

  6. JD gives GREAT blow jobs! Dont talk about her like that!


  7. Joanna isn't as annoying as Da Pope Conrad, but damn girl if you are going to make a fashion thread at least make ya avatar cute, post'n hundreds of pics of yourself when you have a face lookin like Philip Rivers of the SD Chargers, child please fix ya face Joanna!

  8. @Tears:

    Let's assume that your argument is correct and no competing platforms (and presumably franchises) can be mentioned. I do believe that to be the case, by the way.

    But its funny how a thread can get locked up from a very small reference to a relatively obscure Nintendo franchise, and yet the seemingly infamous forum poster being referenced in many of the comments above shares a user-ID (and presumably a PSN ID) with a lead character from a one-time Nintendo and current Microsoft franchise.

    The mind boggles. O_o

  9. Yeah, she kisses Sony's ass. Read her comments, its always "kissing sonys ass". She is damn annoying.

  10. Does Joanna Dark have a life. Each time I click on her profile shes on 24/7. LOL

  11. Went to post a reply to that thread... sad day...

    Wanted to add:
    "You could go and check your thread replies to learn that your Kudos button has been removed"
    Yes. See the thread "Kudos for Beta Bucks" in: Forums : PlayStation®Home : PlayStation®Home General : Kudos for Beta Bucks

  12. LMFAO and did you notice who gave kudos to shung for locking this post, as if you didnt know, Pope Conrad. This guy is the ultimate assclown! I wonder if he is a total ass kissing douche bag in real life hahahaha

  13. Thought maybe you would want to know this, because of another blog blog u did about a week ago... Conrad_Max Kudoed that mod the locking the thread

  14. Yes Nos, that is too bad the Lithium gestapos stopped your kudo penny button. Just as long we temper and try to find what make Lithium tick we can always find a loophole to their system. VIVA LA REVOLUCION!!! I give you kudos here in PSN HOME Watch! **salute**

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