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Written by: Kapow

All the bird crap and most of the clouds have cleared from the Central Plaza, now making your shadow semi-believable again. They've also replaced "set.dressing1" with a game called make.believe. I don't really know much about it yet.
Also, if you were looking forward getting your picture taken in the photo booth located in the mall, don't bother. Much like everything else, you have to wait in line. Which sucks even more when everyone in the entire space is trying to get their picture taken. The event lasts 4 days, so good luck.

[Update] It appears that not everyone gets the same clues in the make.believe game. My clue happened to be "5 easy pieces".


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  3. This game is a remarkable achievement for SCEA. For starters, you get these awesome floating balls in CP for a game called "make.believe". Then you get clues to find other floating balls. Each floating ball has the same lame video. You win a lame poster after watching the first video. There are maybe 10 clues, each takes you to a place in either the mall or the theater. Here is a sample of one of the harder clues "i like to collect movie posters." When you are done you do not win anything, it just starts over.

    I guess you have to make.believe it is fun. This is the worst game yet in Home. Did I miss something?

    I want to leave this post on a positive note: Kudos for hiring retards to design your games as they need the work.

  4. watch as the wonderful home team throws away more of the money we dump into it... and i still have to load home

  5. Yea, it's a fail lol, and so is the cupid game imo. I can't get the cupid outfit, because I can't get the elephant mask from Uncharted 2. Actually played the game, beat it at 45 secs. said I got item.. then crash.. never got item. When I called Sony, they said they didn't care with free items, only items you paid for.

  6. You mean to say Sony cares about the paid for items?

    ...someone should inform Sony...